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Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

a (a dollar a dozen) prep • un dollar per dozena

a, an indef art • un

A, la (the note) [Mus] n • la

a (letter - ) n • littera a

a (per) prep • per

a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush phr • plus vale ave in le mano que cento volante

a certain something phr • un io non sape que

a chip off the old block phr • un pannetto del mesme drappo

a little at a time, gradually, by degrees, little by little adv • paulatim (-là-)

a lot adj • multo

a lot of adv • multe

a posteriori adj • aposteriori

a posteriori [L] adv • a posteriori

a priori adj • apriori, aprioristic

a priori [L] adv • a priori

a priori reasoner n • apriorista

a priori reasoning n • apriorismo

a shower bath, give a shower v • duchar (-sh-)

a tapering point [Bot] n • acumine

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

Aachen, Aix-la-Chapelle n • Aachen [G], Aquisgrano

aardwolf n • protele

Aaron [Bib] n • Aaron

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

aback adv • a retro

aback (taken -) v • attonite, stupefacte, surprendite

abacus n • abaco

abaft [Nav] adv/prep • detra

abandon, desert v • deserer [-ser-/-sert-]

abandon, forsake v • derelinquer [-linqu-/-lict-]

abandon n • abandono

abandon vt • abandonar, derelinquer

abandoned adj • abandonate, derelicte, desertate, relicte

abandonment (action of abandoning; state of being abandoned) n • abandono

abandonment n • abandonamento

abase v • abassar

abasement n • abassamento

abash v • disconcertar

abashed adj • disconcertate

abate (settle down, subside) v • subsider

abate (reduce) vt • reducer

abate (subside) vi • subsider

abate vi • remitter

abate vt • minuer

abatement n • diminution

abattoir n • macello

abattoir (slaughterhouse) n • abattitorio

abbacy n • abbatia (-ìa)

abbatial adj • abbatial

abbess n • abbatessa

abbey n • abbatia (-ìa)

abbot n • abbate

abbreviate v • abbreviar

abbreviated adj • abbreviate

abbreviated addressing [Comp] n • adresation abbreviate

abbreviation (abridgment) n • abbreviation

abbreviation n • abbreviation

abbreviation (shortened form of a word) n • abbreviatura

abbreviator n • abbreviator

abbreviator [R.C.Ch] n • abbreviator

abc's n • abece, alphabeto

abdicate (give up) v • abdicar

abdicate v • abdicar

abdication n • abdication

abdicative adj • abdicative

abdomen (belly, stomach) n • gastro

abdomen n • abdomine

abdominal adj • abdominal

abdominal (ventral) adj • ventral

abduce, lead away [Physiol] (abduct) v • abducer [-duc-/-duct-]

abduct (kidnap) v • raper

abduct v • abducer

abduction (carrying off illegally) n • rapto

abduction n • abduction

abduction [Physiol] n • abduction

abductor [Physiol] n • abductor

aberrance n • aberrantia

aberrant (abnormal) adj • anormal

aberrant adj • aberrante

aberrant (deviating from the normal type) adj • aberrante

aberrate, deviate v • aberrar

aberration n • aberration

abess n • abbatessa

abet v • adjutar, appoiar, esser complice

abettor n • adjutator, appoiator

abeyance (in -) adj • pendente

abeyance n • suspension

abhor (detest) v • detestar

abhor (hate) v • abhorrer

abhor v • abhorrer

abhorrence n • abhorrimento

abhorrent adj • abhorribile

abhorrent (detestable) adj • detestabile

abide (- an opinion) v • mantener

abide (- by a law) v • observar

abide (dwell) v • coler [col-/cult-]

abide vi • demorar

abide vt • tolerar

abiding (faithful) adj • fidel

abiding (law -) adj • observante le lege

ability (capacity) n • capacitate

ability, competence, qualification (adequate) n • sufficientia

ability n • habilitate

ability, skill n • habilitate

abiogenesis n • abiogenese, abiogenesis

abiogenesis (spontaneous generation) n • abiogenese (-génese), abiogenesis (-génesis)

