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so (accordingly, thus) adv • assi, talmente

so (accordingly, thus) adv • talmente, assi

so adv • talmente

so (and - on) phr • et cetera

so, as adv • tan

so, as, to such a degree adv • tam

so (qualifying adjective or adverb) adv • si, tanto

so (qualifying adjective or adverb) adv • tanto, si

so, so much adv • tanto

so (therefore) conj • dunque

so, thus adv • assi

so, thus adv • sic

so, thus adv • ita

so, thus adv • si

so, thus adv • assi (-sì)

so as, just as, as adv • sicut (sì-)

so as, just as, as adv • sicut

so as to conj. phr • a fin de

so do we phr • anque nos

so far, yet, still, this place, thus far, hitherto, as yet, until now adv • adhuc

so many adj • tante

so many, so much adj • tante

so many, such a great number adj • tot

so much adj • tante

so much adv • tanto

so much, so adv • tanto

so much, so many adj • tante

so that (purpose) conj • a fin que

so that (result) conj. phr • de sorta que

so what? phr • e alora?

soak (a liquid) v • imbiber

soak (a porous article) v • baniar

soak, be soaked v • imbiber

soak n • banio

soak (saturate) v • saturar

soaked-through adj • saturate

soak-through v • penetrar, saturar

soak-through v • saturar, penetrar

soak-up v • imbiber, absorber

soak-up v • absorber, imbiber

so-and-so n • un tal

soap n • sapon

soap v • saponar

soap dish n • saponiera

soap factory n • saponeria

soap factory n • saponeria (-ìa)

soap maker n • saponero

soap-bar n • barra de sapon, tabletta de sapon

soap-bar n • tabletta de sapon, barra de sapon

soap-flakes n • floccos de sapon

soap-powder n • sapon in pulvere

soapstone, steatite n • steatite

soapwort, Fuller's herb, bouncing Bet [Bot] n • saponaria

soapy adj • saponose

soar (of tower) v • elevar se

soar (rise up) v • montar, partir in volo

soar (rise up) v • partir in volo, montar

sob n • singulto

sob v • singultar

sober (not drunk) adj • non inebriate

sober (sedate) adj • sobrie

sober (temperate, not given to excesses or extremes) adj • sobrie

sober down v • calmar se

sober up v • disinebriar (se)

sober up v • disinebriar

soberness, sobriety, temperateness n • sobrietate

sobriety, temperateness, soberness n • sobrietate

so-called adj • si-nominate

soccer n • football

soccer n • football (anglese)

sociability n • sociabilitate

sociable adj • affabile, sociabile

sociable adj • sociabile

sociable adj • sociabile, affabile

social adj • social

social (pertaining to human society) adj • social

socialism n • socialismo

socialist adj/n • socialista

socialist socialista n • socialista

socialization n • socialisation

socialize v • socialisar

socially adv • socialmente

social-welfare n • assistentia social

society n • societate

society, of the world adj • mundan

sociologic, sociologica adj • sociologic

sociologica, sociologic adj • sociologic

sociologist n • sociologo

sociologist n • sociologo (-òlogo)

sociology n • sociologia

sociology n • sociologia (-ìa)

sock (- it to it) phr • dar le colpo a

sock [Gr. Rom. Theat] n • socco

sock n • calcetta

sock v • colpar

socket (cavity) n • calceolo, cavo

socket (cavity) n • cavo, calceolo

socket (eye -) n • orbita

socket n • Elec]

socket (of a tooth) n • alveolo

socket (of a tooth) n • alveolo (-éolo)

socket (of tooth) n • alveolo

socket, small wedge n • calceolo (-é-)

socket, small wedge n • calceolo

socle, pedestal, stand n • socculo

Socrates n • Socrates

Socrates n • Socrates (sò-)

Socratic adj • socratic

Socratic n • socratico

sod n • pecia de turfa

soda (1. sodium oxide; 2. as in washing soda, baking soda, caustic soda; 3. soda water) n • soda

soda n • soda

soda-water n • soda, aqua de seltz

soda-water n • aqua de seltz, soda

sodden adj • saturate

sodium n • natrium, sodium

sodium n • sodium

sodium n • sodium (sò-)

sodium n • sodium, natrium

sodium, natrium n • natrium (nà-)

sodium, natrium n • natrium

Sodom n • Sodoma (sò-)

Sodom n • Sodoma

sodomite adj/n • sodomita

Sodomite (inhabitant of Sodom) n • sodomita

sodomite (one guilty of sodomy) n • sodomita

Sodomitic adj • sodomitic

sodomy n • sodomia

sodomy n • sodomia (-mìa)

sofa n • sofa

soft, delicately tinted [Art] adj • morbide

soft, mild, bland adj • blande

soft (mild) adj • dulce, blande

soft (mild) adj • blande, dulce

soft (not hard) adj • molle

soft (of colours) adj • morbide

soft (of drinks) adj • non-alcoholic

soft (silly) adj • imbecille, stupide

soft (silly) adj • stupide, imbecille

softdrink n • bibita non-alcoholic

softdrink (soda) n • soda

soften, anneal [Metal] v • distemperar

soften (become soft) v • mollir

soften (make soft) v • amollir

soften, mollify [Med] v • emollir

soften, to make milder or more pleasing v • adulciar

soften v • ablandar

soften vi • mollir

soften vt • ablandar, amollir

soften vt • amollir, ablandar

softening (act of) n • adulciamento

softening, making soft n • amollimento

soft-hearted adj • a corde tenere, compatiente

soft-hearted adj • compatiente, a corde tenere

softly adv • in voce basse, dulcemente

softly adv • dulcemente, in voce basse

softness (absence or lack of hardness) n • mollessa

softness n • mollessa

soggy adj • saturate

soil, earth n • solo

soil, land n • terreno

soil n • terreno, solo

soil n • solo, terreno

soil v • polluer

sojourn, stay n • sojorno

sojourn, stay v • sojornar

sol [Mus] n • sol

solace n • consolation

solanaceous adj • solanacee

solar (sun related) adj • solar

solar -solar adj • solar

solarium n • solario

solar-plexus n • plexo solar

solar-system n • systema solar

solder (join by solder) v • soldar

solder n • soldatura

solder v • soldar

solderer n • soldator

soldering (act of) n • soldatura

soldering n • soldatura

soldering iron n • ferro a soldar

soldier, military man n • militar

soldier n • militar

soldier n • soldato

soldier (warrior) n • milite (mì-)

soldier (warrior) n • milite

soldierly adj • soldatesc

soldierly adj/adv • martial

soldier-on v • laborar con assiduitate

soldiery n • soldatesca

sole (- of a shoe) n • solea

sole (- of a shoe) n • solea (de scarpa)

sole (- of the foot) n • planta

sole (- of the foot) n • planta (del pede)

sole adj • sol

sole adj • unic

sole (alone, without companions) adj • sol

sole (fish) n • solea

sole (furnish with a sole) v • solear

sole (of foot) n • planta

sole (of shoe) n • solea

sole, only adj • unic

sole (only) adj • sol

sole v • solear

sole [Zool] n • solea

sole plantar, plantar [Anat] adj • plantar

solemn adj • solemne

solemn adj • grave

solemnity n • solemnitate

solemnity (solemn observance) n • solemnisate

solemnity (state or quality of being solemn) n • solemnisate

solemnization n • solemnisation

solemnize (render solemn by ceremony or due formality) v • solemnisar

solemnize v • solemnisar

solenoid n • solenoide

sol-fa [Mus] (practice solfeggios) v • solfeggiar (-fedjàr)

sol-fa [Mus] (practice solfeggios) v • solfeggiar

sol-fa [Mus] (practice solfeggios) v • solmisar

sol-fa n • solmisation

sol-fa v • solmisar

solfeggio [Mus] (exercise in scales, using sol-fa syllables) I] n • solfeggio

solicit (entreat) v • sollicitar

solicit, go round after v • ambir

solicit v • sollicitar

solicitant (petitioner) n • sollicitante

solicitation (entreaty) n • sollicitation

solicitor (lawyer) n • advocato

solicitor (notary) n • notario

solicitor (person who entreats) n • sollicitator

solicitous (concerned) adj • sollicite (-lì-)

solicitous (concerned) adj • sollicite

solicitude n • sollicitude

solid adj • solide

solid (firmly or strongly built) adj • solide (sò-)

solid (firmly or strongly built) adj • solide

solid n • solido

solid (not liquid, fluid, or gaseous) adj • solide

solid (not liquid, fluid, or gaseous) adj • solide (sò-)

solid (of sound, sterling character) adj • solide

solid (of sound, sterling character) adj • solide (sò-)

solidarity n • solidaritate

solidary adj • solidari

solidification n • solidification

solidification (setting) Chem] n • prisa

solidify (make solid) v • solidificar

solidify v • solidificar

solidity (moral, mental, or financial soundness) n • soliditate

solidity (state of being firmly or strongly built) n • soliditate

solidity (state of being not liquid, fluid, or gaseous) n • soliditate

soliloquy n • soliloquio

soliped (solipede) Zool] adj • solipede

soliped (solipede) Zool] adj • solipede (-ì-)

solipede [Zool] adj • solipede

solipede [Zool] adj • solipede (-ì-)

solitaire (card game played by one person) n • solitario

solitaire [Cards] n • patientia

solitaire (diamond set by itself) n • solitario

solitary adj • solitari, isolate

solitary adj • solitari

solitary adj • isolate, solitari

solitary, isolated, lonely adj • isolate

solitary, isolated, lonely adj • isolate (pp of isolar)

solitary n • solitario

solitude (1. loneliness; 2. lonely place) n • solitude

solitude, loneliness n • solitate

solitude n • solitude

solmization (1. sol-fa notation; 2. solfeggio) Mus] n • solmisation

solo n • solo

solo n/adj • sol, solo

solo n/adj • solo, sol

soloist n • solista

Solomon [Bib] n • Salomon

Solomon n • Salomon

Solomon Islander n • salomoniano

Solomon Islands [Geog] n • le Insulas Solomon

Solomonic, Solomon's adj • salomonic

solstice [Astrom] n • solstitio

solstice n • solstitio

solstitial adj • solstitial

solubility (capacity of being dissolved) n • solubilitate

solubility (capacity of being solved) n • solubilitate

solubility n • solubilitate

soluble (that can be dissolved) adj • solubile

soluble (that can be solved) adj • solubile

solution (act of dissolving) n • solution

solution (act of solving) n • solution

solution (as in to find the solution of the problem) n • solution

solution (liquid in which asubstance has been dissolved) n • solution

solve v • resolver, solver

solve v • solver, resolver

solved adj • solute

solvency [Commer] n • solventia

solvent (able to dissolve) adj • solvente

solvent adj/n • solvente, dissolvente

solvent adj/n • dissolvente, solvente

solvent [Commer] adj • solvente

solvent, dissolvent adj • dissolvente (ppr of dissolver)

solvent, dissolvent adj • dissolvente

solvent, dissolvent n • dissolvente

solver n • resolutor

soma [Biol] n • soma

soma [Biol] n • soma -ma/-mat-]

soma [Hindu Relig] n • soma

somatic adj • somatic

somatologic adj • somatologic

somatology n • somatologia

somatology n • somatologia -ìa]

somber (dark) adj • obscur

somber (sad) adj • triste, melancholic

somber (sad) adj • melancholic, triste

somber (sombre) adj • sombre

some adj • alcun, alicun

some adj • alicun, alcun

some adj • qualque

some adv • circa

some (any) adj • alicun

some (any) adj • qualque

some (any) adj • qualque (quàlke)

some (any) adj • qualcun

some (any) adj • alcun

some [Intens] adj • nonnulle

some [Intens] (some ...) adj • un belle ...

some (partitive) adj • un pauc de

some pron • alicunos

some (several, a few) adj/indef pron • aliquot

some (several, a few) adj/indef pron • aliquot (àl-)

some (several, a few) pron • aliquot (àl-)

some (several, a few) pron • aliquot

some (several) adj • nonnulle

some (several) pron • nonnullo

somebody pron • alcuno, alicuno

somebody pron • alicuno, alcuno

somehow adv • de un modo o un altere

somehow adv • aliqua

somehow adv • aliqua (àl-)

someone (anyone) indef pron • alcuno (alicuno)

someone (anyone) indef pron • alcuno

someone (anyone) indef pron • qualcuno

someone pron • alicuno, alcuno

someone pron • alcuno, alicuno

someone (somebody) indef pron • alicuno

somersault n • salto mortal

somersault v • facer un salto mortal

something (anything) pron • qualcosa

something pron • aliquid

something pron • qualcosa, alcun cosa, alicun cosa, alique

something pron • alcun cosa, alicun cosa, alique, qualcosa

something pron • alicun cosa, alique, qualcosa, alcun cosa

something pron • aliquid (àl-)

something pron • alique, qualcosa, alcun cosa, alicun cosa

something crooked or twisted n • torto

something else phr • un altere cosa

something fried n • fritura

something like conj. phr • un belle, un ver

something like conj. phr • un ver, un belle

something over adj. phr • plus de

something plagiarized n • plagiato

sometime adv • aliquando

sometime in the future, at a future time adv • olim

sometime in the future, at a future time adv • olim (ò-)

sometimes adv • alcun vices, alicun vices, de tempore in tempore

sometimes adv • alicun vices, de tempore in tempore, alcun vices

sometimes adv • de tempore in tempore, alcun vices, alicun vices

sometimes (occasionally) adv • interdum

sometimes (occasionally) adv • interdum (-tér-)

somewhat adv • alique

somewhat adv • aliquanto

somewhat adv • satis

somewhat pron • aliquanto

somewhat pron • alique

somewhat pron • alicun cosa, alcun cosa

somewhat pron • alcun cosa, alicun cosa

somewhat, rather adv • satis

somewhat, rather adv • satis (sà-)

somewhat (something, anything) adv • alco (= alique)

somewhat (something, anything) adv • alco

somewhat (something, anything) pron • alco

somewhat (something, anything) pron • alco (= alique)

somewhat (something, anything) pron/adv • alique (àl-)

somewhat (something, anything) pron/adv • alique

somewhat (to some degree) adv • aliquanto

somewhat (to some degree) adv • aliquanto, alquanto

somewhat (to some degree) adv • alquanto, aliquanto

somewhere adv • usquam (ùs-)

somewhere adv • in al(i)cun parte

somewhere adv • aliqua

somewhere adv • aliqua (àl-)

somewhere adv • a/in qualque parte

somewhere adv • usquam

somewhere adv • alicubi

somewhere adv • alicubi (-ìcubi)

somnambulism (noctambulism) n • noctambulismo

somnambulism (noctambulism) n • somnambulismo

somnambulist, sleepwalker n • somnambulo

somnambulist, sleepwalker n • somnambulo (-àm-)

somnambulistic adj • somnambule

somniloquist n • somniloquista

somniloquous adj • somniloque

somniloquous adj • somniloque (-nì-)

somniloquy n • somniloquio

somnolence (sleepiness, drowsiness) n • somnolentia

somnolent (sleepy, drowsy) adj • somnolente

son n • filio

sonant adj • sonante

sonant adj • sonante (ppr of sonar)

sonata n • sonata

sonatina n • sonatina

song [Mus/Poet] n • canto

song n • canto

sonic adj • sonic

sonicboom n • explosion sonic

son-in-law n • filio affin

sonnet n • sonetto

sonneteer n • sonettero

sonometer (soundmeasuring instrument) n • sonometro

sonometer (soundmeasuring instrument) n • sonometro (-nò-)

sonority n • sonoritate

sonorous adj • sonorose

sonorous (resonant) adj • sonor

soon adv • proximemente, tosto

soon adv • cito

soon adv • tosto, proximemente

soon (as - as) phr • si tosto que

soon (at once, directly) adv • mox

soon, promptly, presently adv • tosto

soon, shortly adv • proximemente

sooner adv • plus tosto

sooner adv • potius

sooner (the - the better) phr • le plus tosto serea le melior

sooner or later phr • tosto o tarde

soot n • fuligine

soothe, appease, allay v • sedar

soothe v • calmar

soothe v • appaciar

soothe v • tranquillisar

soothing adj • calmante

soothing adj • appaciante

soothsayer n • divino

sooty adj • fuliginose

sop n • dono propitiatori

soph- (wise, learned) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj • soph-

Sophia [Fem) n • sophia (-ìa)

Sophia [Fem) n • sophia

sophia (wisdom) n • sophia

sophia (wisdom) n • sophia (-ìa)

sophic adj • sophic

sophism n • sophismo

Sophist [Gr. Philos] n • sophista

sophist n • sophista

sophistic adj • sophistic

sophisticate (falsify, pervert, adulterate etc.) v • sophisticar

sophisticated (complex) adj • intricate

sophisticated (complex) adj • complexe

sophisticated (of society, worldly) adj • mundan

sophistication (adulteration) n • sophistication

sophistication (falsification, falsifying) n • sophistication

sophistication n • saper-viver

sophistication n • mundanitate

sophistics (sophistry) n • sophistica

Sophocles n • Sophocles

Sophocles n • Sophocles (sò-)

sopor (profound sleep) n • sopor

soporific (as in soporific symptoms) adj • soporose

soporific (causing sleep) adj • dormitive

soporific, sleeping pill or potion n • dormitivo

soporific (sleeping tablet) n • soporifico

soporific (somniferous) adj • somnifere

soporific (soporiferous) adj • soporific

soporific (soporiferous) adj • soporifere

sopranist n • sopranista

soprano [I] n • soprano

soprano n • soprano

sorcerer, enchanter n • incantator

sorcerer, magician n • mago

sorcerer (magician) n • mago

sorcerer n • incantator

sorceress, enchantress n • maga

sorceress [Fem] n • incantatrice

sorcery n • magia

sorcery (piece of) n • sortilegio

sordid adj • miserabile

sordid adj • sordide

sordid adj • vil

sordidness n • sordidessa

sordidness n • vilitate

sordine, mute [Mus] n • surdina

sore (inflamed) adj • inflammate

sore n • plaga, ulcere

sore n • ulcere, plaga

sore (painful) adj • dolorose

sore throat (I have a -) phr • io ha tracheitis

sore throat (I have a -) phr • io ha mal de gorga

sore throat (I have a -) phr • me dole le gorga

soreness n • dolor

sorrow, grief n • dolo

sorrow n • dolo

sorrow n • affliction

sorrow n • tristessa

sorrowful adj • triste

sorrowful (dolorous) adj • dolorose

sorrowful (pained) adj • dolorose

sorry adj • desolate

sorry adj • repentente

sorry adj • dolente

sorry (of excuse) adj • triste pardono!, meschin, miserabile

sorry (of excuse) adj • meschin, miserabile, triste pardono!

sorry (of excuse) adj • miserabile, triste pardono!, meschin

sorry for (be -) v • doler se

sorry for (be -) v • doler se (de)

sorry for (be -) v • regretar

sort (assort) v • assortir

sort (kind, class) n • sorta

sort n • specie, genere, sorta

sort n • genere, sorta, specie

sort n • sorta, specie, genere

sort (out of -s) adj • indisposite

sort, type, kind n • genere

sort v • assortir

sortie [Mil] (sally) n • sortita

sosia n • Sosia

so-so adj • passabile

so-so adv • passabilemente, assi assi

so-so adv • assi assi, passabilemente

sottishness, brutishness n • imbrutimento

sou [Fin] n • soldo

souffle n • souffle

soufflé n • soufflé F]

soufflé n • soufflé

soul n • anima (à-)

soul n • anima

soul (not a -) phr • nemo

soul, spirit n • pneuma

soul, spirit n • pneuma -ma/-mat-]

soul-destroying phr • totalmente disproviste de interesse, monotone

soul-destroying phr • monotone, totalmente disproviste de interesse

soulful adj • sentimental

sound (1. Naut]; 2. to probe; 3. Surg]) v • sondar

sound (1. to make a sound) v • sonar

sound (as in the sound of a bell) n • sono

sound (firm) adj • solide

sound [Geog] n • stricto

sound (healthy) adj • san

sound [Med] n • san

sound [Nav] v • sondar

sound (noise) n • sono

sound (of sleep) adj • profunde

sound, probe [Surg] n • sonda

sound v • sonar

sound a horn v • cornar

sound absorber n • assurdator de sonos

sound barrier n • barriera de sonos

sound board [Mus] n • tabula sonor

sound box [Mus] n • cassa de resonantia

sound effects [Mus] n • effectos sonor

sound hole (violin's) n • foramine sonor

sounder (one who or that which sounds) n • sonator

sounder, sounding apparatus [Naut] n • sondator

sounding (1. Naut]; 2. probing; 3. Surg]) n • sondage (-aje)

sounding (1. Naut]; 2. probing; 3. Surg]) n • sondage

sounding (naut measurement) v • sondage

sounding apparatus, sounder [Naut] n • sondator

soundless (bottomless) adj • ?