abiogenetic adj • abiogenetic

abject (mean) adj • abjecte

abject (miserable) adj • abjecte

abjection (abjectness) n • abjection

abjection n • abjection

abjectness n • abjection

abjuration n • abjuration

abjure (renounce, recant, foreswear) v • renunciar

abjure (to forswear, recant, repudiate) v • abjurar

abjure v • abjurar

ablative adj • ablative

ablative [Gram] n • ablativo

ablative n • ablativo

ablative absolute [Gram] n • ablativo absolute

ablaze (glittering) adj • resplendente

ablaze (on fire) adv • in flammas

able adj • habile

able (be -) v • poter

able (capable) adj • capabile, capace

able, skilful adj • habile

able bodied adj • robuste, valide

able seaman n • marinero

able to loosen, loosing adj • lytic

ablution (washing; wash the body) n • ablution

ably adv • habilemente

abnegate, deny oneself v • abnegar

abnegation (giving up rights; self-denial) n • abnegation

abnormal adj • anormal

abnormality n • anormalitate

abnormally adv • anormalmente

aboard adv • a bordo, a bordo de

abode (domicile) n • domicilio

abode (house) n • casa

abolish v • abolir

abolishment (abolition) n • abolimento

abolition (abolishment) n • abolition

abolition n • abolition, dissolution

abolitionism n • abolitionismo

abolitionist n • abolitionista

abominable adj • abominabile

abominable (hateful, horrible) adj • abhorribile

abominably adv • abominabilemente

abominate v • abominar

abomination (loathing; loathsome object) n • abomination

abomination n • abomination

aboriginal adj • aboriginal

aborigine n • aborigine

abort (remain undeveloped or shrink away) [Biol] v • abortar

abort v • abortar

abortion, miscarriage n • abortamento

abortion n • aborto

abortive adj • abortive

abound, be abundant v • exuberar

abound (be plentiful) v • abundar

abound v • abundar, exuberar

abounding adj • abundante

abounding in fish adj • piscose

about (- to) phr • al - (+inf)

about adv • approximativemente, circa

about (around) prep • circa

about (be - to) v • esser super le puncto de

about (be -) v • esser super

about (concerning, on) prep • super (sù-)

about (concerning) prep • de, in re, re

about, of, on, concerning, regarding prep • re

about face n • reverso de direction

about face v • reversar direction

about forty n • quarantena

about thirty n • trentena

about town adj • cosmopolitan, urban

above adv • in alto

above (before) adv/prep • ante

above (on the top) adv • supra

above (over) prep • supra

above prep • super

above all phr • super toto

above mentioned phr • jam mentionate

aboveboard adj/adv • apertemente, sin deception

aboveground adv • al superficie terrestre

abracadabra (magical incantation) n • incantation (magic)

abracadabra n • abracadabra

abrade v • abrader [-rad-/-ras-]

abrade (wear away) v • abrader

Abraham [Bib] n • Abraham

abrasion n • abrasion

abrasive adj • abrasive

abrasive (irritating) adj • abrasive

abreast adv • in fila

abreast (three -) adv • in fila triple

abreast (two -) adv • in fila duple

abreast of the times phr • al currente del cosas

abridge (abbreviate) v • abbreviar

abridge v • abbreviar

abridgement (abbreviation) n • abbreviamento

abridgement n • summario

abridger (abbreviator) n • abbreviator

abridging (abbreviatory) adj • abbreviative

abroad adv • al estraniero, al extero

abrogable adj • abrogabile

abrogate (cancel) v • abrogar

abrogate v • abrogar

abrogating (rescinding) adj • abrogatori

abrogation, repeal n • abrogation

abrogative adj • abrogative

abrogator n • abrogator

abrupt adj • abrupte, brusc

abrupt (very steep) adj • abrupte

abruptly adv • abruptemente, bruscamente

Abruzzi n • Abruzzi

Absalom [Bib] n • Absalom

abscess n • abscesso

abscind, cut off v • abscinder [-scind-/-sciss-]

abscissa [Math] n • abscissa

abscond (go away and hide) v • discampar

absence n • absentia

absence v • absentia

absent adj • absente

absent minded adj • distracte

absent mindedness n • distraction

absent oneself v • absentar se

absent without leave (AWOL) adj • absente sin permisso

absentee n • absentista

absentee owner n • absentista

absenteeism n • absentismo

absentia (in -) phr • absentia (in - )

absentminded adj • distracte

absentmindedness n • distraction

absinthe (1. [Bot] Absinthium; 2. alcoholic liquor absinthe) n • absinthio

absinthial, absinthic adj • absinthic

absinthin [Chem] n • absinthina

absinthism [Med] n • absinthismo

absinthium [Bot] n • absinthio

absolute adj • absolute

absolute temperature n • temperatura absolute

absolutely adv • absolutemente

absolution (remission) n • absolution

absolutism n • absolutismo

absolutist n • absolutista

absolutory (absolving) adj • absolutori

absolve (acquit) v • absolver [-solv-/-solut-]

absolver (acquitter) n • absolutor

absolver n • absolutor

absorb (knowledge) v • assimilar

absorb (imbibe liquid) v • imbiber

absorb (- liquid) v • absorber [-sorb-/-sorpt-]

absorb, resorb v • resorber [-sorb-/-sorpt-]

absorbable adj • absorbibile

absorbed, engrossed, preoccupied adj • preoccupate (pp of preoccupar)

absorbency n • absorbentia

absorbent (absorbing substance) n • absorbente

absorbent adj • absorbente

absorbent cotton n • coton hydrophile, watta

absorption (imbibition) n • imbibition

absorption n • absorption

absorption, resorption n • resorption

absorption (soaking up) n • imbibimento

abstain (- from blood) v • abstiner se de sanguine

abstain (- from drinking) v • abstiner se de biber

abstain (- from voting) v • abstiner se de votar

abstain v • abstiner se de

abstemious adj • abstinente

abstemious (temperate) adj • abstemie

abstention n • abstention

abstentionist n • abstentionista

abstergent adj/n • abstergente

abstersion n • abstersion

abstersive (cleansing) adj • abstersive

abstinence n • abstinentia

abstract adj • abstracte

abstract [Logic] v • abstraher [-trah-/-tract-]

abstract n • summario

abstract v • abstraher

abstraction (1. [Logic]; 2. state of being lost in thought) n • abstraction

abstraction n • abstraction

abstractionism n • abstractionismo

abstruse adj • abstruse

abstruse (difficult to understand) adj • difficile de comprender

abstruse (hard to get to, concealed) adj • abstruse

abstruse (thrust away) adj • abstruse

absurd adj • absurde

absurd (extravagant) adj • extravagante

absurd, odd, strange adj • extravagante (ppr of extravagar)

absurdity n • absurditate, extravagantia, ineptia

absurdity (nonsense) n • ineptia

absurdity, oddness, strangeness n • extravagantia

absurdly adv • absurdemente

abundance, copiousness, plenty n • copia

abundance (copiousness) n • copiositate

abundance n • abundantia

abundance, uberty, fertility n • ubertate

abundant adj • abundante, copiose, ubere

abundantly adv • abundantemente

abuse (abuse) v • abusar (de)

abuse (improper or wrong use) n • abuso

abuse (injure) vt • injuriar

abuse (insult) n • insulto

abuse (insult) vt • insultar

abuse, invective n • invectiva

abuse (misuse) n • misuso

abuse (misuse) v • misusar

abuse n • abuso, invectiva

abuse of confidence (confidence trick) phr • abuso de confidentia

abuser (misuser) n • abusator

abusive (insulting) adj • injuriose

abusive (misusing) adj • abusive

abusive (of improper or wrong use) adj • abusive

abusive (reviling) adj • invective

abut on phr • confinar con

abutment n • confinamento

abysm n • abysmo

abysmal adj • abysmal

abysmally adv • abysmalmente

abyss n • abysso

abyss (whirlpool, gulf) n • gurgite (gùr-)

abyssal adj • abyssal

Abyssinia [Geog] n • Abyssinia

Abyssinian adj • abyssin

Abyssinian n • abyssino

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

-ac- (remedy) [occurring in compounds] n • aco-

acacia [Bot] n • acacia

acacia n • acacia

academia (the academics) n • academia (le - )