soundless (without sound) adj • ?

soundproof adj • insonor, isolate acusticamente

soundproof adj • isolate acusticamente, insonor

sound-track n • phonobanda, banda sonor

sound-track n • banda sonor, phonobanda

sound-wave n • unda sonor

soup (clear -) n • consomme

soup n • suppa

sour (bitter) adj • acre, acerbe, acide

sour (bitter) adj • acerbe, acide, acre

sour (bitter) adj • acide, acre, acerbe

sour (of milk) adj • acide, rancide

sour (of milk) adj • rancide, acide

sour (turn -) v • rancer

source (- code) n • programmation in codice

source (fig) n • origine

source n • fonte

source (of river) n • fonte

source, spring n • fontana

souse (immerse) v • immerger

souse (marinate) v • marinar

south (- african) adj • sudafrican

south adj • del sud

south [Geog] n • sud

south n • meridie (-rì-)

south n • sud

south n • sudafricano

south n • meridie

south n • mediedie

south n • mediedie (-dìe)

south wind, Auster n • austro

South-Africa [Geog] n • Sud Africa

South-America [Geog] n • Sud America

south-american adj • sudamerican

south-american n • sudamericano

South-Carolina [Geog] n • Sud Carolina

South-Dakota [Geog] n • Sud Dakota

south-east adj • del sud-est

south-east n • sud-est

southeast n • sud-est

southerly adj • del sud

southerly adv • al sud

southern adj • del sud

southern, austral adj • austral

southern, meridional meridional adj • meridional

South-Pole [Geog] n • Polo Sud

South-Southeast n • sud-sud-est

southward adv • verso le sud

south-west adj • del sud-west

south-west n • sud-west

Southwest n • sud-west

souvenir n • souvenir F]

souvenir n • souvenir

sou'wester n • cappello impermeabile

sovereign (1. monarch; 2. gold coin in Great Britain) n • soverano

sovereign (1. supreme; 2. possessing supreme power) adj • soveran

sovereign adj • soveran

sovereign n • soverano

sovereignty n • soveranitate

sovereignty, reign, princedom n • principato

soviet adj • sovietic

soviet (council) n • soviet

soviet n • soviet R]

soviet n • soviet

soviet (person) n • sovietico

soviet, sovietic adj • sovietic

Soviet Union [Geog] n • Union Sovietic

sovietic, soviet adj • sovietic

sovietism n • sovietismo

sovietist n • sovietista

sovietization n • sovietisation

sovietize v • sovietisar

sow (female pig) n • porca

sow n • porca

sow (seeds) v • seminar

sow v • seminar

sow again v • reseminar

sow over (ground already sown) v • superseminar

sower n • seminator

sowing-machine, seeder n • seminatorio

soy n • soya, soja

soy n • soja, soya

soy, soybean, soya [Bot] n • soja (sòya)

soy, soybean, soya [Bot] n • soja

soya bean n • soja

soya bean n • soja (pronounced soya)

spa n • station thermal, fonte de aqua

spa n • fonte de aqua, station thermal

space adj • spatial

space (between two written or printed lines) (blank) n • interlinea

space n • spatio

space v • spatiar

space separated by railings n • cancello

spacecraft n • vehiculo spatial

spaceman n • astronauta

spaceship n • astronave

space-station n • station de investigationes spatial

space-travel n • astronautica

spacing (act of) n • spatiamento

spacing (between lines) n • interlinea

spacing (between lines) n • interlinea (simple;duple)

spacious adj • spatiose

spacious adj • ample, spatiose

spacious adj • spatiose, ample

spaciousness n • spatiositate

spaciousness n • spatiositate, amplitude

spaciousness n • amplitude, spatiositate

spade [Card Games] n • picca

spade (cards) n • picca, spada

spade (cards) n • spada, picca

spade [Cards] n • spada

spade (for digging) n • pala

spade (neuter) v • sterilisate

spade (small) n • paletta

spade (tool for digging) n • pala

spaded adj • sterilisate

spadeful n • palata

spaghetti n • spaghetti

Spain [Geog] n • Espania

Spain n • Hispania

Spain n • Espania

span (of bridge) n • apertura, arcada

span (of bridge) n • arcada, apertura

span (of hand) n • palmo

span (of time) n • duration

span (of wings) n • invirgatura

span (space from end of thumb to end of little finger when extended) n • palmo

span v • extender se trans, cruciar

span v • cruciar, extender se trans

Spaniard n • espaniol

Spaniard n • hispano

spaniard (person) n • espaniol

spaniel (dog) n • espaniol

spaniel n • espaniol

Spanish adj • espaniol

Spanish adj • hispan

spanish adj/n • espaniol

Spanish (language) n • espaniol

Spanish (language) n • hispano

spanish n • lang

Spanish American, Hispano-American adj • hispanoamerican

Spanish American n • hispanoamericano

spank v • colpar con le palma

spanking (brisk) adj • rapide, vigorose

spanking (brisk) adj • vigorose, rapide

spanking (fine) adj • de prime ordine

spanking n • colpata

spanner (adjustable -) n • clave anglese, clave a vite

spanner (adjustable -) n • clave a vite, clave anglese

spanner n • clave

spar (feint) v • fintar

spar v • facer exercitios de boxa

spare (1. to show mercy to) v • sparniar

spare (available) adj • disponibile

spare (do without) v • contentar se sin

spare (lean) adj • magre

spare n • pecia de recambio

spare n • Mech]

spare (save, show mercy) v • sparniar

sparing adj • economic, frugal, parsimoniose

sparing adj • frugal, parsimoniose, economic

sparing adj • parsimoniose, economic, frugal

spark n • scintilla

spark (particle of fire) n • scintilla

spark v • emitter scintillas

spark plug [Techn] n • candela

sparkle, glitter, scintillate v • scintillar

sparkle n • scintillation

sparkle v • scintiilar

spark-off v • accender, provocar

spark-off v • provocar, accender

spark-plug n • candela

sparrow n • passere

sparrowlike, passeriform adj • passeriforme

sparse adj • sparse

Sparta n • Sparta

Spartan adj • spartan

Spartan n • spartano

spasm (fit) n • accesso

spasm [Med] n • spasmo

spasm n • spasmo

spasmodic adj • spasmodic

spasmodic [Med] adj • spasmodic

spastic adj • spastic

spastic [Med] adj • spastic

spastic n • spastico

spate n • crescita, torrente

spate n • torrente, crescita

spathaceous [Bot] adj • spathacee

spathe [Bot] n • spatha

spatial (- disturbance) phr • disturbation spatial

spatial adj • spatial

spatter v • macular

spatula n • spatula

spatula n • spatula (spà-)

spawn n • ovos, semine

spawn n • semine, ovos

spawn vi • deponer ovos

spawn vt • generar

speak (make a speech) v • discurrer, pronunciar un discurso

speak (make a speech) v • pronunciar un discurso, discurrer

speak, talk v • parlar

speak (talk) v • parlar

speak ironically, ironize v • ironisar

speak rhetorically, declaim v • eloquer -loqu-/-locut-]

speak rhetorically, declaim v • eloquer

speaker (audio) n • altoparlator

speaker (in parliament) n • presidente

speaker (person) n • parlator

speaker (public) n • orator

speaker, talker n • parlator

speaking indistinctly, stammering adj • blese

speaking trumpet, megaphone n • portavoce

speak-out v • parlar francamente

speak-up v • altiar le voce

spear, lance n • lancea

spear n • lancea

spear v • transfiger con un lancea

special adj • special

special, especial adj • special

specialist n • specialista

speciality, specialty n • specialitate

specialization n • specialisation

specialize v • specialisar

specialize v • specialisar se

specially adv • specialmente

specialty (-ity) n • specialitate

specialty, speciality n • specialitate

specie n • specie

species (1. kind, sort; 2. group, class) n • specie

species n • specie

specific (1. special, definite; 2. Bot/Zool]) adj • specific

specific adj • specific

specification (act of specifying) n • specification

specification n • specification

specificity, specificness n • specificitate

specificness, specificity n • specificitate

specify v • specificar

specimen n • specimen

specimen n • specimen L]

specious adj • speciose

speciousness n • speciositate

speck (of dirt) n • maculetta

speck (of dust) n • grano

speck (spot) n • atomo, puncto

speck (spot) n • puncto, atomo

speck v • macular

speckled, flecked, spotted adj • maculate

speckled, flecked, spotted adj • maculate (pp of macular)

spectacle (1. sight; 2. public show or display) n • spectaculo

spectacle n • spectaculo

spectacles (eye-glasses) n • berillos

spectacles (shows) n • spectaculos

spectacular adj • spectacular

spectator n • spectator

specter, ghost n • spectro

specter, -tre n • phantasma, spectro

specter, -tre n • spectro, phantasma

spectral (1. ghostly; 2. pertaining to the spectrum) adj • spectral

spectroscope n • spectroscopio

spectroscopic adj • spectroscopic

spectroscopist n • spectroscopista

spectroscopy n • spectroscopia

spectroscopy n • spectroscopia (-ìa)

spectrum n • spectro

specular adj • specular

speculate (in general) v • specular

speculate (on stock exchange) v • agiotar, specular

speculate (on stock exchange) v • specular, agiotar

speculate (on the stock exchange) v • agiotar (aj-)

speculate (on the stock exchange) v • agiotar

speculation (1. thought, reflection; 2. Commer]) n • speculation

speculation n • speculation

speculative (1. pertaining to thought or reflection; 2. involving risks) adj • speculative

speculator n • speculator

speculator (on the stock exchange) n • agiotator (aj-)

speculator (on the stock exchange) n • agiotator

speech (deliver a -) v • pronunciar un discurso

speech (faculty of speech) n • parola

speech (formal) n • discurso

speech [Gen] • linguage, parola

speech [Gen] • parola, linguage

speech, language n • linguage

speech, language n • linguage (-aje)

speech (public talk) n • speech

speech (public talk) n • speech A]

speech (the parts of -) phr • le partes del oration

speechless (dumb) adj • mute

speechless (dumbfounded) adj • stupefacite

speed n • velocitate, rapiditate

speed n • rapiditate, velocitate

speed, quickness n • celeritate

speed v • ir rapidemente

speed, velocity n • velocitate

speedboat n • lancha rapide

speedily, quickly adv • cito

speed-limit n • maxime velocitate

speedometer n • velocimetro

speedometer, velocimeter n • velocimetro (-cì-)

speedometer, velocimeter n • velocimetro

speedway (for racing) n • pista de autodromo

speedway (motor road) n • autostrata

speedy adj • veloce

speedy, swift adj • veloce

spell, hex, evil eye n • fascino (fà-)

spell, hex, evil eye n • fascino

spell (in writing) v • orthographiar

spell (magic) n • incantamento, formula magic

spell (magic) n • formula magic, incantamento

spell (time) n • intervallo, breve periodo

spell (time) n • breve periodo, intervallo

spell v • orthographiar

spellbound adj • incantate

spelling (as in spelling mistake) adj • orthographic

spelling (bad -) n • cacographia

spelling n • orthographia

spend, expend (give out in payment) v • dispender -pend-/-pens-]

spend, expend (give out in payment) v • expender

spend, expend (give out in payment) v • expender -pend-/-pens-]

spend, expend (give out in payment) v • dispender

spend, lay out v • erogar

spend (money) v • dispender, expender

spend (money) v • expender, dispender

spend, pass (a certain time) v • passar

spend (time) v • passar

spend the night, stay overnight v • pernoctar

spender, spendthrift n • dispenditor

spendthrift n • dispenditor, prodigo

spendthrift n • prodigo, dispenditor

spendthrift, spender n • dispenditor

spendthrift, squanderer, wastrel n • dilapidator

sperm n • sperma -ma/-mat-]

sperm n • sperma

spermaceti n • spermaceti

spermatic adj • spermatic

spermatozoon [Zool] n • spermatozoon (-zò-)

spermatozoon [Zool] n • spermatozoon

spermophile, gopher n • spermophilo (-mò-)

spermophile, gopher n • spermophilo

spew v • spuer

spew out v • rejectar

spew-out v • vomitar, rejectar

spew-out v • rejectar, vomitar

sphere (1. Geom/Astron]; 2. as in sphere of action) n • sphera

sphere n • sphera

spherical adj • spheric

spherical, circular, round adj • orbicular

spherical, globe-shaped, globose adj • globose

spherical, globular adj • globular

spherically adv • sphericamente

sphericity, globosity n • globositate

sphericity n • sphericitate

spheroid n • spheroide

spheroidal adj • spheroidal

spherometer [Phys] n • spherometro (-òmetro)

spherometer [Phys] n • spherometro

sphinx (1. Archaeol]; 2. Entom]) n • sphinge

sphinx n • sphinge

spicate, spiky, eared adj • spicate

spice n • specie

spice, season v • condir

spice, season v • condimentar

spice v • condir, condimentar

spice v • condimentar, condir

spiciferous, bearing ears (of grain) Bot] adj • spicifere

spiciform, ear-shaped adj • spiciforme

spick-and-span adj • relucente de munditia, immaculate

spick-and-span adj • immaculate, relucente de munditia

spiculate [Bot] adj • spiculate

spicule, spikelet [Bot] n • spicula

spicy (piquant) adj • piccante

spicy (spiced) adj • speciate, aromatic

spicy (spiced) adj • aromatic, speciate

spider n • aranea

spider monkey n • atele

spider monkey n • atele (-té-)

spider-web n • tela de aranea

spidery (of writing) adj. phr • patas de aranea

spidery (thin) adj • tenue

spigot n • valvula

spike [Bot] n • spica

spike (for letters) n • clavo

spike (gun) Artil] v • inclavar

spike (point) n • puncta

spikelet, spicule [Bot] n • spicula

spikenard n • spicanardo

spikenard, nard n • nardo

spiky, eared, spicate adj • spicate

spill (taper) n • accenditor

spill (taper) n • accenditor (de ligno;de papiro)

spill (tumble) n • cadita

spill v • effunder (se), versar (se)

spill v • versar (se), effunder (se)

spill v • versar, effunder

spill v • effunder, versar

spill-over v • verter

spin (as in to spin flax) v • filar

spin n • rotation

spin (thread) v • filar

spin (turn) vt • girar

spin vi • tornear, girar

spin vi • girar, tornear

spinach n • spinacia

spinach n • spinace

spinal adj • spinal

spinal [Anat] adj • spinal

spinal-cord n • medulla spinal

spindle (for thread) n • fuso

spindle, give a spindle shape to (as in to spindle a column) v • affusar

spindle (pin, axis) n • axe

spindle [Spinning] n • fuso

spindle maker n • fusero

spindle-shaped, fusiform adj • fusiforme

spin-drier n • siccator centrifuge

spin-dry v • siccar per machina centrifuge, siccar per centrifuga

spin-dry v • siccar per centrifuga, siccar per machina centrifuge

spine [Anat] n • columna vertebral, spina dorsal

spine [Anat] n • spina dorsal, columna vertebral

spine, thorn n • spina

spine (thorn) n • spina

spine-bearing, acanthophorous adj • acanthophore -òphore]

spine-bearing, acanthophorous adj • acanthophore

spineless adj • molle, debile

spineless adj • debile, molle

spinet [Mus] n • spinetta

spiniferous adj • spinifere

spinner (male) n • filandero

spinner n • filator

spinner, spinning woman n • filandera

spinnery, spinning mill n • filanda

spinning adj • girante, torneante

spinning adj • torneante, girante

spinning (art of) n • filatura

spinning (of thread) n • filatura

spinning (turning) n • giration

spinning machine n • filatorio

spinning mill, spinnery n • filanda

spinning woman, spinner n • filandera

spinning-wheel n • filatorio

spin-out v • prolongar

spinster n • celibataria

spiny adj • spinose

spiny-backed, notacanthous [Zool] adj • notacanthe

spiral adj/n • spiral

spiral [Geom] n • spira

spiral v • montar in spiral

spiral helicoide, helicoid adj • helicoide

spiral spiral adj • spiral

spiral-staircase adj • scala spiral

spiration [Theol] n • spiration

spire n • agulia

spirit (1. as in spirit of ammonia; 2. spirit as opposed to body or matter; 3. as in to believe in spirits) n • spirito

spirit (1. as in spirit of ammonia; 2. spirit as opposed to body or matter; 3. as in to believe in spirits) n • spirito (spì-)

spirit (alcohol) n • alcohol

spirit [Gen] • spirito

spirit (ghost) n • phantasma

spirit, soul n • pneuma

spirit, soul n • pneuma -ma/-mat-]

spirit (zest) n • brio, corage, energia, animo

spirit (zest) n • corage, energia, animo, brio

spirit (zest) n • animo, brio, corage, energia

spirit (zest) n • energia, animo, brio, corage

spirit-away v • escamotar, facer disparer mysteriosemente

spirit-away v • facer disparer mysteriosemente, escamotar

spirited adj • energic, vigorose, animate

spirited adj • vigorose, animate, energic

spirited adj • animate, energic, vigorose

spirited (full of spirit) adj • spirituose

spiritedness n • spirituositate

spiritism n • spiritismo

spiritism, spiritualism n • spiritismo

spiritist n • spiritista

spiritist, spirituatist n • spiritista

spiritistic adj • spiritistic

spiritless adj • sin animo

spirit-level n • nivello a bulla de aere

spiritual (1. pertaining to spirit, mind, intellect; 2 . devoid of body, incorporeal) adj • spiritual

spiritual adj • spiritual

spiritual n • canto religiose del negros american

spiritualism n • spiritualismo, spiritismo

spiritualism n • spiritismo, spiritualismo

spiritualism [Philos/Relig] n • spiritualismo

spiritualism, spiritism n • spiritismo

spiritualist n • spiritista, spiritualista

spiritualist n • spiritualista, spiritista

spiritualist [Philos/Relig] n • spiritualista

spirituality (1. incorporeal quality or state; 2. spiritual-mindedness) n • spiritualitate

spiritualization n • spiritualisation

spiritualize (render spiritual) v • spiritualisar

spiritually adv • spiritualmente

spirituatist, spiritist n • spiritista

spirituous (alcoholic) adj • spirituose

spirituous (as in spirituous liquors) adj • liquorose

spirochete [Bacteriol] n • spirocheta

spiroid, spiroidal adj • spiroidal

spiroid, spiroidal adj • spiroide

spiroidal, spiroid adj • spiroidal

spiroidal, spiroid adj • spiroide

spirometer n • spirometro

spirometer n • spirometro (-òmetro)

spirometric adj • spirometric

spirometry n • spirometria (-ìa)

spirometry n • spirometria

spit (cookery) n • spito

spit, expectorate v • sputar

spit, spittle n • sputo

spit (spittle) n • sputo

spit v • spuer spu-/sput-]

spit v • spuer, sputar

spit v • sputar, spuer

spit v • spuer

spit out v • exspuer

spit upon (contemptuously) v • conspuer

spite, despite, resentment n • despecto

spite (in - of oneself) phr • de mal grado

spite (in - of) phr • in despecto de, malgrado, nonobstante

spite (in - of) phr • malgrado, nonobstante, in despecto de

spite (in - of) phr • nonobstante, in despecto de, malgrado

spite, mortify, treat with spite v • despectar

spite n • despecto, rancor

spite n • rancor, despecto

spite v • despectar

spiteful adj • despectose

spiteful adj • despectuose, malevole, rancorose

spiteful adj • malevole, rancorose, despectuose

spiteful adj • rancorose, despectuose, malevole

spitefully adv • rancorosemente, despectuosemente

spitefully adv • despectuosemente, rancorosemente

spitoon n • receptaculo pro sputos

spit-out v • exspuer

spitting, expectoration n • sputation

spitting out, expectoration n • exspuition

spittle n • sputo, saliva

spittle n • saliva, sputo

spittle, saliva n • saliva

spittle, spit n • sputo

splash (make to -) v • batter le aqua

splash n • battimento, projection

splash n • projection, battimento

splash n • projection (de un liquido), battimento (de aqua)

splash n • battimento (de aqua), projection (de un liquido)

splash v • projectar

splash v • projectar (guttas de aqua;de fango)

splatter (spatter) v • macular

spleen, milt [Anat] n • splen

spleen n • splen

splendent adj • splendente

splendent adj • splendente (ppr of splender)