Academia pro Interlingua (Interlingua Association) n • Academia pro Interlingua

academic adj • academic

academical adj • academic

academician n • academico

Academus [Gr. Mythol] n • Academo

academy n • academia

Acanthaceae [Bot] n • acanthaceas

acanthaceous [Bot] adj • acanthacee

acanthophorous, spine-bearing adj • acanthophore [-òphore]

acanthus [Arch; Bot] n • acantho

acanthus n • acantho

acappella (singing without music) adv • acappella

accede (approach, assent) v • acceder [-ced-/-cess-]

accelerando [Mus] n • accelerando [I]

accelerate, quicken v • celerar

accelerate v • accelerar, accelerar (se)

acceleration n • acceleration

accelerator (1. anything which increases speed of motion; 2. contrivance for producing greater speed in a machine) n • accelerator

accelerator n • accelerator

accensibility, inflammability, combustibility n • accensibilitate

accensible, inflammable, combustible adj • accensibile

accent n • accento

accent (stress) n • accento

accent v • accentuar

accent mark n • accento

accentuate (accent) v • accentuar

accentuate v • accentuar

accentuation n • accentuation

accept v • acceptar

acceptability n • acceptabilitate

acceptable adj • acceptabile

acceptance n • acceptation

acceptation (standard meaning) n • acception

access (access to a place) n • accesso

access [Comp] n • accesso

access (fit) n • accesso

access n • accesso

access arm [Comp] n • brachio de accesso (brà-), bracio de accesso (brà-)

access time [Comp] n • tempore de accesso

access type [Comp] n • typo de accesso

accessibility n • accessibilitate

accessible adj • accessibile

accessible, approachable adj • abordabile

accessible (people) adj • abordabile

accessible (places) adj • accessibile

accession (accession to a dignity or a throne) n • accession

accession n • accession

accessory adj • accessori

accessory (adjunct) adj • accessori

accessory n • accessorio

accessory (object) n • accessorio

accessory (person) n • complice

accidence (1. [Gram]; 2. [Mus]; 3. chance; 4. contingency; 5. mishap; 6. nonessential quality) n • accidente

accidental adj • accidental, fortuite

accidental (1. happening by chance; 2. nonessential) adj • accidental

accidentally adv • accidentalmente

acclaim (acclamation) n • acclamation

acclaim (applaud) v • acclamar

acclaim v • acclamar

acclaimer n • acclamator

acclamation n • acclamation

acclimate v • acclimatar

acclimation n • acclimatation

acclimatization (acclimation) n • acclimatation

acclimatization n • acclimatisation

acclimatize (acclimate) v • acclimatar

acclimatize v • acclimatar, acclimatar (se)

accolade (ceremonious salutation and embrace) n • accollada

accommodate (adapt) v • accommodar

accommodate (adjust) v • adjustar

accommodate (lodge) v • albergar, allogiar

accommodate (settle disputes) v • accommodar

accommodating, complaisant adj • complacente

accommodation (adaptation, adapting) n • accommodation

accommodation (adjusting) n • adjustamento

accommodation (lodgings) n • albergo, allogiamento

accommodator n • accommodator

accomodating (ready to compromise) adj • transigente

accompaniment (1. [Mus]; 2. concomitant) n • accompaniamento

accompaniment n • accompaniamento

accompanist [Mus] n • accompaniator

accompany v • accompaniar

accompanying (action of) n • accompaniamento

accomplice n • complice (còm-)

accomplish (achieve) v • complir

accomplish v • complir

accomplished adj • experte

accomplished (perfect in acquirements) adj • complite (pp of complir)

accomplisher n • complitor

accomplishment (1. achievement; 2. action of accomplishing or achieving) n • complimento

accord (agreement) n • accordo

accord, grant v • accordar

accord n • accordo

accord (of one's own -) adv • spontaneemente

accord v • accordar, accordar (se)

accordance n • accordo. In accordance with • In accordo con, in harmonia con.

according prep • accordante

according as prep • secundo que

according to n/prep • secundo

according to prep • conforme a, secun (secundo)

accordingly adv • ergo, in consequentia, ita

accordingly, therefore, then, consequently adv • ergo

accordingly (under the circumstances) adv • ita

accordion n • accordion

accordionist n • accordionista

accost (address) v • abordar

accost v • accostar

accostable adj • accostabile

accostable, approachable adj • accostabile

account (bill) n • conto, nota

account (1. [Commer]; 2. calculation) n • conto

account (on - of) • a causa de

account (report) n • reporto

account (story) n • conto, relation, reporto

account for v • dar conto de

accountability n • responsabilitate

accountability (responsibility) n • responsabilitate

accountable adj • responsabile

accountancy, bookkeeping n • contabilitate

accountancy n • contabilitate

accountant (expert -) n • contabile

accountant n • contabile

accounting, bookkeeping adj • contabile

accouter (equip) v • equipar

accoutrements (equipment) n • equipage

accredit (send with credentials) v • accreditar

accredit v • accreditar

accreditation n • accreditation

accretion n • accrescimento, accumulamento

accrue v • accrescer, accumular

accumulate (heap up) v • accumular

accumulate v • accumular, accumular (se)

accumulation, heaping or piling up n • accumulamento

accumulation n • accumulation

accumulator (1. one who accumulates; 2. storage battery) n • accumulator

accuracy, exactitude n • exactitude

accuracy, exactness n • justessa

accuracy n • exactitude

accuracy (precision) n • precision

accurate adj • juste

accurate (correct) adj • correcte

accurate (exact) adj • exacte, juste

accurate (precise) adj • precise

accursed, cursed adj • maledicte

accursed (-st) adj • condemnabile

accurst (-ed) n • comdenato

accusation n • accusation

accusative adj • accusative

accusative [Gram] n • accusativo

accusative n • accusativo

accuse v • accusar

accused (defendant) n • accusato

accused [Jur] adj • accusate

accuser n • accusator

accusing (accusation) n • accusamento

accusing (accusatory) adj • accusatori

accustom, habituate v • habituar

accustom v • accostumar, habituar

accustomed (be -) past part • accostumate, consuete, habituate

accustomed (be - to) v • haber le costume de, soler

accustomed (usual) adj • accostumate (pp of accostumar)

accustomed (usual, wonted) adj • consuete

accustomed (wonted) adj • solite (sò-)

ace (1. [Aviation]; 2. cards; 3. dice; 4. highly skilled person; 5. tennis) n • asse

acephalous (headless) adj • sin capite

acerb (acrid, harsh) adj • acerbe

acerb adj • acerbe

acerbate v • acerbar

acerbity (bitterness in taste) n • acerbitate

acerbity n • acerbitate

acetabulum [Rom. Antiq] n • acetabulo

acetamide [Chem] n • acetamido(-àmido)

acetate [Chem] n • acetato

acetate n • acetato

acetic adj • acetic

acetification n • acetification

acetify v • acetificar

acetone [Chem] n • acetona

acetose adj • acetose

acetous (acetose) adj • acetose

acetylene [Chem] n • acetylen

acetylene n • acetylen

ache n • dolor, mal

ache, pain adv • mal

ache v • doler

Acheron n • Acheronte

aches (my head -) n • le capite me dole

achieve v • complir

achievement n • complimento

Achillea [Bot] n • achillea (-éa)

Achilles [Gr. Mythol] n • Achilles (-ìlles)