splendid adj • splendide

splendor n • splendor

splendor, pomp n • pompa

splendor, splendour n • splendor, magnificentia

splendor, splendour n • magnificentia, splendor

splenic [Anat] adj • splenic

splenitis [Med] n • splenitis (-ìtis)

splenitis [Med] n • splenitis

splenopathy n • splenopathia (-ìa)

splenopathy n • splenopathia

splenorogy n • splenologia (-ìa)

splenorogy n • splenologia

splice n • ligatura, junctura

splice n • junctura, ligatura

splice v • junger

splice, whipping n • ligatura

splint n • tabuletta, planchetta

splint n • planchetta, tabuletta

splinter n • fragmento

splinter v • rumper (se

splinter-group n • gruppo fractionari

split adj • fisse

split (break) v • finder

split, cleave v • finder find-/fiss-]

split, cleave v • finder

split (cleft) n • fissura

split, cloven adj • fisse

split (divide) v • divider

split (division) n • division

split v • scinder scind-/sciss-]

split v • scinder

split-the-atom v • divider le atomo

split-the-difference v • repartir le differentia

splutter v • balbutiar

spoil, booty n • spolia

spoil, damage v • guastar

spoil (goods) v • avariar

spoil (impair) vt • vitiar, guastar

spoil (impair) vt • guastar, vitiar

spoil n • spolia, butino

spoil n • butino, spolia

spoil vi • deteriorar se, guastar se

spoil vi • guastar se, deteriorar se

spoiler (of material) n • guastator

spoil-sport n • guastafesta

spoke n • radio

spoke (spoke of a wheel) n • radio

spokesman n • portavoce

spoliate, despoil v • despoliar

spoliation, despoliation n • despoliamento

spoliation, looting n • spoliation

spoliator, looter n • spoliator

spondaic, spondaical [Pros] adj • spondaic

spondaic, spondaical [Pros] adj • spondaic (-àic)

spondee [Pros] n • spondeo (-éo)

spondee [Pros] n • spondeo

sponge (cleanse or wipe with a sponge) v • spongiar

sponge n • spongia

sponge (throw up the -) v • jectar le spongia

sponge v • spongiar

sponge-on v • viver al costo de

sponger n • parasito

sponginess n • spongiositate

spongite [Mineral] n • spongite

spongy (of the nature of a sponge) adj • spongiose

sponsor n • protector, garante

sponsor n • garante, protector

sponsor, patron n • protector

sponsor v • patronar, subventionar

sponsor v • subventionar, patronar

sponsorship n • auspicios

spontaneity, spontaneousness n • spontaneitate

spontaneous adj • spontanee

spontaneous generation, abiogenesis n • abiogenesis (-génesis)

spontaneous generation, abiogenesis n • abiogenesis

spontaneous generation (abiogenesis) n • abiogenese (-génese)

spontaneous generation (abiogenesis) n • abiogenesis

spontaneous generation (abiogenesis) n • abiogenesis (-génesis)

spontaneous generation (abiogenesis) n • abiogenese

spoof n • mystification

spoof v • mystificar

spook n • spectro

spook v • espaventar

spool, coil, wind v • bobinar

spool n • bobina

spool, reel, bobbin n • bobina

spool v • bobinar

spooling, coiling, winding (act of) n • bobinage

spooling, coiling, winding (act of) n • bobinage (-àje)

spoon n • coclear

spoon (table -) n • coclear de servir

spoon (tea -) n • coclear de caffe

spoon v • prender con un coclear

spoonbill [Zool] n • spatula

spoonbill [Zool] n • spatula (spà-)

spoonfeed n • nutrir con un coclear

spoonful n • coclearata

spoon-shaped adj • cocleariforme

sporadic adj • sporadic

sporadicalness n • sporadicitate

sporangium [Bot] n • sporangio

spore n • spora

sporidium [Bot] n • sporidio

sporific, sleeping tablet n • somnifero (-nì-)

sporific, sleeping tablet n • somnifero

sport adj • see sports

sport (as in sport clothes) adj • sportive

sport (good -) n • jocator loyal

sport n • sport

sport (physical exercise) n • sport

sport (physical exercise) n • sport A]

sport vi • diverter se, jocar

sport vi • jocar, diverter se

sport vt • exhibir, ostentar

sport vt • ostentar, exhibir

sports adj • sport, sportive, de sport

sports adj • de sport, sport, sportive

sports adj • sportive, de sport, sport

sports-car n • automobile sport

sports-ground n • terreno de joco/sport

sports-jacket n • jachetto sport

sportsman n • sportsman A]

sportsman n • sportsman

sportsman n • sportsman, sportista

sportsman n • sportista, sportsman

sportsmanship n • spirito sportive

sportswoman n • sportswoman A]

sportswoman n • sportswoman

spot (dot) n • puncto

spot, locality n • localitate

spot (notice) v • recognoscer, notar

spot (notice) v • notar, recognoscer

spot (of dirt) n • macula

spot (place) n • localitate

spot, stain n • macula

spot, stain v • macular

spot (stain) v • macular

spot-cash n • moneta contante

spotless adj • sin macula

spotlight n • projector

spot-of-bother n • alicun difficultates

spot-remover n • dismaculator

spotted, speckled, flecked adj • maculate (pp of macular)

spotted, speckled, flecked adj • maculate

spotted (speckled) adj • maculate

spotted (with spots) adj • con punctos

spotter (observer) n • observator

spotter (train-) n • collector de numeros del locomotivas

spotting, staining n • maculamento

spotting easily adj • maculabile

spotty adj • maculate

spouse, consort n • conjuge

spouse, consort n • conjuge (còn-)

spouse n • Masc]

spouse n • Fem]

spout n • tubo de discarga, becco

spout n • becco, tubo de discarga

spout (of liquid) n • jecto

spout vi • sortir

spout vi • sortir (impetuosemente)

spout vt • lancear

sprain n • torsion muscular

sprain v • torquer

sprained ankle phr • cavilia torquite

sprat n • spratto, parve haringo

sprat n • parve haringo, spratto

sprawl v • extender se (in modo inelegante)

sprawl v • extender se

spray (atomize) v • vaporisar

spray (atomize) v • vaporisar (un liquido)

spray, atomizer, pulverizer n • pulverisator

spray (container) n • vaporisator, pulverisator

spray (container) n • pulverisator, vaporisator

spray (flowers) n • racemo

spray (foam) n • scuma

spray (sprinkle) v • irrorar (con un liquido)

spray (sprinkle) v • irrorar

spray-gun n • pistola vaporisator

spread (butter) v • extender (se)

spread (butter) v • extender

spread (dispersion) n • dissemination, expansion, propagation, diffusion

spread (dispersion) n • propagation, diffusion, dissemination, expansion

spread (dispersion) n • diffusion, dissemination, expansion, propagation

spread (dispersion) n • expansion, propagation, diffusion, dissemination

spread (of sails) Naut] n • invirgatura

spread (of wings, sails) n • invirgatura

spread, spread out v • extender -tend-/-tens-]

spread, spread out v • extender

spread (unfold) v • displicar

spread (unfold) v • displicar (se)

spread v • propagar, diffunder, disseminar

spread v • disseminar (se), propagar (se), diffunder (se)

spread v • diffunder (se), disseminar (se), propagar (se)

spread v • disseminar, propagar, diffunder

spread v • propagar (se), diffunder (se), disseminar (se)

spread v • diffunder, disseminar, propagar

spread out, spread v • extender

spread out, spread v • extender -tend-/-tens-]

spread-eagled adj • con le membros extendite

spree n • partita de placer, partita de dispender

spree n • partita de dispender, partita de placer

sprig n • branchetta, pecietta

sprig n • pecietta, branchetta

sprightliness, gayness n • allegressa

sprightly adj • animate, allegre

sprightly adj • allegre, animate

sprightly, gay adj • allegre

spring adj • primaveral, vernal

spring adj • primaveral

spring adj • vernal, primaveral

spring, arise (from) v • provenir

spring (jump) n • salto

spring (jump) v • saltar

spring n • Mech]

spring (originate) v • provenir

spring (season) n • primavera, ver

spring (season) n • ver, primavera

spring, source n • fontana

spring (spring in a piece of mechanism) n • resorto

spring, springtime n • ver

spring (time) n • primavera

spring, vernal adj • vernal

spring (water) n • fontana, fonte

spring (water) n • fonte, fontana

spring-balance n • balancia a resorto

springboard n • trampolino

spring-clean v • nettar completemente (le casa)

spring-clean v • nettar completemente

springing n • suspension

springing up again, renascent, reviving adj • renascente (ppr of renascer)

springing up again, renascent, reviving adj • renascente

spring-onion n • parve cibolla

springtime (in -) adv • in le primavera

springtime n • primavera, ver

springtime n • ver, primavera

springtime, spring n • ver

spring-up v • crescer

springy adj • elastic

sprinkle n • aspersion

sprinkle v • asperger, irrorar

sprinkle v • sparger

sprinkle v • irrorar, asperger

sprinkle v • sparger sparg-/spars-;-sperg-/-spers-]

sprinkler n • spargitor, irrorator, rigatorio

sprinkler n • rigatorio, spargitor, irrorator

sprinkler n • irrorator, rigatorio, spargitor

sprinkler n • spargitor

sprinkling, aspersion (act of) n • aspersion

sprinkling n • aspersion

sprint n • sprint

sprint (run fast) v • currer a maxime velocitate

sprint (sport) v • sprintar

sprinter n • sprintator

sprocket-wheel n • pinnion de catena

sprout n • planton

sprout vi • pullular, germinar

sprout vi • germinar, pullular

sprout vt • pulsar

sprouts (alfalfa -) n • germinatos de alfalfa

sprouts n • caule de brussel

spruce adj • elegante

spruce (hemlock spruce) n • abiete de canada

spruce n • bot

spry adj • vive, active

spry adj • active, vive

spume, foam, froth (form or gather foam or froth) v • spumar

spumiferous, foamy adj • spumifere

spur (1. rider's spur; 2. stimulus; 3. spine on a cock's leg; 4. Bot]) n • sporon

spur (1. to prick with spurs; 2. to incite, stimulate) v • sporonar

spur, incite v • convitar

spur (incite) v • incitar, sporonar, stimular

spur (incite) v • sporonar, stimular, incitar

spur (incite) v • stimular, incitar, sporonar

spur, incitement n • incitamento

spur (on heel) n • sporon

spur (prick with spur) v • sporonar

spur (stimulus) n • stimulo, incitamento

spur (stimulus) n • incitamento, stimulo

spurious adj • apocryphe, false

spurious adj • false, apocryphe

spurious, supposititious adj • suppositicie

spurn v • disdignar, repulsar

spurn v • repulsar, disdignar

spurrier n • sporonero

spurring (act of) n • sporonamento

spurt n • effortio supreme

spurt v • facer un effortio supreme

spy n • spion

spy n • spion, spia

spy n • spia

spy n • spia, spion

spy, spy upon v • spiar

spy v • spiar, spionar

spy v • spionar, spiar

spy v • spionar

spy upon, spy v • spiar

spying, espionage n • spionage

spying, espionage n • spionage (-aje)

spying n • spionage

squabble n • altercation, querela

squabble n • querela, altercation

squabble v • venir al parolas, altercar, querelar

squabble v • querelar, venir al parolas, altercar

squabble v • altercar, querelar, venir al parolas

squad n • esquadra

squadron (army, air force) n • esquadron

squadron [Mil] n • esquadron

squadron (naval) n • esquadra

squadron [Navy] n • esquadra

squadron-leader n • commandante de esquadron

squalid adj • sordide, miserabile

squalid adj • miserabile, sordide

squaliform [Zool] adj • squaliforme

squall (cry) n • crito

squall (of wind) n • raffica, colpo de vento

squall (of wind) n • colpo de vento, raffica

squall v • critar

Squalodon [Paleontol] n • squalodonte

squaloid [Zool] adj • squaloide

squalor n • miseria, sordidessa

squalor n • sordidessa, miseria

Squalus [Ichthyol] n • squalo

squander, dilapidate v • dilapidar

squander v • dilapidar, dispender, dissipar, guastar, profunder

squander v • dissipar, guastar, profunder, dilapidar, dispender

squander v • profunder, dilapidar, dispender, dissipar, guastar

squander v • guastar, profunder, dilapidar, dispender, dissipar

squander v • dispender, dissipar, guastar, profunder, dilapidar

squander, waste v • guastar

squander, waste v • dispender -pend-/-pens-]

squander, waste v • dispender

squanderer, waster n • guastator

squanderer, wastrel, spendthrift n • dilapidator

squandering, waste n • dilapidation

squarable adj • quadrabile

square (1. a rectangle of four equal sides; 2. Math]) n • quadrato

square (1. to give the shape of a square; 2. Math]) v • quadrar

square (as in a square foot, a square piece of cloth) adj • quadrate (pp of quadrar)

square (as in a square foot, a square piece of cloth) adj • quadrate

square (as in T square) n • esquadra

square (divide into squares) vt • esquadrar

square (for drawing) n • esquadra

square (form with right angles and straight lines) v • esquadrar

square (four-sided) adj • quadrate

square (in a town) n • placia

square (make square) v • quadrar

square (rectangle) n • quadrato

square (tidy) adj • in ordine

square v • math

square vi • accordar

square-root n • radice quadrate

square-up v • quadrar

squash (lemon) n • limonada, citronada

squash (lemon) n • citronada, limonada

squash (orange) n • orangiada

squash (sport) n • squash

squash v • applattar, contunder

squash v • contunder, applattar

squash v • Fig]

squashing n • applattamento, contusion

squashing n • contusion, applattamento

squat adj • disproportionatemente basse

squat, crouch v • quattar

squat v • quattar

squatter n • occupante sin titulo

squatting, crouching adj • quatte

squawk n • crito rauc

squawk v • emitter critos rauc

squeak n • stridulation

squeak v • stridular

squeaking adj • stridulante

squeaking n • stridulation

squeaky adj • stridule

squeaky, stridulous, creaking adj • stridule

squeal n • crito acute

squeal (shriek) v • emitter critos acute

squeal v • Mech]

squeamish adj • Fig]

squeamish (easily nauseated) adj • subjecte a nausea

squeeze (credit -) n • restriction de credito

squeeze n • compression, pression

squeeze n • pression, compression

squeeze v • comprimer, premer

squeeze v • premer, comprimer

squeeze out, press out v • exprimer -prim-/-press-]

squeeze out, press out v • exprimer

squeeze-out v • exprimer

squelch n • ruito de fango exprimite

squelch vi • facer ruito de fango exprimite

squelch vt • supprimer

squib (damp -) n • fiasco

squib n • petardo

squid n • calamar

squiggle n • linea serpentin

squiggle v • contorquer se

squint n • strabismo

squint v • esser strabe

squinting, cross-eyed adj • strabe

squinting, strabismus n • strabismo

squire n • scutero

squire n • proprietario de terra

squirm n • contorsion

squirm v • contorquer se

squirrel n • sciuro

squirrel n • scuriolo

squirt (jet) n • jecto de aqua

squirt (syringe) n • syringa

squirt vi • lancear se

squirt vt • syringar

Sri-Lanka [Geog] n • Ceylon, Sri Lanka

Sri-Lanka [Geog] n • Sri Lanka, Ceylon

St. Eustatius n • St. Eustatius

st. john's wort (Hypericum) n • hyperico

St. Vincent [Geog] n • St. Vincent

St. Vitus's dance, chorea n • chorea

St. Vitus's dance, chorea n • chorea (-éa)

stab n • colpo de pugnal

stab v • pugnalar, dagar

stab v • dagar, pugnalar

stab v • pugnalar

stab (with a dagger) v • dagar

stability n • stabilitate

stabilization n • stabilisation

stabilize n • stabilisar

stabilize v • stabilisar

stabilizer (1. one who stabilizes; 2. Aeronaut]) n • stabilisator

stable adj • stabile

stable, cattle barn, sty n • stabulo

stable, cattle barn, sty n • stabulo (stà-)

stable n • stabulo

stable v • stabular

stabling (of cattle, horses etc.) n • stabulation

stack (chimney) n • camino

stack (pile) n • pila, cumulo

stack (pile) n • cumulo, pila

stack v • cumular, pilar

stack v • pilar, cumular

stadium n • stadio

stadium [Sports] n • stadio

staff (employees) n • personal

staff n • Mil]

staff, stick n • baston

staff (stick) n • baston, pertica

staff (stick) n • pertica, baston

staff v • provider de personal

staffette, estafette n • staffetta

stafle adj • principal

stafle n • crampa

stafle v • crampar

stag n • cervo

stage (1. stage of a theater; 2. theater, art of the theater) n • scena

stage (level) n • stadio, grado

stage (level) n • grado, stadio

stage n • Theat]

stage (of development) n • stadio

stage, put on the stage v • inscenar

stage v • poner in scena, inscenar

stage v • inscenar, poner in scena

stage directions [Antiq] n • didascalia

stage directions [Antiq] n • didascalia (-ìa)

stage director n • inscenator

stage-coach n • diligentia

stagecoach express n • velocifero

stagecoach express n • velocifero (-cì-)

stage-hand n • machinista

stagehand, scene shifter n • machinista

stage-manager n • director de scena

stagger (amaze) vt • stupefacer

stagger n • titubation

stagger (rivets, timesheets) v • scalonar, echelonar

stagger (rivets, timesheets) v • echelonar, scalonar

stagger, totter v • titubar

stagger vi • titubar

staggering, tottering (act of) n • titubation

staging (action of) n • inscenation

staging, mise en scène n • mise en scène F]

staging, mise en scène n • mise en scène

stagnant adj • stagnante, morte

stagnant adj • stagnante (ppr of stagnar)

stagnant adj • stagnante

stagnant adj • morte, stagnante

stagnate, be stagnant v • stagnar

stagnate v • stagnar

stagnation n • stagnation

staiagmite [Geol] n • stalagmite

staid adj • serie, posate

staid adj • posate, serie

stain (dye) n • tinta

stain (dye) v • tintar

stain (mark) n • macula

stain (mark) v • macular

stain, spot n • macula

stain, spot v • macular

stained adj • glass vitro a colores

stained glass window n • vitriera

staining, spotting n • maculamento

stainless (- steel) n/adj • aciero inoxydabile

stainless adj • inoxydabile

stair n • grado, passo

stair n • passo, grado

stair, rung, step n • grado

staircase n • scala

stairs n • scala, scalada

stairs n • scalada, scala

stairstep n • passo

stake (betting) n • moneta spondite

stake (betting) v • sponder, jocar

stake (betting) v • jocar, sponder

stake (interest) n • participation, interesse

stake (interest) n • interesse, participation

stake n • bib

stake, post n • palo

stake (post) n • palo

stake (risk) v • aventurar, riscar

stake (risk) v • riscar, aventurar

stake v • sustener (con palos)

stake v • sustener

stake-a-claim v • facer un reclamation

stalactite [Geol] n • stalactite

stalactite n • stalactite

stalactitic, stalactitical adj • stalactitic

stalagmite n • stalagmite

stalagmitic, stalagmitical adj • stalagmitic

stale (news) adj • vetule

stale (not fresh) adj • rancide, non fresc

stale (not fresh) adj • non fresc, rancide

stale (tired) adj • fatigate

stale-mate n • impasse, paralyse

stale-mate n • paralyse, impasse

staleness n • insipiditate

stalk n • pedunculo

stalk, stem, peduncle [Bot] n • pedunculo

stalk vi • ir con passos majestose

stalk vt • traciar, sequer furtivemente

stalk vt • sequer furtivemente, traciar

stall (a car) v • arrestar le motor

stall (a horse) vt • stabular

stall (choir) n • stallo

stall (choir stall) n • stallo

stall (for cattle) n • stalla

stall (in discussion) vi • parlar evasivemente, prevaricar

stall (in discussion) vi • prevaricar, parlar evasivemente

stall n • Theat]

stall (stand) n • stand, banco de vendita

stall (stand) n • banco de vendita, stand

stallion n • stallon

stalwart adj • valente, robuste

stalwart adj • robuste, valente

stalwart n • partisano inconditional

stamen [Bot] n • stamine

stamina n • vigor, resistentia

stamina n • resistentia, vigor

staminal, stamineal [Bot] adj • staminal

staminate [Bot] adj • staminate

stamineal, staminal [Bot] adj • staminal

staminiferous [Bot] adj • staminifere

stammer n • balbutiamento

stammer, stutter n • balbutiamento

stammer, stutter v • balbutiar

stammer v • balbutiar

stammer v • blesar

stammerer, stutterer n • balbutiator

stammering n • blesamento

stammering n • blesitate

stammering, speaking indistinctly adj • blese

stamp (1. as in rubber stamp; 2. mark made with a stamp) n • timbro

stamp (impress or imprint with some mark) v • stampar

stamp (impress with an official stamp) v • timbrar

stamp (impression) n • impression

stamp (impression) v • stampar

stamp (instrument, postage) n • timbro

stamp (of foot) n • colpo de pede

stamp (postage) v • timbrar

stamp (with foot) v • calcar

stamp-collector n • philatelista

stampede n • fuga percipitate

stampede vi • fugir in disordine/panico

stampede vt • fomentar panico

stamper n • stampator

stamper (one who or that which stamps) n • stampator

stamping, impressing, imprinting n • stampage (-aje)

stamping, impressing, imprinting n • stampage

stamping (impressing) n • stampage

stamping (of foot) v • calcar

stamp-out v • extirpar

stance n • postura

stanch, staun- adj • solide, firme, loyal

stanch, staun- adj • firme, loyal, solide

stanch, staun- adj • loyal, solide, firme

stanch, staun- v • arrestar le fluxo

stand (1. grandstand; 2. as in refreshment stand) n • stand A]

stand (1. grandstand; 2. as in refreshment stand) n • stand

stand (at exhibition) n • stand

stand (be situated) v • esser situate

stand (be standing) v • star

stand (be standing) vi • star

stand (bear) vt • tolerar, suffrer, supportar

stand (bear) vt • suffrer, supportar, tolerar

stand (bear) vt • supportar, tolerar, suffrer

stand (for taxis) n • station

stand (halt) n • arresto, halto

stand (halt) n • halto, arresto

stand (kiosk) n • kiosque

stand n • Mil]

stand (pay) v • pagar

stand (pay) v • pagar (le bibita a un persona)

stand (place) v • poner

stand (position) n • position

stand (resist) v • resister a

stand, socle, pedestal n • socculo

stand (sport) n • tribuna, stand

stand (sport) n • stand, tribuna

stand (stall) n • banco de vendita, stand

stand (stall) n • stand, banco de vendita

stand (support) n • pedestallo, supporto

stand (support) n • supporto, pedestallo

stand v • Pol]

stand around (someone) v • circumstar

stand around in a circle v • circumstar

stand in the way of v • obstar

stand open, gape, yawn v • hiar

standard adj • normal

standard, banner n • standardo

standard (banner) n • standard, insignia

standard (banner) n • insignia, standard

standard (monetary) Fin] n • valuta

standard n • fin

standard (norm) n • norma, standard

standard (norm) n • standard, norma

standard (norm of comparison) n • standard

standard (norm of comparison) n • standard A]

standard (of cavalry) n • cornetta

standard-bearer n • insignia

standardization n • standardisation

standardize v • standardisar

standard-lamp n • lampa a pede

standard-of-living n • nivello de vita

stand-back interj • a retro!