Achilles n • Achilles

achromatic (1. [Opt]; 2. colorless) adj • achromatic

achromatism n • achromatismo

achromatism [Opt] n • achromatismo

achromatization [Opt] n • achromatisation

achromatize [Opt] v • achromatisar

achromatopsy (complete color blindness) n • achromatopsia (-ìa)

achromatous (colorless) adj • achromate

acicula (needle, prickle) [Bot] n • acicula

acicular adj • acicular

acid adj • acide (àcide)

acid n • acido (àcido)

acid precipitation n • precipitation de aciditate

acid rain n • pluvia acide

acid test n • test de acido

acidic adj • acide, acidic

acidifiable adj • acidificabile

acidification n • acidification

acidify (make acid, convert into an acid) v • acidficar

acidify v • acidificar

acidimeter n • acidimetro (-ìmetro)

acidity n • aciditate

acidosis n • acidose, acidosis

acidulate (flavor with an acid) v • acidular

acidulous adj • acidule

acierage, steel plating n • acierage (-aje)

acieration (conversion into steel) n • acieration

acknowledge (- receipt of) v • accusar reception de

acknowledge v • admitter, recognoscer

acknowledgement n • admission, recognoscentia

acme n • culmine

acne n • acne

aco- (-ac-) (remedy) [occurring in compounds] n • aco-

acologic [Med] adj • acologic

acology [Med] n • acologia

acology [Med] n • acologia (-ìa)

acolyte n • acolyto

aconite [Bot] n • aconito

acorn n • glande

acorn-shaped, glandiform adj • glandiforme

acotyledon n • acotyledon

acoustic adj • acustic

acoustical adj • acustic

acousticly adv • acusticamente

acoustics n • acustica

acquaint v • informar, poner al currente

acquaintance, knowledge n • cognoscentia

acquaintance n • cognoscentia

acquaintance (person with whom one is acquainted) n • cognoscentia

acquainted with (be -) v • cognoscer, esser al currente de

acquiesce (agree without enthusiasm) v • acquiescer

acquiesce v • acquiescer

acquiescence n • acquiescentia

acquiescent adj • acquiescente (ppr of acquiescer)

acquirable adj • acquiribile

acquire v • acquirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-]

acquirement n • acquisition

acquirer n • acquiritor

acquisition (act of acquiring) n • acquisition

acquisition n • acquisition

acquisition (thing acquired) n • acquesto, acquisition

acquit (free from obligation) v • absolver, disculpar

acquit (release from a duty or obligation) v • quitar

acquittal n • absolution

acre [A] n • acre

acreage n • area

acrid adj • acre

acrid (bitter) adj • acerbe, acride

acridness n • acritate

acrimonious adj • acrimoniose

acrimony (bitterness in argument) n • acrimonio

acrimony n • acrimonia

acro- (terminal, topmost) [occurring in compounds] adj • acr-

acrobat n • acrobata (-òbata)

acrobatic adj/n • acrobatic

acrobaticly adv • acrobaticamente

acrobatics n • acrobatia (-ìa)

acrobatism n • acrobatismo

acronym n • acromymo

acrophobia n • acrophobia

acropolis n • acropole

across adv • al altere latere (de), a transverso

across (over, beyond, on the farther side of) prep • trans

across prep • trans

acrostic (1. [Pros]; 2. initial spelled line verse) n • acrostichio

act (1. act of a play; 2. action, deed) n • acto

act (behave) v • conducer, conducer (se)

act (do) vi • ager

act (in the -) adv • in flagrante delicto

act n • acto

act (theat) v • jocar

act vt • representar

act of god n • caso fortuite

act of parliament n • statuto

act of parliament n • acto del parlamento, lege

act of soaking n • imbibition

acting n • joco

acting (temporary) adj • interimari (in le interim)