stand-by n • reserva

stand-by (person) vt • sustener, defender

stand-by (person) vt • defender, sustener

stand-by (promise) v • restar fidel a

stand-by vi • esser presente tener se preste

stand-for (represent) v • representar

stand-for (tolerate) v • tolerar

stand-in (for an actor) n • duple

stand-in (in place of) v • suppler a

stand-in (in place of) v • suppler a (un persona)

stand-in-for v • suppler a (un persona)

stand-in-for v • suppler a

standing (action of) n • station

standing (army, committee) adj • permanente

standing (constant) adj • constante

standing (duration) n • duration

standing (social) n • reputation, position

standing (social) n • position, reputation

standing (upright) adj • erecte

standing water, pond, pool n • stagno

stand-out v • esser conspicue/saliente

standpoint n • puncto de vista

standstill (at a -) adj. phr • immobilisate, paralysate

standstill (at a -) adj. phr • paralysate, immobilisate

standstill n • paralyse, immobilisation

standstill n • immobilisation, paralyse

standstill n • arresto, paralyse, stagnation.

stand-up v • levar se

stannate [Chem] n • stannato

stannic [Chem] adj • stannic

stannic, stanniferous adj • stannifere

stanniferous, stannic adj • stannifere

stanza [Pros] n • stanza

stanza [Pros] n • stanza I]

staple, clip, cramp, clamp n • crampa

staple, clip, cramp, clamp (together) v • crampar

stapler n • machina a crampar

star (1. heavenly body; 2. as in to be born under a lucky star) n • stella

star (1. heavenly body; 2. starshaped figure) n • astere

star (1. heavenly body; 2. starshaped figure) n • astro

star (adorn with stars) vt • stellar

star, constellate v • constellar

star (film -) vi • star, tener le rolo principal in un film

star (film -) vi • tener le rolo principal in un film, star

star (films) n • stella

star (mark) v • signalar con asterisco

star n • astron

starboard [Naut] n • sterbordo

starch, fecula n • fecula

starch (for stiffening) n • amido

starch (in food) n • fecula

starch v • amidar

starchworks n • feculeria

starchworks n • feculeria (-ìa)

starchy adj Fig]

starchy (of food) adj • feculose

stare n • reguardo fixe

stare-at v • reguardar fixemente

stareboard n • sterbordo

starfish n • stella de mar

starfish n • asteria

stark adv • toto, completemente

stark adv • completemente, toto

stark (stiff) adj • rigide

stark (utter) adj • complete, absolute

stark (utter) adj • absolute, complete

starlight n • lumine stellar

starling n • sturno

star-of-Bethlehem, ornithogalum [Bot] n • ornithogalo

star-of-Bethlehem, ornithogalum [Bot] n • ornithogalo (-tò-)

starred, starry adj • stellate

starry adj • stellate

starry, starred adj • stellate

starry-eyed n • ingenue, idealista

starry-eyed n • idealista, ingenue

start (advantage) n • avantage

start (begin) vi • comenciar, haber initio

start (begin) vi • haber initio, comenciar

start (begin) vt • comenciar, initiar

start (begin) vt • initiar, comenciar

start, beginning n • initio

start (beginning) n • initio, comenciamento

start (beginning) n • comenciamento, initio

start (cause) v • causar, provocar

start (cause) v • provocar, causar

start (found) v • fundar

start (make an early -) phr • partir de bon hora

start (of surprise) n • suprasalto

start (setting out) n • partita

start v • Mech]

starter (of car) n • motor impulsor

starter (official who gives the signal to start) Sports] n • starter A]

starter (official who gives the signal to start) Sports] n • starter

starter (sport) n • starter

starting-point n • puncto de partita

startle v • alarmar

startling (alarming) adj • alarmante

startling (surprising) adj • surprendente

start-out v • mitter se in cammino, partir

start-out v • partir, mitter se in cammino

start-the-car v • poner le motor in marcha

starvation n • fame

starve, famish (cause to starve or famish) v • affamar

starve vi • haber fame

starve vt • affamar

starver (as in starver of the people) n • affamator

starving, famished adj • famelic

stasis (stagnation of the blood in a blood vessel) Pathol] n • stase

state (1. condition or manner of existence; 2. commonwealth) n • stato

state adj • statal, de stato

state adj • de stato, statal

state (as a fact) v • constatar

state, commonwealth n • republica

state, commonwealth n • republica (-pù-)

state (condition) n • condition, stato

state (condition) n • stato, condition

state (declare) v • affirmar, declarar

state (declare) v • declarar, affirmar

state n • Pol]

state or frame of mind n • disposition

state precisely v • precisar

state the reason for v • motivar

stately adj • pompose

stately, grand adj • pompose

statement (declaration) n • declaration

statement n • Commer]

statement (official -) n • communicato official

statement (report) n • exposition, reporto

statement (report) n • reporto, exposition

state-of-mind n • disposition

stateroom, cabin [Naut] n • cabina

stateroom n • cabina

statesman n • homine de stato

statesman n • statista

statesmanship n • habilitate politic

static adj • static

statics n • statica

station (1. stop, stopping place; 2. station building, depot) n • station

station n • Gen]

station (place) n • position, posto

station (place) n • posto, position

station (police) n • commissariato

station v • postar

stationary (fixed in a certain station, place, course) adj • stationari

stationary n • stationari

stationed adj • guarnite, in guarnition

stationed adj • in guarnition, guarnite

stationer n • papirero

stationer's (shop) n • papireria (-ìa)

stationer's (shop) n • papireria

stationer's shop n • papireria

stationery n • papireria (-ìa)

stationery n • papireria

stationmaster n • chef de station

statistica adj • statistic

statistician n • statistico

statistics (figures) n • statisticas

statistics (science) n • statistica

statistics (science of statistics) n • statistica

statistics (vital -s) n • statisticas demographic

statuary adj • statuari

statuary (art of making statues) n • statuaria

statuary n • statuario

statuary, statue maker n • statuario

statue n • statua

statue maker, statuary n • statuario

statuesque adj • statuesc

statuette n • statuetta

stature (bodily height) n • statura

stature, height n • talia

stature n • statura, talia

stature n • talia, statura

status (legal standing, position) n • stato

status n • stato

status-quo phr • statu quo

status-symbol n • symbolo de prestigio social

statute (as in statute of occupation) n • statuto

statute n • parl

statute (other senses) n • statuto

statutory adj • statutari

staunch adj • solide, firme, loyal

staunch adj • firme, loyal, solide

staunch adj • loyal, solide, firme

staunch v • arrestar le fluxo

stave (of a cask) n • dova

stay (legal) n • suspension

stay n • Mech]

stay n • visita, sojorno

stay n • sojorno, visita

stay, remain v • demorar

stay (remain) vi • remaner, restar

stay (remain) vi • restar, remaner

stay (reside) v • demorar

stay, sojourn n • sojorno

stay, sojourn v • sojornar

stay (temporarily) v • sojornar

stay vt • retardar, arrestar

stay vt • arrestar, retardar

stay awake v • veliar

stay awake v • vigilar

stay overnight, spend the night v • pernoctar

stay within, be immanent v • immaner

stay-away interj • vade via!

stay-away v • absentar se

stay-back interj • a retro!

steadfast adj • constante, firme, resolute

steadfast adj • resolute, constante, firme

steadfast adj • firme, resolute, constante

steadfastness n • constantia, resolution

steadfastness n • resolution, constantia

steadily (assiduously) adv • assiduemente

steadily (constantly) adv • firmemente, fixemente, constantemente

steadily (constantly) adv • fixemente, constantemente, firmemente

steadily (constantly) adv • constantemente, firmemente, fixemente

steady (firm) adj • firme, fixe

steady (firm) adj • fixe, firme

steady (of peison) adj • serie

steady (of rain) adj • continue

steady (of speed) adj • constante, uniforme

steady (of speed) adj • uniforme, constante

steady (under fire) adj • imperturbabile

steak (of beef) n • beefsteak

steak (other than beef) n • trencho

steal, rob v • robar

steal v • robar, furar

steal v • furar

steal v • furar, robar

steal away v • sortir furtivemente, partir secretemente

steal away v • partir secretemente, sortir furtivemente

stealth (by -) adv • furtivemente

stealth n • secreto, procedimento in secreto

stealth n • procedimento in secreto, secreto

stealthy adj • furtive

stealthy, furtive adj • furtive

steam n • vapor

steam, vapor n • vapor

steam vi • emitter vapor

steam vt • cocer al vapor

steam-engine n • machina de vapor

steamer, steamship n • vapor

steamer, steamship n • steamer

steamer, steamship n • steamer A]

steam-roller n • rolo compressor

steamship (nave a) n • vapor, steamer

steamship (nave a) n • steamer, vapor

steamship, steamer n • steamer A]

steamship, steamer n • steamer

steamship, steamer n • vapor

stearate [Chem] n • stearato

stearic [Chem] adj • stearic (-à-)

stearic [Chem] adj • stearic

stearin n • stearina

steatite, soapstone n • steatite

steatoma [Med] n • steatoma

steatosis, fatty degeneration [Med] n • steatosis (-òsis)

steatosis, fatty degeneration [Med] n • steatosis

steel (1. to overlay, point, plate, with steel; 2. to convert into or cause to resemble steel) v • acierar

steel adj • de aciero

steel n • aciero

steel (strike fire with) n • fusil

steel vt • acierar

steel mill, steelworks n • acieria (-ìa)

steel mill, steelworks n • acieria

steel plating, acierage n • acierage (-aje)

steel plating, acierage n • acierage

steel-oneself v • indurar se

steelworks n • acieria

steelworks, steel mill n • acieria

steelworks, steel mill n • acieria (-ìa)

steep (precipitous) adj • scarpate, ardue, precipitose

steep (precipitous) adj • precipitose, scarpate, ardue

steep (precipitous) adj • ardue, precipitose, scarpate

steep, scarped adj • scarpate (pp of scarpar)

steep, scarped adj • scarpate

steep (unreasonable) adj • exorbitante

steep vt • imbiber, macerar

steep vt • macerar, imbiber

steeple n • campanil con tecto conic, campanil coronate de agulia

steeple n • campanil coronate de agulia, campanil con tecto conic

steeplechase [Horse Racing] n • steeplechase A]

steeplechase [Horse Racing] n • steeplechase

steeplechase n • cursa de obstaculos, steeplechase

steeplechase n • steeplechase, cursa de obstaculos

steepness n • grado de inclination

steer (car) v • manovrar, guidar

steer (car) v • guidar, manovrar

steer n • bovello

steer [Naut] v • governar

steer (ship) v • governar

steer v • Gen]

steer-clear-of v • evitar

steering n • direction

steering wheel n • volante

steering-wheel n • volante

steeve, stow in the ship's hold v • stivar

steever (one who steeves) n • stivator

stellar adj • stellar

stellar stellar adj • stellar

stelliferous adj • stellifere

stem, base, theme [Gram] n • thema

stem, base, theme [Gram] n • thema -ma/-mat-]

stem n • gram

stem, peduncle, stalk [Bot] n • pedunculo

stem (stalk) n • pedunculo, stirpe

stem (stalk) n • stirpe, pedunculo

stem v • arrestar, refrenar

stem v • refrenar, arrestar

stem-from v • provenir de, resultar de

stem-from v • resultar de, provenir de

stench n • fetidessa, odor infecte

stench n • odor infecte, fetidessa

stencil (as in stencils for decoration) n • patrono

stencil (duplicate) v • mimeographar, stencilar

stencil (duplicate) v • stencilar, mimeographar

stencil (for decoration) n • patrono

stencil (for duplicating) n • stencil

stencil (mimeographing) n • stencil

stencil (mimeographing) n • stencil A]

stencil v • marcar per patronos

stencil v • reproducer per patronos

stencil v • decorar per patronos

steno- (narrow) occurring in compounds] adj • sten-

stenograph, write shorthand v • stenographiar

stenographer [Fem] n • stenographa

stenographer [Masc] n • stenographo

stenographer n • stenographo (-ògrapho)

stenographer n • stenographo

stenographer, stenographist n • stenographista

stenographic adj • stenographic

stenographist, stenographer n • stenographista

stenography, shorthand n • stenographia

stenography, shorthand n • stenographia (-ìa)

Stentor [Gr. Antiq] n • Stentore

stentorian adj • stentoree

step (go) v • ir

step (go) v • vader

step (in -) adv • al passo

step (measure) n • mesura

step, rung n • scalon

step, stair, rung n • grado

step (stair) n • scalon, grado

step (stair) n • grado, scalon

step (take -s) v • prender su mesuras, prender mesuras

step (take -s) v • prender mesuras, prender su mesuras

step (walking) n • passo

step by step adv/phr • gradualmente

step by step adv/phr • passo a passo

step down (go down) v • descender

step down (reduce) v • reducer

step down (reduce) v • reducer (le voltage)

step on v • poner le pede sur

step up vi • montar

step up vt • augmentar

stepbrother n • fratrastro

stepchild, stepson n • filiastro

stepdaughter n • filiastra

stepfather n • patrastro

Stephen n • Stephano (sté-)

Stephen n • Stephano

stepladder n • scala duple

stepladder n • scala duple (con grados platte)

stepmother n • matrastra

steppe n • steppa

stepping stone n • petra de vadar

stepping stone n • Fig]

stepsister n • sororastra

stepson n • filiastro

stepson, stepchild n • filiastro

stercoral adj • stercoral

stercoral adj • stercorari

stere, cubic meter [Metric System] n • stereo

stere-, stereo- (solid) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj • stere-

stereo n • stereo

stereo, stereotype (stereotype plate) n • stereotypo

stereo, stereotype (stereotype plate) n • stereotypo (-ò-)

stereographic adj • stereographic

stereography n • stereographia

stereography n • stereographia (-ìa)

stereometry n • stereometria (-ìa)

stereometry n • stereometria

stereophonic adj • stereophonic

stereoscope n • stereoscopio

stereoscopic adj • stereoscopic

stereoscopy n • stereoscopia (-ìa)

stereoscopy n • stereoscopia

stereotomic adj • stereotomic

stereotomy n • stereotomia (-ìa)

stereotomy n • stereotomia

stereotype (1. to make into stereos; 2. to make stereotyped) v • stereotypar

stereotype n • stereotypo

stereotype, stereo (stereotype plate) n • stereotypo

stereotype, stereo (stereotype plate) n • stereotypo (-ò-)

stereotype, stereotypic adj • stereotypic

stereotype, stereotypical [Print] adj • stereotype (-ò-)

stereotype, stereotypical [Print] adj • stereotype

stereotyped adj • stereotype (-ò-)

stereotyped adj • stereotype

stereotyping n • stereotypia

stereotyping n • stereotypia (-ìa)

sterile adj • sterile

sterile, barren adj • sterile

sterile (free from bacteria) adj • sterilisate

sterile (free from bacteria) adj • sterilisate (pp of sterilisar)

sterility, barrenness n • sterilitate

sterility n • sterilitate

sterilization n • sterilisation

sterilize (1. to deprive of fecundity; 2. to free from bacteria) v • sterilisar

sterilize v • sterilisar

sterilizer n • sterilisator

sterling adj • genuin, pur

sterling adj • pur, genuin

sterling n • sterling

stern adj • sever

stern n • poppa

sternal [Anat] adj • sternal

sternalgia [Med] n • sternalgia (-ìa)

sternalgia [Med] n • sternalgia

sternocostal [Anat] adj • sternocostal

sternum, breastbone n • sterno

sternutation, sneezing n • sternutation

sternutatory adj • sternutatori

stetho- (breast, chest) occurring in compounds] n • stetho-

stethoscope n • stethoscopio

stethoscopic adj • stethoscopic

stethoscopy n • stethoscopia

stethoscopy n • stethoscopia (-ìa)

stevedore n • stivator

stew (fruit) v • facer un compota de

stew n • ragout, estufato

stew n • estufato, ragout

steward, butler n • dispensero

steward, housekeeper n • economo

steward, housekeeper n • economo (-cò-)

steward [Naut] n • steward

steward [Naut] n • steward A]

steward [Nav] n • administrator

steward (of an estate) n • economo, dispensero

steward (of an estate) n • dispensero, economo

stewardess (on aircraft) n • hostessa, stewardess

stewardess (on aircraft) n • stewardess, hostessa

stewardship n • economato

stewed adj • estufate

stewed (drunk) adj • ebrie, inebriate

stewed (drunk) adj • inebriate, ebrie

stewed (wrathful) adj • irascite, irate, in cholera

stewed (wrathful) adj • irate, in cholera, irascite

stewed (wrathful) adj • in cholera, irascite, irate

stewed-fruit n • compota de fructos

St.Helena [Geog] n • St. Helena

sthen-, stheno (strength) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • stheno-

sthenic [Pathol] adj • sthenic

stich, stichos [Pros] n • sticho

stichomythy [Gr. Lit] n • stichomythia

stichomythy [Gr. Lit] n • stichomythia (-ìa)

stichos, stich [Pros] n • sticho

stick (attach) vt • attaccar

stick n • baston

stick (put) v • mitter, poner

stick (put) v • poner, mitter

stick (remain) v • restar, remaner

stick (remain) v • remaner, restar

stick (something sharp) v • figer

stick, staff n • baston

stick (stand) v • supportar

stick v • Mech]

stick vi • collar se

stick (with glue) v • glutinar, collar

stick (with glue) v • collar, glutinar

stick or glue together, agglutinate v • agglutinar

stick'em-up v/interj • manos in alto!

sticker n • etiquetta gummate

stick-fast v • esser fixe

stickiness, glutinousness n • glutinositate

sticking n • plaster sparadrapo

stickler n • rigorista

stick-out v • salir

stick-together v • Fig]

stick-together v • agglutinar

stick-up-for v • prender le defensa de

sticky, gluey adj • collose

sticky (gluey) adj • glutinose, collose

sticky (gluey) adj • collose, glutinose

sticky, glutinous adj • glutinose

sticky (problematic) adj • problematic

stiff adj • rigide, inflexibile

stiff adj • inflexibile, rigide

stiff, rigid adj • rigide

stiffen v • rigidar (se)

stiffen v • rigidar

stiffness n • inflexibilitate, rigiditate

stiffness n • rigiditate, inflexibilitate

stiffness, rigidity n • rigiditate

stifle (choke) v • suffocar

stifle v • Fig]

stigma (1. brand; 2. Pathol]; 3. Bot]; 4. Zool] (spiracle) n • stigma

stigma (1. brand; 2. Pathol]; 3. Bot]; 4. Zool] (spiracle) n • stigma -ma/-mat-]

stigma n • stigma

stigmatization n • stigmatisation

stigmatize (1. Theol.l: 2. to brand, stamp with infamy) v • stigmatisar

stile n • scaletta fixe

stiletto, stylet n • stiletto

still adv • ancora, totevia

still adv • totevia, ancora

still (calm) adj • tranquille

still (for distilling) n • alambic

still (motionless) adj • immobile

still n • Photog]

still (quiet) adj • silentiose

still v • calmar

still, yet, encore! adv • ancora

stilleborn adj • nate morte

still-life n • natura morte

stillness (immobility) n • immobilitate

stillness (silence) n • silentio

stillness (tranquillity) n • tranquillitate

stilted adj • affectate, artificial

stilted adj • artificial, affectate

stimulant adj/n • stimulante

stimulant, excitant n • excitante

stimulate v • stimular

stimulating, exciting adj • excitative

stimulating stimulante adj • stimulante (ppr of stimular)

stimulating stimulante adj • stimulante

stimulation n • stimulation

stimulative adj • stimulative

stimulator n • stimulator

stimulus n • stimulo

sting (1. to prick; 2. to pain sharply) v • punger

sting (1. to prick; 2. to pain sharply) v • punger pung-/punct-]

sting, bite, smart v • piccar

sting n • aculeo

sting v • punger, piccar

sting v • piccar, punger

sting [Zool] n • aculeo

stinginess n • parsimonia

stinginess, parsimony n • parsimonia

stinging adj • piccante, pungente

stinging adj • pungente, piccante

stinging, urticant adj • urticante

stinging, urticant adj • urticante (ppr of urticar)

stinging-nettle n • urtica

stingy adj • parsimoniose, illiberal

stingy adj • illiberal, parsimoniose

stingy, parsimonious adj • parsimoniose

stink n • mal odor, fetor

stink n • fetor, mal odor

stink v • puter

stinking adj • Fig]

stinking (smelling) adj • fetide, de mal odor

stinking (smelling) adj • de mal odor, fetide

stint (allotted portion) n • portion de labor assignate

stint (limit) n • limite, restriction

stint (limit) n • restriction, limite

stint v • restringer, limitar

stint v • limitar, restringer

stipend n • stipendio

stipendiary (one who receives a stipend) n • stipendiario

stipendiary (receiving a stipend) adj • stipendiari

stipple (draw with dots) v • punctar

stipulate v • stipular

stipulation n • stipulation

stir n • agitation

stir v • agitar

stir v • agitar (se)

stir up to rebellion v • rebellar

stirring adj • inspirante, excitante

stirring adj • excitante, inspirante

stirrup n • staffa

stir-up (a rebellion) v • fomentar

stir-up (excite) v • excitar, activar

stir-up (excite) v • activar, excitar

stitch [Bookbinding] v • brochar

stitch [Bookbinding] v • brochar (-sh-)

stitch (in knitting) n • malia

stitch (knitting) n • malia

stitch, prick n • puncto

stitch (sewing) n • puncto

stitch v • suer su-/sut-]

stitch v • suer

stitching n • sutura

St.-Kitts [Geog] n • S. Kitts

St.-Lucia [Geog] n • S. Lucia

St.-Maarten [Geog] n • S. Maarten

stoa (portico) Gr. Antiq] n • stoa

stoat a • armenio

stock (1. stem, trunk; 2. as in of old English stock) n • stirpe

stock (breed) n • stirpe, racia

stock (breed) n • racia, stirpe

stock (cattle) n • bestial

stock, gillyflower n • matthiola

stock (habitual) adj • normal, habitual

stock (habitual) adj • habitual, normal

stock (keep) v • tener in magazin

stock, lay in a stock of v • stockar

stock n • Theat]

stock n • Commer]

stock n • bot

stock (of a rifle) n • calce

stock (of a rifle, pistol) n • fuste

stock (of rifle) n • calce, fuste

stock (of rifle) n • fuste, calce

stock (securities) n • valores

stock, supply [Commer] n • stock A]

stock, supply [Commer] n • stock

stock (supply) v • stockar, approvisionar

stock (supply) v • approvisionar, stockar

stock (take -) v • facer le inventario

stock (trunk) n • trunco

stock exchange, stock market n • bursa

stock market, stock exchange n • bursa

stockade, fence n • barriera

stockbreeding n • elevage

stockbroker n • agente de bursa

stockbroking, agiotage, exchange business n • agiotage (ajotaje)

stockbroking, agiotage, exchange business n • agiotage

stock-exchange n • bursa

stockholder n • actionero

stockholder, shareholder n • actionista

stockholder, shareholder n • actionero

stocking n • calcea

stocking (small) n • calcetta

stocking maker, stocking weaver n • calcettero

stocking weaver, stocking maker n • calcettero

stockman n • bovero

stock-market n • mercato de actiones

stockpile n • reserva

stockpile v • accumular

stocktaking n • inventario

stocky adj • basse ma forte

stodgy adj • pesante, indigeste

stodgy adj • indigeste, pesante

stoic (1. Philos]; 2. one who practices stoicism) n • stoico (stòico)

stoic (1. Philos]; 2. one who practices stoicism) n • stoico

stoic adj • stoic

stoic n • stoico

stoic, stoical (1. Philos]; 2. indifferent to pleasure and pain) adj • stoic (stòic)

stoic, stoical (1. Philos]; 2. indifferent to pleasure and pain) adj • stoic

stoical, stoic (1. Philos]; 2. indifferent to pleasure and pain) adj • stoic

stoical, stoic (1. Philos]; 2. indifferent to pleasure and pain) adj • stoic (stòic)

stoicism (1. Philos]; 2. repression of the emotions) n • stoicismo

stoicism n • stoicismo

stoke v • cargar

stoke v • cargar (le caldiera)

stoker v • fochero

stole [Eccl] n • stola

stole (scarf) n • stola

stolen article n • furto

stolid adj • impassibile, phlegmatic

stolid adj • phlegmatic, impassibile

stoma [Bot] n • stoma

stoma [Bot] n • stoma -ma/-mat-]

stomach (digest) v • digerer

stomach n • stomacho (stò-)

stomach n • stomacho

stomach v • Fig]

stomach-ache n • mal de stomacho

stomachic adj • stomachal

stomatitis [Pathol] n • stomatitis

stomatitis [Pathol] n • stomatitis (-ìtis)

stomatoscope n • stomatoscopio

stone (- cold) phr • frigide

stone (1. rock; 2. Med] (calculus) n • petra

stone adj • de petra

stone, lapidate (1. to hurl stones at (someone) 2. to put to death by stoning) v • lapidar

stone (made of stone) adj • saxee

stone n • lapide (là-)

stone n • lapide

stone (pebble) n • calculo

stone, pip, seed n • pepita

stone, rock n • saxo

stone (rock) n • saxo, petra, lapide

stone (rock) n • lapide, saxo, petra

stone (rock) n • petra, lapide, saxo

stone (seed) n • pepita

stone, stony, lapideous adj • lapidee

stone v • lapidar

stone (weight) n • stone

stone pit, quarry n • petreria

stone pit, quarry n • petreria (-ìa)

stonelike, lithoid adj • lithoide

stoner, lapidator n • lapidator

stoning, lapidation n • lapidation

stony (1. full of stones; 2. of the nature of stone) adj • petrose

stony adj • petrose

stony adj • Fig]

stony, lapideous, stone adj • lapidee

stony, lapidous adj • lapidose

stony, rocky (abounding in stones) adj • saxose

stony ground n • saxeto

stool n • tabouret, scabello

stool n • scabello

stool n • scabello, tabouret

stool (seat without a back) n • tabouret

stool (seat without a back) n • tabouret F]

stoop n • inclination de corpore

stoop v • inclinar se

stop (1. to bring a motor a car to a halt; 2. to come to a halt) v • stoppar

stop (a motion) v • stoppar, arrestar

stop (a motion) v • arrestar, stoppar

stop (an activity) vt • cessar

stop (bus) n • station, halto

stop (bus) n • halto, station

stop, cease (1. to come to an end; 2. to bring to an end) v • cessar

stop (from activity) vi • cessar

stop (from motion) v • stationar, stoppar, arrestar se

stop (from motion) v • arrestar se, stationar, stoppar

stop (from motion) v • stoppar, arrestar se, stationar

stop (gentile) n • arresto, cessation

stop (gentile) n • cessation, arresto

stop, halt (cease to go on or move) v • stationar

stop, halt n • halto

stop interj • basta!, stop!

stop interj • stop!, basta!

stop n • mus

stop (of a wind instrument) Mus] n • clave

stop (organ) n • registro

stop (pause) n • interruption, pausa

stop (pause) n • pausa, interruption

stop (prevent) v • impedir

stop (teeth) v • plumbar, obturar

stop (teeth) v • obturar, plumbar

stop fasting, break the fast v • disjejunar

stop up, plug v • tappar

stop up (with tow or oakum) v • stoppar

stopgap n • recurso provisional

stoppable, curbable, checkable adj • frenabile

stoppage n • suspension, interruption

stoppage n • interruption, suspension

stopper n • tappo

stopper, plug n • tappo

stopping, arresting (bringing to a standstill) n • arrestation

stopping, arresting (bringing to a standstill) n • arresto

stop-up (block) v • stoppar, obstruer

stop-up (block) v • obstruer, stoppar

stop-up (lie awake) v • veliar

stop-up (plug) v • obturar, tappar

stop-up (plug) v • tappar, obturar

stopwatch n • chronometro

storage n • immagazinage

store, shop n • boteca

store, shop n • magazin

store (shop or warehouse) n • magazin

store (supply) n • provision

store v • immagazinar

store up, warehouse v • immagazinar

storehouse, warehouse n • magazin

storekeeper, shopkeeper n • botechero

storeroom n • deposito, dispensa

storeroom n • dispensa, deposito

storey n • etage

storing up, warehousing n • immagazinage

storing up, warehousing n • immagazinage (-aje)

stork n • ciconia

storm n • tempesta

storm, rage v • tempestar

storm, take by assault v • expugnar

storm vi • tempestar

storm vt • expugnar

storm cloud n • nubilo

storm cloud n • nubilo (nù-)

stormable, pregnable adj • expugnabile

stormy adj • tempestuose

story, floor n • etage

story, floor n • etage F]

story (floor) n • etage

story n • historia

story (narrative) n • historia

story, plot (of a a play) n • fabula

story, plot (of a a play) n • fabula (fà-)

story, tale n • conto

story (tale) n • fabula, conto

story (tale) n • conto, fabula

story-teller, fabulist n • fabulista

stout (brave) adj • valente

stout (fat) adj • corpulente

stout n • bira obscur

stout (strong) adj • forte, solide

stout (strong) adj • solide, forte

stout-limbed adj • membrute

stoutness n • corpulentia

stove n • estufa

stove (stove for heating a room) n • estufa

stow v • stivar

stow in the ship's hold, steeve v • stivar

stow-away n • passagero clandestin

stow-away v • conservar

strabismus, squinting n • strabismo

strabotomy [Surg] n • strabotomia (-ìa)

strabotomy [Surg] n • strabotomia

straddle v • star con gambas a cata latere (de un cosa)

straggle v • extender se, ir sin ordine

straggle v • ir sin ordine, extender se

straight (1. not curved or bent; 2. honest, upright) adj • recte

straight (frankly) adv • francamente

straight (honest) adj • franc, recte

straight (honest) adj • recte, franc

straight (in a line) adj • directe

straight (in a line) adv • directe

straight (in order) adv • in ordine

straight (not curved) adj • directe, recte

straight (not curved) adj • recte, directe

straight-ahead adv • directemente

straight-away adv • immediatemente

straighten, true v • disfalsar

straighten v • rectificar, disfalsar

straighten v • disfalsar, rectificar

straighten-out v • regular, poner in ordine

straighten-out v • poner in ordine, regular

straightforward, candid adj • candide

straightforward (frank) adj • loyal, franc

straightforward (frank) adj • franc, loyal

straightforward (simple) adj • simple

straightforwardness, candor n • candor

straightforwardness (frank) n • loyalitate, sinceritate

straightforwardness (frank) n • sinceritate, loyalitate

straightforwardness (simple) n • simplicitate

straightforwardness, uprightness, rectitude n • directura

straightness n • rectitude

straightness (quality or fact of being straight, not bent or curved) n • rectitude

strain (damage) vt • deformar

strain (effort) n • effortio

strain, filter v • colar

strain (filter) v • filtrar

strain [Med] n • effortio

strain (sift) v • cribrar, passar per un cribro

strain (sift) v • passar per un cribro, cribrar

strain (tension) n • tension

strain (trace) n • tracia

strain vi • facer un effortio

strain again, filter again v • recolar

strainer (device for straining, filtering etc.) n • colatorio

strainer (device for straining filtering) n • colo

strainer n • colatorio, filtro

strainer n • filtro, colatorio

strainer, sieve n • cribro

straining, filtering (process of) n • colatura

strait, handcuff, gas-mantle, channel n • manica

strait n • stricto

straitjacket n • camisa/jacchetta de fortia

straitlaced adj • puritan, prude

straitlaced adj • prude, puritan

straits, narrows n • stricto

strand (beach) n • plagia

strand (fish, ship) v • arenar

strand (of rope) n • filamento

strand, run aground v • arenar

strand, run aground v • insablar

stranded adj • Fig]

stranded (of ship) adj • arenate

stranding, grounding n • arenamento

stranding, running aground, silting (act of) n • insablamento

strange, absurd, odd adj • extravagante (ppr of extravagar)

strange, absurd, odd adj • extravagante

strange adj • estranie

strange (queer, unfamiliar) adj • estranie

strangeness, absurdity, oddness n • extravagantia

strangeness n • estranitate

stranger, foreigner n • estraniero

stranger n • estraniero

strangle v • strangular

stranglehold n • dominio complete

strangler n • strangulator

strangulate [Med] v • strangular

strangulated [Med] adj • strangulate

strangulated [Med] adj • strangulate (pp of strangular)

strangulation n • strangulation

strap (band, thong) n • corregia

strap n • corregia

strap v • ligar con un corregia

strapping adj • robuste

strata n • stratos

stratagem n • stratagema

stratagem n • stratagema -ma/-mat-]

stratagem, trick n • maneo

stratagem, trick n • maneo (-éo)

stratagemic, stratagematic adj • stratagematic

strategic adj • strategic

strategist n • stratego

strategist n • strategista

strategy n • strategia (-ìa)

strategy n • strategia

stratification [Geol] n • stratification

stratify (deposit in strata) Geol] v • stratificar

stratosphere n • stratosphera

stratospheric, stratospherical adj • stratospheric

stratum, layer, deposit [Geol] n • jacimento

stratum, layer n • strato

stratum n • strato

straw adj • de palea

straw n • palea

straw (the last -) phr • le culmine

strawberry n • fraga

strawberry plant n • fragiero

strawberry seller n • fragero

strawberry-fields n • campos de fraga

strawberry-plant n • fragiero

straw-colored adj • paleate

straw-mattress, palliasse n • paleassa

strawstack n • paleario

strawy adj • paleose

strawyard n • paleario

stray adj • Fig]

stray (deviate) v • deviar

stray (get lost) v • perder se

stray (lost) adj • perdite

stray (wander) v • errar, vagar

stray (wander) v • vagar, errar

streak (line) n • stria

streak (of lightning) n • fulgure

streak v • striar

streak (vein) n • vena

streaky adj • striate

stream (brook) n • curso de aqua, rivo

stream (brook) n • rivo, curso de aqua

stream (current) n • currente

stream (in) v • infunder

stream n • Fig]

stream (out) v • effunder

streamer, banderole n • bandierola

streamer n • bandierola, serpentino

streamer n • serpentino, bandierola

streamline (profile) v • profilar

streamline v • Fig]

streamlined adj • profilate, aerodynamic

streamlined adj • aerodynamic, profilate

street, alley n • vico

street n • strata

street, road, highway (paved) n • strata

streetcar (as in streetcar tickets) adj • tramviari

streetcar n • tram, tramway

streetcar n • tramway, tram

streetcar, tram n • tram

streetcar, tram n • tram A]

streetcar, tramcar, trolley (car) n • tramway A]

streetcar, tramcar, trolley (car) n • tramway

streetcar line n • tramvia

streetcar line n • tramvia (-ìa)

streetcar man n • tramviero

street-lamp n • lampa de strata

strength n • robore

strength (of the body, power, physics) n • fortia

strength (toughness) n • soliditate, resistentia

strength (toughness) n • resistentia, soliditate

strengthen, fortify (again) v • reconfortar

strengthen, fortify v • confortar

strengthen, make firm v • affirmar

strengthen, make strong v • corroborar

strengthen, make strong v • roborar

strengthen, reinforce v • reinfortiar

strengthen v • reinfortiar, roborar, consolidar

strengthen v • roborar, consolidar, reinfortiar

strengthen v • consolidar, reinfortiar, roborar

strengthening (act of making strong) n • corroboration

strengthening (making strong) adj • corroborative

strengthening n • consolidation, reinfortiamento

strengthening n • reinfortiamento, consolidation

strenuous adj • energic

strenuous (arduous) adj • ardue

strenuous (vigorous) adj • vigorose

strenuous task phr • ardue labor

strepto- (twisted) occurring in compounds] adj • strept-

streptococcus [Bacteriol] n • streptococco

stress (a syllable) v • accentuar

stress (emphasis) n • emphase

stress [Gen] v • insister super

stress [Gram] • accento

stress (strain) n • tension, effortio

stress (strain) n • effortio, tension

stretch (at a -) phr • sin pausa

stretch, draw out v • tirar

stretch (elasticity) n • elasticitate

stretch (stretching out, extent) n • extension

stretch vi • extender se

stretch vt • tirar, extender, tender

stretch vt • extender, tender, tirar

stretch vt • tender, tirar, extender

stretcher (for lying on) n • lectiera

stretcher (one who or that which stretches) n • tenditor

stretcher (person or thing that stretches) n • tenditor

stretching, drawing out (act of) n • tiramento

stretch-one's-legs phr • exercitar le gambas

stretch-out v • extender (le bracio), allongar

stretch-out v • allongar, extender

stretch-out v • allongar, extender (le bracio)

stretch-out v • extender, allongar

strew (cover) v • coperir

strew (sprinkle) v • dispersar, sparger

strew (sprinkle) v • sparger, dispersar

strew with flowers v • inflorar

strewing flowers (action of) n • infloramento

stricken adj • colpate, ferite

stricken adj • ferite, colpate

strict (1. precise; 2. severe) adj • stricte

strict adj • rigorose, stricte

strict adj • stricte, rigorose

strictness n • severitate, rigor

strictness n • rigor, severitate

stricture, binding tightly, tightening (act of) n • strictura

stride n • passo

stride (take in one's -) phr • superar facilemente

stride v • ir a grande passos

stridence, stridency n • stridentia

stridency, stridence n • stridentia

strident adj • stridente

strident adj • stridente (ppr of strider)

strident (screamy) adj • stridente

stridor (shrill, shrieking sound) n • stridor

stridulant, stridulent adj • stridulante

stridulate v • stridular

stridulation n • stridulation

stridulator n • stridulator

stridulatory adj • stridulatori

stridulent, stridulant adj • stridulante

stridulous, creaking, squeaky adj • stridule

strife n • conflicto, lucta

strife n • lucta, conflicto

strike (a match) v • accender

strike (a wound) v • ferir

strike (as in be on strike) n • exopero

strike (as in be on strike) n • exopero (-ò-)

strike, be on strike v • exoperar

strike (by lightning) v • siderar

strike, collide with v • impinger

strike, collide with v • impinger -ping-/-pact-]

strike (collide with) v • choccar contra

strike (go on -) v • exoperar

strike, hit v • percuter

strike, hit v • ferir

strike, hit v • percuter -cut-/-cuss-]