actinia (sea anemone) [Bot] n • actinia

actinic adj • actinic

actinium (Ac) n • actinio, actinium

action (1. act, acting; 2. lawsuit) n • action

action n • action

actionable adj • actionabile

activate v • activar

activation n • activation

active adj • active

active voice phr • voce active

activist n • activista

activity n • activitate

actor n • actor

actress n • actrice

acts of desperation phr • actos de desperation

acts of love phr • actiones de amor

acts of negligence phr • actiones de negligentia

acts of violence phr • actos de violentia, vias de facto

actual adj • actual, real

actual (real) adj • actual

actuality (actual existence) n • actualitate

actualization n • actualisation

actualize v • actualisar

actually adv • actualmente, in realitate

actuarial adj • actuarial

actuary n • actuario

actuary (risk calculator) n • actuario

actuary's office (or profession) n • actuariato

actuate (put into/set in action or motion) v • actionar, actuar

actuation n • actuation

acuity n • acuitate

aculeate [Zool/Bot] adj • aculeate

aculeiform adj • aculeiforme

acumen (keenness) n • acumine

acumen n • acumine

acuminate, pointed adj • acuminate (pp of acuminar)

acuminate, sharpen v • acuminar

acupuncture n • acupunctura

acupuncture (needle medicine) n • acupunctura

acupuncture v • acupuncturar

acutangular [Geom] (acute-angled) adj • acutangule

acute (1. acting keenly on the senses; 2. sharp-pointed; 3. shrewd, penetrating, keen) adj • acute

acute accent n • accento acute

acute angled [Geom] (acutangular) adj • acutangule

acute pain n • dolor acute

acuteness, sharpness n • acutessa

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

ad (advertising) [Amer] n • annuncio

ad hoc phr • ad hoc

ad infinitum phr • ad infinitum, sin fin

ad lib adj/adv • ad lib

ad lib (improvise) v • improvisar

adage n • adagio, proverbio

adagio adj/adv • adagio

adagio adv • lentemente

adagio [Mus] adv/n • adagio [I]

Adam [Bib] n • Adam

adamant adj • adamante

adamant (unyielding) adj • intransigente

Adamic adj • adamic

Adam's apple [Anat] n • pomo de adam

adapt v • adaptar, adaptar (se), appropriar, aptar

adaptability n • adaptabilitate

adaptable adj • accommodabile, adaptabile, appropriabile

adaptation, accommodation n • accommodation

adaptation (action of adapting) n • appropriation

adaptation n • adaptation

adapter (adaptor) n • adaptator

adaptor n • adaptator

add (add one thing to another) v • adder

add v • adder

add to v • annexar

add up [Math] v • additionar, summar

add up (sum up) v • summar

add up v • additionar

addenda n • addenda

addendum n • addendum (pl addenda) [NL]

adder [Comp] n • additionator, additor, summator

adder [Zool] n • vipera

addict (enthusiast) n • enthusiasta

addict (of drugs, substances) n • narcomano

addicted to drink, bibulous adj • bibule

addiction (drugs) n • narcomania

addiction (enthusiasm) n • enthusiasmo

adding machine n • calculator

addition (1. action of adding; 2. thing added) n • addition

addition (in -) conj/prep. phr • in plus

addition (in - to) prep • extra, in plus, preter

addition n • addition

addition (supplement) n • supplemento

additional adj • additional

additionally adv • additionalmente

additive adj • additive

addle (confuse) v • confuse

addled adj • putride

address (a letteror person) v • adressar

address (accost) v • abordar

address (1. address of/on a letter, package; 2. formal communication) n • adresse [F]

address [Comp] n • adresse

address n • direction

address (speak to) v • abordar

address (speech) n • discurso

address (1. to address a prayer to; 2. write the address on, direct) v • adressar

addressee n • destinatario

adduce (cite, give proof) v • adducer

adduce v • adducer [-duc-/-duct-]

adducer n • adductor

adduct [Med] v • adductar

adduction (1. [Physiol]; 2. act of adducing) n • adduction

adduction n • adduction

adductor [Physiol] n • adductor

adelpho- (adelph-) [occurring in compounds] (brother, twin) n • adelpho-

adenitis [Pathol] n • adenitis (-ìtis)