strike, hit v • colpar

strike (hit) n • colpo

strike (hit) vt • batter, colpar

strike (hit) vt • colpar, batter

strike [Indust] • exoperar

strike (indust) n • exopero

strike (lightning) v • siderar

strike (of clock) vi • sonar (le hora)

strike (of clock) vi • sonar

strike (of thoughts) v • impressionar

strike (oil) v • discoperir, incontrar

strike (oil) v • incontrar, discoperir

strike [Techn] • percuter

strikebreaker n • rumpe-exoperos

strike-out v • cancellar

striker [Indust] • exoperante

striker (mech) n • percussor

striker (worker on strike) n • exoperante

strikes, one who hits n • colpator

striking adj • surprendente, impressionante

striking adj • impressionante, surprendente

string (beads) v • infilar

string, lace (as in shoe lace, corset string) n • cordon

string (series) n • serie

string (shoe-string) n • cordon

string (twine, cord) n • corda

string v • infilar

stringent adj • sever, rigorose

stringent adj • rigorose, sever

strip (- down) v • disnudar

strip (- down) v • disnudar (se)

strip (- fruit) v • disfructar

strip, despoil v • spoliar

strip (despoil) vt • spoliar

strip n • banda, lista

strip n • lista, banda

strip (of cloth) n • lista

strip v • Techn]

strip of furniture v • dismobilar

strip the bark from v • decorticar

stripe (mil) n • galon

stripe (of color) n • lista

stripe (of colour) n • lista, stria

stripe (of colour) n • stria, lista

stripe v • zebrar, striar

stripe v • striar, zebrar

striped adj • zebrate

stripping, despoiling n • spoliamento

strive (struggle) v • luctar

strive (try) v • effortiar se

Strix [Zool] n • strige

stroke (at a -) phr • de un colpo

stroke (hit) n • colpo, percussion

stroke (hit) n • percussion, colpo

stroke [Med] n • sideration

stroke (of pen or brush) n • tracto

stroke (short line drawn with a pen, paintbrush) n • tracto

stroke v • caressar

stroll, deambulation n • deambulation

stroll (go for a -) v/phr • flanar, deambular

stroll (go for a -) v/phr • deambular, flanar

stroll, loaf v • flanar

stroll n • deambulation

stroll about, walk around v • circumerrar

strong adj • forte

strong [Gen] • forte

strong (of materials) adj • robuste, solide

strong (of materials) adj • solide, robuste

strong (of protest) adj • energic

strong-box n • cassa forte

stronghold (fortress) n • fortalessa

stronghold n • Fig]

strongly (firmly) adv • solidemente

strongly, hard adv • forte

strongly (hard) adv • forte

strongly, vehemently adv • valde

strong-minded adj • resolute

strong-mindedness n • resolution

strongroom n • camera cuirassate

Strontian (parish of Strontian) n • Strontian

strontian, strontianite [Mineral] n • strontianite

strontianite, strontian [Mineral] n • strontianite

strontium [Chem] n • strontium stròn-]

strontium [Chem] n • strontium

strophe (1. Gr. Lit]; 2. Pros] (stanza) n • strophe

strophic, strophical adj • strophic

strophical, strophic adj • strophic

structural adj • structural

structurally adv • structuralmente

structure n • structura

strudel n • strudel G]

strudel n • strudel

struggle, fight n • lucta

struggle, fight v • luctar

struggle, fight v • combatter

struggle (flail about, writhe) v • debatter se

struggle n • lucta

struggle v • luctar

struggle again v • reluctar

struggle out of (a difficulty) v • eluctar

strum v • jocar pigremente

struma (1. scrofulous tumor; 2. goiter) n • struma

strumous (affected with struma) adj • strumose

strut n • trabe secundari, supporto

strut n • supporto, trabe secundari

strut, peacock v • pavonisar

strut v • pavonisar, paradar

strut v • paradar, pavonisar

strut about, parade v • paradar

strychnic adj • strychnic

strychnine [Chem] n • strychnina

strychnine n • strychnina

strychninism [Med] n • strychninismo

Strychnos [Bot] n • strychno

stub, counterfoil, talon [Fin] n • talon

stub (end) n • parte residual, pecietta

stub (end) n • pecietta, parte residual

stub (of cheaue) n • talon

stubble n • stupula

stubble (the stumps of wheat, corn, grass left in the ground after reaping) n • stupula

stubble (the stumps of wheat, corn, grass left in the ground after reaping) n • stupula (stù-)

stubborn adj • obstinate, restive

stubborn adj • restive, obstinate

stubbornness n • obstination

stubby adj • truncate

stucco n • stucco

stucco n • stucco I]

stucco, overlav with stucco v • stuccar

stuccoer, stuccoworker n • stuccator

stuccowork n • stuccatura

stuccoworker, stuccoer n • stuccator

stud (breed animal) n • copertor

stud (nail) n • clavo

stud (of shirt) n • button de collo

stud v • guarnir de clavos

stud ram, studhorse n • copertor

student n • studiante

student n • studente

studhorse, stud ram n • copertor

studio n • studio

studious adj • studiose

studious (assiduous in study) adj • studiose

studiousness n • application

study (1. act or process of studying; 2. room devoted to study; 3. Art, lit]; 4. Mus] (étude) n • studio

study (all senses) n • studio

study v • studer

study v • studiar

stuff, fill up v • stipar

stuff, fill up v • reimpler

stuff (fill up) v • stipar, reimpler

stuff (fill up) v • reimpler, stipar

stuff, pad v • borrar

stuff (pad) v • borrar

stuff (substance, essence) n • stoffa

stuff (substance) n • stoffa, substantia

stuff (substance) n • substantia, stoffa

stuff (worthless goods) n • cosalia

stuff with truffles v • trufar

stuffing, forcemeat [Cookery] n • farce

stuffing, forcemeat [Cookery] n • farce F]

stuffing (forcemeat) n • farce

stuffing, padding (material with which something is padded or stuffed) n • borra

stuffing (padding) n • borra

stuffy adj • Fig]

stuffy (close) adj • mal ventilate

stultify v • destruer le valor de, facer ridicule

stultify v • facer ridicule, destruer le valor de

stumble n • passo false

stumble v • facer un passo false

stumbling (- block) n • petra de scandalo

stumbling n • passo false

stump (bit) n • pecietta

stump n • residuo truncate

stump v • embarassar

stun, daze v • esturdir

stun (daze) v • esturdir

stun (deafen) v • assurdar

stunned, amazed adj • stupide

stunning adj • stupende

stunt (gimmick) n • stratagema publicitari

stunt (trick) n • volo acrobatic

stunt v • arrestar le developpamento

stupefacient stupefaciente, stupefying adj • stupefaciente

stupefaction (1. torpor; 2. amazement) n • stupefaction

stupefactive, stupefying adj • stupefactive

stupefy (1. to make torpid, benumb; 2. to amaze) v • stupefacer -fac-/-fact-]

stupefy (1. to make torpid, benumb; 2. to amaze) v • stupefacer

stupefy, besot v • imbrutir

stupefy v • imbrutir, stupefacer

stupefy v • stupefacer, imbrutir

stupefying, besotting adj • imbrutiente

stupefying, stupefacient stupefaciente adj • stupefaciente

stupefying, stupefactive adj • stupefactive

stupendous adj • stupende

stupendous, amazing adj • stupende

stupid adj • stupide

stupid, ignorant adj • nescie

stupidity, foolishness, ignorance n • nescietate

stupidity n • stupiditate

stupor n • stupor

sturdiness n • soliditate

sturdy (persistent) adj • resolute, tenace

sturdy (persistent) adj • tenace, resolute

sturdy (robust) adj • vigorose, robuste

sturdy (robust) adj • robuste, vigorose

sturgeon [Ichthyol] n • sturion

sturgeon n • sturion

stutter n • balbutiamento

stutter, stammer n • balbutiamento

stutter, stammer v • balbutiar

stutter v • balbutiar

stutter v • facer mal al digito del pede

stutterer n • balbutiante

stutterer, stammerer n • balbutiator

sty (for pigs) n • stabulo

sty (in eye) n • hordeolo

sty, stable, cattle barn n • stabulo (stà-)

sty, stable, cattle barn n • stabulo

Stygian adj • stygie

style (1. Antiq] (stylus; 2. manner of writing, speaking, making) n • stilo

style n • maniera, stilo

style n • stilo, maniera

style v • denominar

stylet, stiletto n • stiletto

stylish adj • elegante, chic

stylish adj • chic, elegante

stylish, chic adj • chic

stylish, chic adj • chic F]

stylishness n • elegantia

stylist (as in prose stylist) n • stilista

stylistic, stylistical adj • stilistic

stylistic, stylistics n • stilistica

stylistical, stylistic adj • stilistic

stylistics, stylistic n • stilistica

stylization n • stilisation

stylize, conventionalize v • stilisar

stylus n • stilo

Styx [Gr. Mythol] n • Styge

suasible, persuadable adj • suasibile

suasion n • suasion

suasive, suasory adj • suasive

suasory, suasive adj • suasive

suave adj • suave

suave, sweet, pleasing adj • suave

suavity n • suavitate

subaltern, subordinate adj • subalterne

subclavius [Anat] n • subclavio

subcommittee n • subcommittee

subconscious adj • subconsciente

subconscious adj/n • subconsciente

subconscious [Psychol] n • subconsciente

subconsciousness n • subconscientia

subcontrary [Philos] adj • subcontrari

subcutaneous adj • subcutanee

subcutaneous, intercutaneous adj • intercutanee

subdelegate v • subdelegar

subdelegation n • subdelegation

subdivide v • subdivider -vid-/-vis-]

subdivide v • subdivider

subdivisible adj • subdivisibile

subdivision n • subdivision

subdominant [Mus] n • subdominante

subdue [Gen] • submitter, subjugar

subdue [Gen] • subjugar, submitter

subdue (light) v • attenuar

subdue, subject v • submitter -mitt-/-miss-]

subdue, subject v • submitter

subdue (tame) v • domar

subduing, deadening (act of) n • amortimento

subeditor n • redactor adjuncte

subhuman adj • subhuman

subjacent adj • subjacente

subject (1. being under the domination of another; 2 . as in subject to temptation; 3. as in a treaty subject to ratification) adj • subjecte

subject (1. matter, theme, topic; 2. Gram]; 3. Philos]; 4. as in British subject) n • subjecto

subject adj • subjecte

subject (all senses) n • subjecto

subject, citizen, national (of a country) n • regnicola

subject, citizen, national (of a country) n • regnicola (-nì-)

subject, subdue v • submitter

subject, subdue v • submitter -mitt-/-miss-]

subject, subjugate v • subjectar

subject v • submitter

subject to decay, perishable adj • corruptibile

subject to servitude adj • serve

subjection (action of subjecting or subjugating) n • subjection

subjection n • subjection

subjective (1. pertaining to a subject; 2. as in asubjective judgment'; 3. Philos]; 4. Psychol]) adj • subjective

subjective adj • subjective

subjectiveness, subjectivity n • subjectivitate

subjectivism [Philos] n • subjectivismo

subjectivist v • subjectivista

subjectivity n • subjectivitate

subjectivity, subjectiveness n • subjectivitate

subjoin, annex, append v • subjunger

subjoin, annex, append v • subjunger -jung-/-junct-]

subjugate, subject v • subjectar

subjugate v • subjugar

subjugation n • subjugation

subjugator n • subjugator

subjunctive adj • conjunctive

subjunctive [Gram] adj • subjunctive

subjunctive (mood) Gram] n • conjunctivo

subjunctive (mood) Gram] n • subjunctivo

subjunctive n • conjunctivo

sublet v • sublocar

subletting (act of) n • sublocation

sublevation (1. (act of) raising, lifting up; 2. revolt, insurrection) n • sublevation

sublieutenant [Mil] n • sublocotenente

sublimate (1. to exalt) v • sublimar

sublimate [Chem] n • sublimato

sublimation n • sublimation

sublime adj • sublime

sublime, lofty, elevated adj • excelse

subliminal [Psychol] adj • subliminal

sublimity n • sublimitate

sublingual [Anat] adj • sublingual

sublobular adj • sublobular

sublunar, sublunary adj • sublunar

sublunary, sublunar adj • sublunar

submachine-gun n • pistola mitraliatrice

submarine adj • submarin

submarine n • submarino, submersibile

submarine n • submersibile, submarino

submarine (torpedo boat) n • submarino

submaxillary [Anat] adj • submaxillar

submerge v • submerger

submerge v • submerger (se)

submerge v • submerger -merg-/-mers-]

submerged, submersed adj • submerse

submersed, submerged adj • submerse

submersible adj • submergibile

submersible submersibile adj • submersibile

submersion n • submersion

submission n • submission

submissive adj • submissive

submissive adj • submisse

submissiveness n • submission, docilitate

submissiveness n • docilitate, submission

submit (as in to submit for approval) v • submitter

submit (as in to submit for approval) v • submitter -mitt-/-miss-]

submit vi • submitter se

submit vt • submitter

subnormal adj • subnormal

subordinate adj • secundari, subordinate

subordinate adj • subordinate

subordinate adj • subordinate (pp of subordinar)

subordinate adj • subordinate, secundari

subordinate n • subordinato

subordinate, subaltern adj • subalterne

subordinate v • subordinar

subordination n • subordination

suborn v • subornar

subornation n • subornation

suborner n • subornator

subprefect n • subprefecto

subprefecture n • subprefectura

subprior n • subprior

subprioress n • subpriora

subrogate, surrogate v • subrogar

subrogation n • subrogation

subscribe (1. to sign one's name to; 2. to promise over one's signature; 3. as in to subscribe to a periodical or other installment publication) v • subscriber -scrib-/-script-]

subscribe (1. to sign one's name to; 2. to promise over one's signature; 3. as in to subscribe to a periodical or other installment publication) v • subscriber

subscribe (a periodical) v • abonar se

subscribe (all senses) v • subscriber

subscriber (a periodical) n • abonato

subscriber (all senses) n • subscriptor

subscriber n • subscriptor

subscription (1. act of signing one's name to; 2. as in subscription for a periodical) n • subscription

subscription (a club) n • quotisation

subscription (a periodical) n • abonamento

subscription (all senses) n • subscription

subsequence n • subsequentia

subsequent adj • ulterior, subsequente

subsequent adj • subsequente, ulterior

subsequent adj • subsequente

subsequent, later adj • ulterior

subsequently adv • posteriormente, plus tarde

subsequently adv • plus tarde, posteriormente

subsequently, later adv • posteriormente

subsequently, later adv • ulteriormente

subservience (servileness) n • servilismo

subservience (subordination) n • subordination

subservient (servile) adj • servil

subservient (subordinate) adj • subordinate

subside v • subsider

subsidence n • subsidentia

subsidiary adj • subsidiari

subsidiary n • succursal

subsidiary, succursal adj • succursal

subsidiary, supplementary adj • subsidiari

subsidize, endow v • subventionar

subsidize (grant a subsidy to) v • subsidiar

subsidize v • subventionar, subsidiar

subsidize v • subsidiar, subventionar

subsidy n • subsidio, subvention

subsidy n • subsidio

subsidy n • subvention, subsidio

subsist (1. to continue to exist; 2. to keep oneself alive) v • subsister

subsist v • nutrir se

subsistence n • subsistentia

subsistent (existing) adj • subsistente

subsoil n • subsolo

subspecies [Biol] n • subspecie

substance (1. Philos]; 2. matter, material, stuff; 3 . material possessions, property; 4. as in the substance of what he said;') n • substantia

substance n • substantia, corpore

substance n • corpore, substantia

substantial (1. Philos]; 2. having substance) adj • substantial

substantial adj • substantial

substantiality n • substantialitate

substantially adv • substantialmente

substantiate v • justificar, establir

substantiate v • establir, justificar

substantive (independent and self-subsistent) adj • substantive

substantive, noun n • substantivo

substitute, deputy n • suppletor

substitute (deputy) n • reimplaciante, suppletor

substitute (deputy) n • suppletor, reimplaciante

substitute n • Gen]

substitute n • substituto

substitute (product) n • succedaneo

substitute (put in the place of another person or thing) v • substituer

substitute (put in the place of another person or thing) v • substituer -stitu-/-stitut-]

substitute, replacement (person who replaces another) n • reimplaciante

substitute, succedaneous adj • succedanee

substitute, succedaneum n • succedaneo

substitute, to supply for (someone) v • suppler

substitute vi • suppler

substitute vt • substituer

substitute for, replace v • surrogar

substitution n • substitution

substratum n • substrato

substruct [Arch] v • substruer

substruct [Arch] v • substruer -stru-/-struct-]

substruction [Arch] n • substruction

substructure n • infrastructura

substructure n • substructura

subtangent [Math] n • subtangente

subtend [Geom] v • subtender -tend-/-tens-]

subtend [Geom] v • subtender

subtense [Geom] n • subtensa

subterfuge n • subterfugio

subterranean adj • subterranee

subterranean, hypogeous, hypogeal adj • hypogee

subterranean, hypogeous, hypogeal adj • hypogee (-gée)

subtile, subtle adj • subtil

subtility, subtlety n • subtilitate

subtilization (drawing of subtle distinctions) n • subtilisation

subtilize (make subtle distinctions) v • subtilisar

subtitle n • subtitulo (-tì-)

subtitle n • subtitulo

subtle (crafty) adj • astute

subtle (fine) adj • subtil

subtle, keen, quick-witted adj • argute

subtle, subtile adj • subtil

subtlety (craft) n • astutia

subtlety (fineness) n • subtilitate

subtlety, finesse n • finessa

subtlety, subtility n • subtilitate

subtract [Math] v • subtraher -trah-/-tract-]

subtract [Math] v • subtraher

subtract v • subtraher

subtraction [Math] n • subtraction

subtraction n • subtraction

subtropical adj • subtropical

subulate, awl-shaped adj • subulate

suburb n • suburbio

suburban adj • suburban

suburbicarian, suburbicary [Eccl] adj • suburbicari

suburbicary, suburbicarian [Eccl] adj • suburbicari

subvention n • subvention

subversion n • subversion

subversion (overthrow) n • subversion

subversive adj • subversive

subvert, t overthrow v • subverter -vert-/-vers-]

subvert, t overthrow v • subverter

subvert v • subverter

subverter n • subversor

subway (passage) n • passage subterranee

subway (underground railway, subway) n • metro

succedaneous, substitute adj • succedanee

succedaneum, substitute n • succedaneo

succeed (1. to follow; 2. to be successful) v • succeder

succeed (1. to follow; 2. to be successful) v • succeder -ced-/-cess-]

succeed (all senses) v • succeder

succeed in arriving, arrive (at a place, etc.) v • pervenir

success n • successo

successful adj • succedite

successful adj • succedite (pp of succeder)

successfully adv • con (bon) successo

successfully adv • con successo

succession (1. the coming of one thing or person after another; 2. succession as heir) n • succession

succession n • succession

succession, series (of doors) n • infilada

successive adj • successive

successive, consecutive adj • consecutive

successive (consecutive) adj • consecutive

successively, in succession adv • successivemente

successor n • successor

succin, succinite, yellow amber n • succino

succinate [Chem] n • succinato

succinct adj • succincte

succinic [Chem] adj • succinic

succinite, yellow amber, succin n • succino

succor, help n • succurso

succor, help v • succurrer -curr-/-curs-]

succor, help v • succurrer

succorable adj • succurribile

succubus n • succubo

succubus n • succubo (sùc-)

succulence n • succulentia

succulent adj • succulente

succumb v • succumber

succursal, subsidiary adj • succursal

succussion [Med] n • succussion

such adj • tal

such adv • si

such (as -) adv • generalmente

such (in - cases) phr • in simile casos

such pron • tales, tal

such pron • tal, tales

such, such a adj • tal

such a, such adj • tal

such a great number, so many adj • tot

such-a adv/phr • un tal

such-a-large adv/phr • tanto grande

such-a-large adv/phr • un si grande

such-as conj • tal como

such-as-it-is phr • con tote su imperfectiones

suchlike adj • simile

suck (as in to suck blood) v • suger sug-/suct-]

suck (as in to suck blood) v • suger

suck v • suger

sucker (fool) n • dupe

sucker (fool) n • persona credule

sucker (tech/zool) n • ventosa

suckle, give the breast to n • atettar

suckle, nurse v • allactar

suckle, nurse v • lactar

suckle v • allactar

suckling, nursing (act of) n • allactamento

sucrose [Chem] n • sucrosa

suction (act of sucking) n • suction

suction n • suction

Sudan [Geog] n • Sudan

Sudan n • Sudan

sudarium, sudary n • sudario

sudary, sudarium n • sudario

sudatory adj • sudatori

sudden adj • subite

sudden adj • subitanee

sudden adj • subite (sù-)

sudden stroke (of apoplexy) n • sideration

suddenly adv • subito

suddenly, unexpectedly adv • subito (sù-)

suddenly, unexpectedly adv • subito

suddenness n • subitaneitate

sudoriferous adj • sudorifere

sudoriferous, sudoriparous adj • sudoripare

sudorific adj • sudorific

sudorific [Pharm] n • sudorifico

sudoriparous, sudoriferous adj • sudoripare

suds n • scuma de sapon

sue [Law] v • actionar

sue v • intentar un processo (contra)

sue v • intentar un processo

sue v • actionar

suede n • pelle de svedia

sue-for (request) v • demandar

suet (hard beef fat) n • stear

suet, tallow n • stear -ar/-at-]

suet, tallow n • stear

suffer (1. to experience mental or physical pain; 2. to be injured, harmed, impaired) v • patir pat-/pass-]

suffer (1. to experience mental or physical pain; 2. to be injured, harmed, impaired) v • patir

suffer (1. to undergo, endure; 2. to bear with, tolerate; 3. to experience mental or physical pain; 4. to be injured, harmed, impaired) v • suffrer

suffer (bear) v • supportar

suffer (feel pain) v • patir

suffer v • Gen]

suffer mental anguish, agonize v • agonisar

suffer shipwreck v • naufragar

sufferable, bearable, tolerable adj • suffribile

sufferance n • dolor

sufferance n • tolerantia

sufferance (on -) phr • per tolerantia

suffered past. part • suffrite

sufferer (one who suffers pain) n • suffritor

suffering, affliction, passion n • pathos (pàtos)

suffering, affliction, passion n • pathos

suffering n • dolor, suffrentia

suffering n • suffrentia, dolor

suffering, pain n • suffrentia

suffice, be enough v • bastar

suffice, be sufficient v • sufficer

suffice v • sufficer, bastar

suffice v • bastar, sufficer

sufficiency, enough n • bastantia

sufficiency n • sufficientia

sufficiency n • bastantia

sufficiency (sufficient quantity, supply) n • sufficientia

sufficient adj • sufficiente

sufficient adj • bastante

sufficiently adv • bastante

sufficiently adv • satis

suffix [Gram] n • suflixo

suffix n • suffixo

suffix v • suffixar

suffocate, choke (someone or something) v • suffocar

suffocate v • suffocar

suffocation n • suffocation

suffragan [Eccl] adj • suffraganee

suffrage [Eccl] n • suffragio

suffrage n • suffragio

suffrage (trace) n • tracia

suffrage, vote n • suffragio

suffragette n • suffragette

suffragette n • suffragette A]

suffragist n • suffragista

suffumigate v • suffumigar

suffumigation n • suffumigation

sugar n • saccharo (sàc-)

sugar n • sucro

sugar n • saccharo

sugar, sweeten v • sucrar

sugar, sweeten v • saccharar

sugar bowl n • sucriera

sugar maker n • sucrero

sugar-basin n • sucriera

sugar-beet n • beta de sucro

sugar-cane n • canna

sugar-cane n • canna (de sucro)

sugaring, sweetening n • sucrage

sugaring, sweetening n • sucrage (-àje)

sugarworks n • sucreria

sugarworks n • sucreria (-ìa)

sugary, sweet adj • sucrate

sugary, sweet adj • sucrate (pp of sucrar)

sugary, sweet adj • saccharate (pp of saccharar)

sugary, sweet adj • saccharate

suggest (prompt, put into one's mind) v • suggerer

suggest (prompt, put into one's mind) v • suggerer -ger-/-gest-]

suggest (prompt, put into one's mind) v • suggestionar

suggest, propose v • proponer

suggest, propose v • proponer -pon-/-posit-]

suggest v • proponer

suggest v • suggerer

suggestibility n • suggestibilitate

suggestible (1. easily influenced by suggestion, esp hypnotic suggestion; 2. that may be suggested) adj • suggestibile

suggestion (prompting) n • suggestion

suggestive adj • suggestive

suggestive (tending to suggest) adj • suggestive

suicidal adj • suicidal

suicide (act) n • suicidio

suicide (commit -) v • suicidar se

suicide (one who commits suicide) n • suicida

suicide (person) n • suicida

suicide, self-murder n • suicidio

suit (be fitting) v • convenir

suit (be fitting) v • convenir -ven-/-vent-]

suit (clothing) n • habito

suit (law) n • causa

suit (make suitable) v • adaptar

suit (seem right) v • convenir a, ir a

suit (seem right) v • ir a, convenir a

suit or fit to a T v • quadrar

suitability, convenience n • convenientia

suitability n • convenientia

suitable adj • commode, convenibile

suitable adj • convenibile, commode

suitable, fit adj • convenibile

suitable, fit, expedient adj • expediente (ppr of expedir)

suitable, fit, expedient adj • expediente

suitable, handy, convenient, comfortable adj • commode

suitable, handy, convenient, comfortable adj • commode (cò-)

suitcase n • valise

suite (1. following, retinue; 2. Mus]) n • suite F]

suite (1. following, retinue; 2. Mus]) n • suite

suite n • traino, suite

suite n • suite, traino

suitor, applicant n • requirente

suitor n • pretendente, requirente

suitor n • requirente, pretendente

suitor, wooer n • pretendente

suit-yourself phr • face como vos vole

Sukkoth, Feast of Tabernacles [Jewish Relig] n • scenopegia

Sukkoth, Feast of Tabernacles [Jewish Relig] n • scenopegia (-ìa)

sulk v • esser de mal humor

sulky adj • de mal humor

sulky (light, two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle) n • sulky

sulky (light, two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle) n • sulky A]

sullen adj • de mal humor

sulphate [Chem] n • sulfato

sulphate n • sulfato

sulphide [Chem] n • sulfido

sulphite [Chem] n • sulfito

sulphonal [Med] n • sulfonal

sulphone [Chem] n • sulfon

sulphur [Chem] n • sulfure

sulphur n • sulfure

sulphur, sulphurize v • sulfurar

sulphur mine n • sulfuriera

sulphuration, sulphurization n • sulfuration

sulphurator n • sulfurator

sulphureous, sulphurous adj • sulfuree

sulphuric (- acid) n • acido sulfuric

sulphuric adj • sulfuric

sulphurization, sulphuration n • sulfuration

sulphurize, sulphur v • sulfurar

sulphurous (as in sulphurous acid) adj • sulfurose

sulphurous, sulphureous adj • sulfuree

sulphydrate n • sulfhydro

sulphydric adj • sulfhydric

sultan n • sultan

sultan (ruler of a Mohammedan state) n • sultan

sultana (fruit) n • uva sic de smyrna

sultana, sultaness n • sultana

sultana (sultaness) n • sultana

sultanate n • sultanato

sultane (long gown in Turkish style) Hist] n • sultana

sultriness n • calor suffocante

sultry adj • Fig]

sultry (stifling) adj • suffocante

sum (- up) phr • al fin

sum (1. Math]; 2. amount of money; 3. summary, epitome) n • summa

sum n • summa

sum total n • summa total

sum up, summarize v • resumer

sum up v • resumer

summarization n • summarisation

summarize, sum up v • resumer

summarize v • summarisar, resumer

summarize v • resumer, summarisar

summarize v • summarisar

summarized, compendious adj • compendiose

summarizer n • resumitor

summary (1. expounded briefly; 2. Law]) adj • summari

summary adj • summari

summary n • summario

summation, summing-up (of the prosecuting attorney) Law] n • requisitorio

summer adj • de estate, estive

summer adj • estive, de estate

summer, estival adj • estive

summer (in the - time) phr • durante le estate

summer n • estate

summer v • estivar

summer resident n • estivante

summerhouse n • kiosque, pavilion

summerhouse n • pavilion, kiosque

summertime n • hora de estate

summing up phr • recapitulation del factos

summing-up, summation (of the prosecuting attorney) Law] n • requisitorio

summist n • summista

summit n • summitate, culmine

summit n • culmine, summitate

summit, top n • summitate

summit-conference n • conferentia al summitate

summon, call v • advocar

summon (call) v • advocar

summon (convoke) v • convocar

summon (law) v • citar

summons (a court -) n • cita judicial

summon-up-courage v • prender corage

sump [Gen] • sentina

sump (of car) n • sentina de sucro

sump v • sucrar carter

sumptuary adj • sumptuari

sumptuous adj • sumptuose

sumptuous (lavish) adj • sumptuose

sumptuousness (lavishness) n • sumptuositate

sumptuousness n • sumptuositate

sun (1. the heavenly body sun; 2. sunlight, sunshine) n • sol

sun, insolate (place in the) v • insolar

sun n • sol

sun v • insolar

sunbaked adj • indurate per le sol

sunbathe v • prender le sol

sunbathing n • banio de sol

sunbeam n • radio del sol

sunburn n • arditura del sol

sunburnt adj • ardite per le sol

sundae n • gelato con fructos e nuces

Sunday n • dominica

sunday n • dominica

sunder, burst v • erumper -rump-/-rupt-]

sunder, burst v • erumper

sundial n • quadrante solar

sundry adj • varie, diverse

sundry adj • diverse, varie

sunflower, helianthus [Bot] n • heliantho

sunflower n • tornasol, heliantho

sunflower n • heliantho, tornasol

sunglasses n • berillos de sol

sunhat n • cappello de sol

sunken (in the ground) adj • infundate, cave

sunken (in the ground) adj • cave, infundate

sunken (in the sea) adj • submergite

sunlight (lumine del) n • sol

sunning, insolation n • insolation

sunny (disposition) adj • allegre

sunny (in the sun) adj • baniate in le sol

sunny (in the sun) adj • baniate de sol

sunny (too -) adj • insolate

sunrise n • le levar del sol

sunset n • le poner del sol

sunshade n • parasol

sunshine n • lumine del sol

sunspot n • macula solar

sunstroke n • insolation

sunstroke n • colpo del sol

suntan n • bronzar

suntan v • bronzar

sup, dine, have supper, have dinner (take the evening meal) v • cenar

sup, have supper v • soupar

sup, sip v • sorber sorb-/sorpt-]

sup, sip v • sorber

sup v • soupar

super adj • stupende!

super interj • fantastic!

super interj • stupende!

superable, surmountable adj • superabile

superabound, be in excess v • redundar

superabound v • superabundar

superabundance n • superabundantia

superabundant adj • superabundante

superannuation (pension paid on retirement) n • pension pro vetulessa

superannuation (retirement) n • retiramento in pension

superb adj • superbe

superciliary adj • superciliari

supercilious adj • arrogante

supereminence n • supereminentia

supereminent adj • supereminente

supererogation n • supererogation

supererogatory (as in supererogatory fasts) adj • supererogatori

superfetation (1. Physiol]; 2. redundance, superfluity) n • superfetation

superficial adj • superficial

superficial, shallow adj • legier

superficial, shallow adj • legier (-jér)

superficiality n • superficialitate

superficiality, shallowness n • legieressa (-jer-)

superficiality, shallowness n • legieressa

superficially adv • superficialmente

superfine adj • superfin

superfine adj • extrafin

superfluity n • superfluitate

superfluous adj • superflue

superhuman adj • superhuman

superimpose, superpose v • superponer

superimpose, superpose v • superponer -pon-/-posit-]

superimpose v • superimponer

superimposition, superposition n • superposition

superintend, inspect v • inspicer

superintend, inspect v • inspicer -spic-/-spect-]

superintend v • superintender

superintend, watch, supervise v • suveliar

superintendence, supervision n • superintendentia

superintendent n • superintendente

superintendent n • surveliante, superintendente

superintendent n • superintendente, surveliante

superintendent, watcher, supervisor n • surveliante

superior adj • superior

superior adj/n • superior

superior n • superior

superiority n • superioritate

superlative (1. supreme; 2. Gram]) adj • superlative

superlative adj • superlative

superlative [Gram] n • superlativo

superlative n • superlativo

superman n • superhomine

supermarket n • supermercato

supermundane, supernatural adj • supermundan

supernatural adj • supernatural

supernatural, supermundane adj • supermundan

supernaturally adv • supernaturalmente

supernumerary adj • supernumerari

supernumerary, extra adj • supernumerari

supernumerary n • supernumerario

superpose, superimpose v • superponer -pon-/-posit-]

superpose, superimpose v • superponer

superposition, superimposition n • superposition

supersaturate v • supersaturar

supersaturation n • supersaturation

supersede (replace) v • reimplaciar

supersede, supplant v • supplantar

supersede (supplant) v • supplantar

supersensible [Philos] adj • suprasensibile

supersonic adj • supersonic

superstition n • superstition

superstitious adj • superstitiose

superstructure n • superstructura

supertax n • supertaxa

supervene, happen v • supervenir

supervene v • supervenir

supervenience n • supervenientia

supervise, superintend, watch v • suveliar

supervise v • surveliar

supervision n • surveliantia

supervision, superintendence n • superintendentia

supervisor n • supervisor, surveliante

supervisor n • surveliante, supervisor

supervisor, superintendent, watcher n • surveliante

supper, dinner (evening meal) n • cena

supper (have -) v • soupar, cenar

supper (have -) v • cenar, soupar

supper n • souper, cena

supper n • cena, souper

supper n • souper

supper n • souper F]

suppertime n • hora de souper, hora de cena

suppertime n • hora de cena, hora de souper

supplant, supersede v • supplantar

supplant v • supplantar

supplantation n • supplantation

supplanter n • supplantator

supple adj • flexibile

supplement (1. addition; 2. Math]) n • supplemento

supplement n • supplemento

supplement v • supplementar

supplementary adj • subsidiari, supplementari

supplementary adj • supplementari

supplementary adj • supplementari, subsidiari

supplementary, subsidiary adj • subsidiari

supplementary, suppletive adj • suppletive

supplementary, suppletory adj • suppletori

supplementation n • supplementation

suppleness n • flexibilitate

suppletion [Gram] n • suppletion

suppletive, supplementary adj • suppletive

suppletory, supplementary adj • suppletori

suppliant, supplicant n • supplicante

suppliant, supplicator n • supplicator

supplicant adj • supplice

supplicant adj • supplice (sùp-)

supplicant, suppliant n • supplicante

supplicate, entreat v • supplicar

supplication, entreaty n • supplication

supplicator, suppliant n • supplicator

supplicatory adj • supplicatori

supplier n • fornitor

supplier, provider n • suppletor

supply (- a want) v • suppler

supply (- a want) v • suppler (un carentia)

supply, furnish, cater v • approvisionar

supply, furnish v • subministrar

supply n • Gen]

supply n • Commer]

supply, provide, furnish v • suppler

supply (provide) v • approvisionar, fornir

supply (provide) v • fornir, approvisionar

supply, stock [Commer] n • stock A]

supply, stock [Commer] n • stock

supply with munitions, munition v • munitionar

supply-and-demand phr • le offerta e le demanda

supplying, furnishing (act of) n • approvisionamento

supply-with v • guarnir de

support (1. backing, aid; 2. prop, rest, shore) n • appoio

support (1. backing, aid; 2. prop, rest, shore) n • appoio (-òyo)

support (1. to sustain, carry; 2. to endure, suffer) v • supportar

support (anything that supports or holds up) n • supporto

support, help n • suffragio

support, help v • suffragar

support n • supporto, susteno, appoio

support n • susteno, appoio, supporto

support n • appoio, supporto, susteno

support, patronage n • protection

support (pay for) v • mantener

support (sustain) v • appoiar, supportar, sustener

support (sustain) v • sustener, appoiar, supportar

support (sustain) v • supportar, sustener, appoiar

supportable adj • supportabile

supportable, bearable adj • supportabile

supporter (of a person or party) n • partisano, adherente

supporter (of a person or party) n • adherente, partisano

supporter (of a policy) n • advocato, defensor

supporter (of a policy) n • defensor, advocato

supporter (sport) n • devoto

suppose, think, imagine v • putar

suppose v • supponer

suppose v • supponer -pon-/-posit-]

supposedly adv • suppositemente, per supposition

supposedly adv • per supposition, suppositemente

supposing phr • supponite que, in le caso que

supposing phr • in le caso que, supponite que

supposition n • supposition

supposititious, spurious adj • suppositicie

suppositive adj • suppositive

suppository [Med] n • suppositorio

suppository n • suppositorio

suppress (as in to suppress newspapers, a smile) v • supprimer

suppress (as in to suppress newspapers, a smile) v • supprimer -prim-/-press-]

suppress v • reprimer, supprimer

suppress v • supprimer, reprimer

suppression n • suppression

suppressive adj • suppressive

suppurant, suppurative adj • suppurante (ppr of suppurar)

suppurant, suppurative adj • suppurante

suppurate (form or secrete pus) v • suppurar

suppuration n • suppuration

suppurative adj • suppurative

suppurative n • suppurante

supracostal [Anat] adj • supercostal

suprarenal, adrenal [Anat] adj • suprarenal

supremacy n • suprematia

supremacy n • suprematia (-ìa)

supreme adj • supreme

supression n • suppression

sural (pertaining to the calf of the leg) adj • sural

surcharge (1. overload; 2. surcharge on a postage stamp) n • supercarga

surcharge n • supercarga

surcharge v • supercargar

surcingle n • supercingula

surcingle n • supercingula (-cìng-)

surd, dull, muffled adj • surde

sure adj • certe, secur

sure adj • secur, certe

sure (be -) v • esser secur

sure, certain (1. not doubting; 2. not doubtful) adj • secur

sure (for -) phr • sin falta

sure-enough adv • effectivemente

sure-footed adj • de pede firme

surely adv • sin dubita, certo

surely adv • certo, sin dubita

sureness, certainty n • securitate

sureness n • securitate, certitude

sureness n • certitude, securitate

surety (guarantee) n • garantia

surety (person) n • garante

surf n • spuma

surface (1. exterior of an object, superficial area) n • superfacie

surface n • superficie

surface (superficial area) n • superficie

surfboard n • aquaplano

surfeit n • superabundantia, excesso, satietate

surfeit n • satietate, superabundantia, excesso

surfeit n • excesso, satietate, superabundantia

surfeit v • satiar

surfing n • surfing

surf-riding n • surfing

surge n • impeto, affluxo

surge n • affluxo, impeto

surge v • agitar se, fluctuar, affluer

surge v • affluer, agitar se, fluctuar

surge v • fluctuar, affluer, agitar se

surgent adj • surgente (ppr of surger)

surgent adj • surgente

surgeon n • chirurgo

surgery (art and practice) n • chirurgia

surgery (art and practice of surgery) n • chirurgia (-ìa)

surgery (art and practice of surgery) n • chirurgia

surgery (doctor's room) n • cabinetto de consultation

surgical adj • chirurgic

surgically adv • chirurgicamente

surging adj • affluente, agitante

surging adj • agitante, affluente

surging adv • ipetuosemente, affluentemente

surging adv • affluentemente, ipetuosemente

Suriname [Geog] n • Surinam

surliness n • mal humor

surly adj • de mal humor

surmise n • presumption

surmise v • presumer

surmount (1. to rise above; 2. to be above or on top of; 3. to overcome) v • surmontar

surmount, overcome, vanquish v • superar

surmount v • superar, surmontar

surmount v • surmontar, superar

surmountable adj • surmontabile

surmountable, superable adj • superabile

surname n • nomine de familia

surname n • supernomine

surname v • supernominar

surpass (1. to excel; 2. to exceed) v • superpassar

surpass, excel, exceed v • superar

surpass v • superar, superpassar

surpass v • superpassar, superar

surplice [Eccl] n • surplicio

surplus adj • de surplus, excedente

surplus adj • excedente, de surplus

surplus n • surplus F]

surplus n • excesso, surplus

surplus n • surplus, excesso

surplus n • surplus

surplus value [Econ] n • plusvalor

surplus-stock n • stock de surplus, stock excedente

surplus-stock n • stock excedente, stock de surplus

surplus-value n • plus-valor

surprise (1. to take unawares; 2. to astonish) v • surprender -prend-/-pris-]

surprise (1. to take unawares; 2. to astonish) v • surprender

surprise (1. unexpected act, event; 2. feeling of surprise) n • surprisa

surprise n • surprisa

surprise v • surprender

surprising adj • surprendente

surrealism n • surrealismo

surrealist n • surrealista

surrender (as in surrender to the enemy) n • rendition

surrender n • Fig]

surrender v • Fig]

surrender vt • ceder, render

surrender vt • render, ceder

surrender (yield) vi • render se, capitular

surrender (yield) vi • capitular, render se

surrender (yielding) n • capitulation, rendition

surrender (yielding) n • rendition, capitulation

surreptitious adj • surrepticie

surreptitious action or manner n • surreption

surrogate, subrogate v • subrogar

surrogate, substitute (as in substitute for coffee) n • surrogato

surrogated adj • subrogate

surround n • bordatura

surround v • circumferer

surround v • circumferer, ambir, cinger

surround v • cinger, circumferer, ambir

surround v • cinger

surround v • cinger cing-/cinct-]

surround v • ambir, cinger, circumferer

surround with a rampart, circumvallate v • circumvallar

surround with a rampart v • vallar

surround with a wall, wall in v • murar

surrounded with a rampart, circumvallate adj • circumvallate (pp of circumvallar)

surrounded with a rampart, circumvallate adj • circumvallate

surrounding ambiente, ambient adj • ambiente

surrounding with a rampart (act of) n • vallation

surroundings n • ambiente

surtax n • supertaxa

surtout, overcoat n • supertoto

surveillance n • surveliantia

survey (land) v • metir

survey (look at) v • reguardar, contemplar

survey (look at) v • contemplar, reguardar

survey (result) n • reporto

survey (study) n • examine, inspection, studio

survey (study) n • inspection, studio, examine

survey (study) n • studio, examine, inspection

survey (study) v • inspectar, surveliar, examinar

survey (study) v • studiar

survey (study) v • surveliar, examinar, inspectar

survey (study) v • examinar, inspectar, surveliar

survey [Topog] n • agrimensura

surveying n • agrimensura

surveyor n • agrimensor

surveyor (one who surveys lands, highways) n • agrimensor

survival (as in survival of the fittest) n • superviventia

survival n • superviventia

survive (continue to exist) v • superviver

survive v • superviver

survivor n • supervivente

susceptibility n • susceptibilitate

susceptible adj • susceptibile

susceptible (very sensitive) adj • susceptibile

susceptive adj • susceptive

suspect adj • suspecte

suspect n • suspecto

suspect, suspicious adj • suspecte

suspect v • suspectar

suspend (1. to hang, hang up; 2. as in to suspend sentence, publication; 3. to remove temporarily from office, function) v • suspender -pend-/-pens-]

suspend (1. to hang, hang up; 2. as in to suspend sentence, publication; 3. to remove temporarily from office, function) v • suspender

suspend v • suspender

suspender (one who or that which susspends or allows to suspend) n • suspensor

suspenders (for stockings) n • garrettieras

suspenders (for trousers) n • suspensores

suspending, suspensive adj • suspensive

suspense n • tension, incertitude

suspense n • incertitude, tension

suspension (act of suspending) n • suspension

suspension n • suspension

suspension-bridge n • ponte suspendite

suspensive, suspending adj • suspensive

suspensory [Med] n • suspensorio

suspicion n • suspicion

suspicious, distrustful adj • suspiciose

suspicious (distrustful) adj • suspiciose

suspicious (meriting suspicion) adj • suspecte

suspicious (meriting suspicion) adj • equivoc

suspicious, suspect adj • suspecte

suspiciousness n • character suspecte

suspiciousness n • character suspiciose

Susquehanna n • Susquehanna

sustain (1. to prop up; 2. to back, give one's support to; 3. to keep, maintain; 4. to bear, endure) v • sustener -ten-/-tent-]

sustain (1. to prop up; 2. to back, give one's support to; 3. to keep, maintain; 4. to bear, endure) v • sustener

sustain, feed v • sustentar

sustain n • sustener

sustain (support) n • supportar

sustainer n • sustentor

sustaining adj • sustenente (ppr of sustener)

sustaining adj • sustenente

sustainment (1. sustaining; 2. means of support) n • sustenimento

sustenance, food n • victo

sustenance n • sustenentia

sustenance n • sustentamento

sustentation n • sustentation

susurrant, whispering, murmuring, rustling adj • susurrante

susurration n • susurration

sutler (canteenkeeper) n • cantinero

sutler (female canteen manager) n • vivandera

sutler (male canteen manager) n • vivandero

sutural adj • sutural

suture (1. Anat/Bot];) n • sutura

swab (deck) v • nettar

swab (surgery) n • tampon (de watta)

swab (surgery) n • tampon

swab (surgery) v • essugar

Swabia n • Suabia

Swabian (1. inhabitant of Swabia; 2. Swabian dialect) n • suabo

Swabian adj • suabe

swag (booty) n • butino

swag (decoration) n • feston

swagger adj • chic

swagger adj • elegante

swagger, brag v • fanfaronar

swagger n • aere importante

swagger v • fanfaronar

swagger v • pavonisar

swaggering, fanfaronade n • fanfaronada

swallow (down) v • deglutir

swallow, gulp down v • inglutir

swallow, ingurgitate (1. to engulf; 2. to swallow up greedily) v • ingurgitar

swallow n • hirundine

swallow [Ornith] n • hirundine

swallow, swallow down v • glutir

swallow v • glutir

swallow v • ingurgitar

swallow v • inglutir

swallow v • deglutir

swallow down, swallow v • glutir

swallow up, engulf v • inglutir

swallowing, deglutition (act of) n • deglutition

swamp (fill with water) v • plenar de aqua

swamp (inundate) v • inundar

swamp, marsh n • palude

swamp n • palude

swamp (submerge) v • submerger

swamp gas, methane [Chem] n • methano

swampy adj • paludose

swan n • cygno

swank n • pretension

swank v • dar se aeres

swanky adj • pretentiose

swap v • excanbiar

swarm, formicate (like ants) v • formicar

swarm n • formicamento

swarm n • essame

swarm (of bees) n • essame

swarm (of bees) v • essamar

swarm, swarming (of people) n • formicamento

swarm v • essamar

swarm v • formicar, pullular

swarm v • pullular, formicar

swarming n • essamage

swarming n • essamage (-aje)

swarming n • essamatura

swarming, swarm (of people) n • formicamento

swarming time n • essamage

swarming time n • essamage (-aje)

swarthy adj • obscur

swarthy adj • brun

swastika n • symbolo nazi

swastika n • svastica

swastika n • cruce gammate

swat v • colpar

swath, sweep (of the scythe or sickle) n • falcata

swathe n • falcata

swathe v • involver

swat-team n • equipa de swat, equipa de colpo

swat-team n • equipa de colpo, equipa de swat

sway (of vehicle) n • oscillation

sway (power) n • imperio, domination

sway (power) n • domination, imperio

sway vi • oscillar, balanciar se

sway vi • balanciar se, oscillar

sway vt • influer super

swaybacked, saddle-backed adj • insellate (pp of insellar)

swaybacked, saddle-backed adj • insellate

Swaziland [Geog] n • Swaziland

swear (solemnly) v • jurar

swear, take an oath v • jurar

swear (use bad language) v • objurgar, blasphemar

swear (use bad language) v • blasphemar, objurgar

swearword n • obscenitate, parola grossier

swearword n • parola grossier, obscenitate

sweat, exudation n • exsudato

sweat n • exsudato, sudor

sweat n • sudor, exsudato

sweat, perspiration n • sudor

sweat, perspire v • transpirar

sweat, perspire v • sudar

sweat v • sudar, transpirar

sweat v • transpirar, sudar

sweater, jumper, knitted jumper n • sweater

sweater, jumper, knitted jumper n • sweater A]

sweater n • sweater, tricot

sweater n • tricot, sweater

sweater, tights (knitted garment) n • tricot

sweater, tights (knitted garment) n • tricot F]

sweating room n • estufa

Swede n • svedo

swede (the national) n • svedo

swede (vegetable) n • rapa svedese

Sweden [Geog] n • Svedia

Sweden n • Sveda

Swedish adj • svede

swedish adj/n • svedese

Swedish n • svedo

sweep (man) n • brossacaminos

sweep n • Fig]

sweep, swath (of the scythe or sickle) n • falcata

sweep (sweepstake) n • lotteria

sweep v • scopar

sweep (with a broom) v • scopar

sweep (with broom) n • colpo de scopa

sweep (with scythe) n • falcata

sweep-along v • avantiar rapidemente

sweep-aside v • remover con grande gesto

sweep-away v • supprimer, destruer

sweep-away v • destruer, supprimer

sweeper (one who or that which sweeps) n • scopator

sweeper (woman) n • scopatrice

sweeping (general) adj • troppo general, comprensive

sweeping (general) adj • comprensive, troppo general

sweeping (of gesture) adj • dramatic

sweepings n • scopatura

sweep-out v • scopar

sweet (1. sweet to the taste; 2. pleasant, soft, gentle) adj • dulce

sweet adj • dulce, suave, sucrate

sweet adj • suave, sucrate, dulce

sweet adj • sucrate, dulce, suave

sweet (dessert) n • dessert, dulce

sweet (dessert) n • dulce, dessert

sweet, pleasing, suave adj • suave

sweet, sugary adj • saccharate (pp of saccharar)

sweet, sugary adj • saccharate

sweet, sugary adj • sucrate

sweet, sugary adj • sucrate (pp of sucrar)

sweet (sweetmeat, candy) n • bonbon

sweet potato, batata n • batata

sweet scabious, mourning widow [Bot] n • vidua

sweetbread n • pancreas de vitello (o de ove)

sweetbread n • pancreas de vitello

sweetcorn n • mais dulce

sweeten (make sweet) v • sucrar, edulcorar

sweeten (make sweet) v • edulcorar, sucrar

sweeten (make sweet) v • adulciar

sweeten, sugar v • sucrar

sweeten, sugar v • saccharar

sweeten v • Fig]

sweetening (act of) n • adulciamento

sweetening, sugaring n • sucrage (-àje)

sweetening, sugaring n • sucrage

sweetheart n • Fem]

sweetheart n • Masc]

sweetness (1. sweetness to the taste; 2. quality of being pleasant, soft, mild, gentle) n • dulcor

sweetness, mildness n • suavitate

sweetness n • dulcor, suavitate

sweetness n • suavitate, dulcor

sweet-pea n • piso odorose

sweetshop n • bonboneria

sweet-smelling adj • fragrante

sweet-tempered adj • amabile, dulce

sweet-tempered adj • dulce, amabile

sweing-machine n • machina a suer

swell, be swollen v • turger

swell (cause to swell) vt • inflar, tumefacer

swell (cause to swell) vt • tumefacer, inflar

swell (inflame) v • inflammar

swell, intumesce v • tumer

swell [Med] vi • tumer

swell [Med] vi • turger

swell, swell up v • turgescer

swell v • crescer

swell v • augmentar

swell v • inflar

swell or bulge out v • protuberar

swell up, swell v • turgescer

swelling (enlargement) n • inflation

swelling (fig) n • augmentation

swelling (inflammation) n • inflammation

swelling [Med] n • tubere

swelling [Med] n • tumefaction

swelling n • inflation

swell-out v • protuberar

swell-up v • turgescer

swelter v • suffocar de calor

swerve n • virage brusc

swerve v • deviar/virar bruscamente

swift adj • rapide, veloce

swift adj • veloce, rapide

swift, speedy adj • veloce

swiftness n • rapiditate

swill (for pigs) n • residuos, nutrimento liquide

swill (for pigs) n • nutrimento liquide, residuos

swill v • lavar con multe aqua

swim n • natada

swim v • natar

swimmer n • natator

swimmer (one who swims or can swim) n • natator

swimming, flotant adj • flottante

swimming, flotant adj • flottante (ppr of flottar)

swimming n • natation

swimming, natation n • natation

swimming pool n • piscina

swimming pool n • natatorio

swimming-costume, - suit n • costume de banio

swimming-pool n • piscina

swimming-trunks n • calceones de banio

swindle n • fraude

swindle v • fraudar

swindler, cheat, impostor n • impostor

swindler n • impostor, fraudator

swindler n • fraudator, impostor

swine n • porco

swineherd n • porchero

swing (cause to go to and fro) v • balanciar

swing (child's) v • sedependular

swing (of opinion) n • movimento

swing (oscillate) vi • oscillar, balanciar se

swing (oscillate) vi • balanciar se, oscillar

swing (oscillation) n • oscillation, balanciamento

swing (oscillation) n • balanciamento, oscillation

swing (rhythm) n • rhythmo

swing (turn) v • girar

swing vt • brandir

swing-bridge n • ponte giratori

swing-door n • porte giratori

swinging, pendulous adj • pendular

swirl n • vortice

swish n • susurro, sibilo

swish n • sibilo, susurro

swish vi • sibilar,susurrar

swish vi • usurrar, sibilar

swish vt • agitar

Swiss (1. native of Switzerland; 2. Swiss guard, Switzer; 3. Swiss language or dialect) n • switzo

swiss adj • switze

Swiss adj • switze

swiss n • switzo

switch [Elect] n • interruptore electric

switch (exchange) n • excambio

switch [Rr] • cambio

switch [R.R] n • cambio

switch vt/vi • cambiar

switchback n • montania, montanias

switchback n • montanias, montania

switchboard n • tabula de distribution

switch-off v • extinguer

switch-on v • accender

Switzerland [Geog] n • Helvetia, Switza

Switzerland [Geog] n • Switza, Helvetia

Switzerland n • Switza

swivel v • pivotar, girar

swivel v • girar, pivotar

swivel-chair n • sede giratori

swollen (inflamed) adj • tumide

swoon v • suffrer un syncope

swoon v • perder le conscientia

swoop n • attacco

swoop v • piccar (super un inimico), descender rapidemente

swoop v • piccar, descender rapidemente

swoop v • descender rapidemente, piccar

swoop v • descender rapidemente, piccar (super un inimico)

swop (swap) v • excambiar

sword (large) n • spadon

sword n • spada

sword n • gladio

swordfish n • pisce spada

swordmaker, swordsmith n • spadero

swordsmith, swordmaker n • spadero

swot n • studente troppo assidue

swot v • studiar multo

sycamore n • sycomoro

sycophant n • sycophante

syllabary n • syllabario

syllabic adj • syllabic

syllabification n • syllabation

syllabify v • syllabar

syllabism n • syllabismo

syllable n • syllaba (sìl-)

syllable n • syllaba

syllabus n • programma (de studios)

syllabus n • programma

sylleptic adj • sylleptic

syllepyiy n • syllepsis

syllogism n • syllogismo

syllogistic adj • syllogistic

syllogize v • syllogisar

sylph (male) n • sylpho

sylph n • sylphide

sylph n • sylphide (sìl-)

sylvan adj • silvan

sylvanite [Mineral] n • silvanite

sylvatic, forest adj • silvatic

symbol (1. Relig]; 2. symbolic representation; 3. significant mark or character) n • symbolo (sìm-)

symbol (1. Relig]; 2. symbolic representation; 3. significant mark or character) n • symbolo

symbol n • symbolo

symbolic, symbolical adj • symbolic

symbolical, symbolic adj • symbolic

symbolism n • symbolismo

symbolism (system of signs or symbols) n • symbolica

symbolist (one who uses symbols or practises symbolism) n • symbolista

symbolization n • symbolisation

symbolize v • symbolisar

symbolize v • symholisar

symbology n • symbologia (-ìa)

symbology n • symbologia

symbology n • symbolica

symholism (1. practice or art of using symbols; 2. system of symbols or signs) n • symbolismo

symmetr- (symmetrical) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj • symmetr-

symmetric, symmetrical adj • symmetric

symmetrical adj • symmetric

symmetrically adv • symmetricamente

symmetrize v • symmetrisar

symmetry n • symmetria (-ìa)

symmetry n • symmetria

sympath- (sympathetic) occurring in derivatives] adj • sympath-

sympathetic (feeling compassion) adj • compatiente, benevole

sympathetic (feeling compassion) adj • benevole, compatiente

sympathetic [Med] adj • sympathic

sympathetic (operating, or produced, through affinity) adj • sympathic

sympathetic strike n • exopero de solidaritate

sympathize, harmonize (be in harmony as to disposition, qualities) v • sympathisar

sympathize (have compassion) v • exprimer su condolentia, haber compassion

sympathize (have compassion) v • haber compassion, exprimer su condolentia

sympathize (understand) v • comprender

sympathizing, merciful, compassionate adj • misericorde

sympathy (affinity between persons or things) n • sympathia (-ìa)

sympathy (affinity between persons or things) n • sympathia

sympathy (affinity) n • sympathia

sympathy (compassion) n • compassion

symphonic adj • symphonic

symphonious, symphonous adj • symphone

symphonist (composer of symphonies) n • symphonista

symphony (as in the Fifth Symphony) Mus] n • symphonia (-ìa)

symphony (as in the Fifth Symphony) Mus] n • symphonia

symphony n • symphonia

symphony-orchestra n • orchestra symphonic

symphysis [Anat/Zool] n • symphysis

symphysis [Anat/Zool] n • symphysis (sìm-)

symptom n • symptoma -ma/-mat-]

symptom n • symptoma

symptomatic adj • symptomatic

symptomatology n • symptomatologia (-ìa)

symptomatology n • symptomatologia

synagogue n • synagoga

synchromesh n • cassa de velocitates synchronisate

synchronism n • synchronismo

synchronization n • synchronisation

synchronize v • synchronisar

synchronous adj • synchrone

synchronous, synchronic adj • synchronic

syncopal adj • syncopal

syncopate (1. Gram]; 2. Mus]) v • syncopar

syncopate v • syncopar

syncopation (1. Gram] (syncope; 2. Mus]) n • syncopation

syncopation [Mus] n • syncope (sìn-)

syncopation [Mus] n • syncope

syncopation n • syncopation

syncopation (rhythm in syncopated time) Mus] n • contratempore

syncope (1. Gram]; 2. Med]) n • syncope

syncope (1. Gram]; 2. Med]) n • syncope (sìn-)

syncrasis (intermixture, blending) n • syncrasis (-crà-)

syncrasis (intermixture, blending) n • syncrasis

syndic [Admin] n • syndico

syndic [Admin] n • syndico (sìn-)

syndicalism n • syndicalismo

syndicalist adj • syndical

syndicalist n • syndicalista

syndicate [Fin] n • syndicato

syndicate n • syndicato

syndicate (organize into a syndicate) v • syndicar

syndicate v • syndicar

syndrome n • syndrome

synecology n • synecologia

synecology n • synecologia (-ìa)

Synedrion, Synedrium, Sanhedrin n • Synedrio

Synedrium, Sanhedrin, Synedrion n • Synedrio

synod (1. Eccl]; 2. assembly, convention; 3. Astrol] (conjunction) n • synodo (sì-)

synod (1. Eccl]; 2. assembly, convention; 3. Astrol] (conjunction) n • synodo

synodic, synodical (1. Eccl. synodal; 2. Astron]) adj • synodic

synodist (member of a synod) n • synodista

synonym n • synonimo

synonym n • synonymo (-ònimo)

synonym n • synonymo

synonymic, synonymical adj • synonymic

synonymous adj • synonyme

synonymous adj • synonyme (-ònime)

synonymy (quallty of being synonymous) n • synonymia

synonymy (quallty of being synonymous) n • synonymia (-ìa)

synopsis n • synopsis

synoptic, synoptical adj • synoptic

syntactic, syntactical adj • syntactic

syntax [Gram] n • syntaxe

syntax n • syntaxe

synthesis n • synthese (-ìntese)

synthesis n • synthese

synthesize v • synthetisar

synthet- (put together, compounded) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj • synthet-

synthetic adj • synthetic

synthetic, synthetical adj • synthetic

syphilis n • syphilis

syphilitic adj • syphilitic

syphilitic n • syphilitico

Syria [Geog] n • Syria

Syria n • Syria

Syriac (as in Syriac language) adj • syriac

Syriac (as in Syriac language) adj • syriac (-rì-)

syriac (language) n • syriaco, syrio

Syriac (language) n • syriaco

Syriac (language) n • syriaco (-rì-)

syriac (language) n • syrio, syriaco

syrian adj • syrie

Syrian adj • syrie

syrian n • syrio

Syrian (native of Syria) n • syrio

Syriarch [Rom. Hist] n • syriarcha

Syringa [Bot] n • syringa

syringe, clyster [Med] n • irrigator

syringe n • syringa

syringe, to treat with a syringe v • syringar

syringe v • syringar

syringeal [Ornith] adj • syringal

syrinx (1. panpipe; 2. Archaeol]; 3. Ornith]) n • syringe

syrinx, pipe of Pan n • syringa

syrup n • sirop

syrupy adj • siropose

systaltic [Physiol] adj • systaltic

system n • systema -ma/-mat-]

system n • systema

systematic adj • systematic

systematize v • systematisar

systole [Physiol] n • systole

systolic [Physiol] adj • systolic