adenography n • adenographia (-ìa)

adenoid, adenoidal adj • adenoide

adenoidal, adenoid adj • adenoide

adenoids n • adenoides

adenoma [Pathol] n • adenoma

adenose, glandulous adj • adenose

adept n • adepto, experto

adept (skillful) adj • experte

adequate adj • adequate (pp of adequar), condigne, sufficiente

adequate, deserved adj • condigne

adequate vt • adequar

adequation n • adequation

adhere (- to an opinion, party) v • adherer [-her-/-hes-]

adhere (stick fast) v • adherer [-her-/-hes-]

adhere v • adherer

adherence (- to a treaty, a party) n • accession

adherence (attachment) n • adherentia

adherent adj • adherente

adherent (follower) n • adherente

adhesion (1. assent; 2. sticking) n • adhesion

adhesive n • adhesive

adhesive (sticking) adj • adhesive

adhesive plaster (sticking plaster) n • sparadrapo

adhesive tape n • sparadrapo

adiabatic adj • adiabatic

adieu, farewell n • adieu [F]

adieu (Fr) n • adeo, adieu

adipocere n • adipocera

adipose (1. - fat; 2. fatty) adj • adipose

adiposis (fatty degeneration) n • adiposis (-òsis)

adiposity (fatness) n • adipositate

adit (access, door, entrance, passage through which one enters) n • adito (àdi-)

adjacency (state of being adjacent) n • adjacentia

adjacent adj • adjacente, limitrophe

adjacent, circumjacent adj • circumvicin

adjectival (adjective) [Gram] adj • adjectival

adjective [Gram] adj • adjective

adjective [Gram] n • adjectivo

adjoin v • adjunger

adjoining adj • adjuncte

adjoining, contiguous adj • contigue

adjoining, near, neighboring adj • vicin, vicinal

adjourn (postpone) v • ajornar

adjourn v • ajornar

adjournment n • ajornamento

adjournment (postponement) n • ajornamento

adjudge (award judicially as a prize) v • adjudicar

adjudger (awarder) n • adjudicator

adjudging (awarding) adj • adjudicative

adjudgment (award) n • adjudication

adjudicate (judge a dispute) v • adjudicar

adjudicated adj • adjudicate

adjudication n • adjudication

adjudicator v • adjudicator

adjunct [Gram] n • adjuncto

adjunction (the act of joining or adding) n • adjunction

adjunctive adj • adjunctive

adjuration n • adjuration

adjuration (solemn command) n • adjuration

adjure v • adjurar

adjust v • adjustar

adjustable adj • adjustabile

adjustable (as in adjustable quarrel) adj • accommodabile

adjuster n • adjustator

adjustment (action of adjusting) n • adjustamento

adjustment (compromise) [Law] n • transaction

adjustment (settlement) n • adjustamento

adjutant (assistant, helper) n • adjutante

adjutant [Mil] n • adjutante

adjuvant, helpful adj • adjuvante (ppr of adjuvar)

administer, manage v • gerer [ger-/gest-]

administer (1. to direct, manage; 2. to furnish or apply) v • administrar

administer v • administrar, gerer

administrable adj • administrabile

administration (1. action of furnishing or applying; 2. management of public affairs, an institution, business; 3. persons collectively managing public affairs, an institution, business, etc.) n • administration

administration (management) n • gestion

administrative adj • administrative

administrator (manager) n • administrator

admirable adj • admirabile

admiral n • admiral

admiralship, admiralty n • admiralato

admiralty, admiralship n • admiralato

admiralty (1. government department in charge of naval affairs; 2. law or court of the admiralty) n • admiralitate

admiralty n • admiralitate

admiration n • admiration

admire v • admirar

admirer n • admirator

admiring adj • admirative

admissibility n • admissibilitate

admissible adj • admissibile

admission (acknowledgement) n • confession

admission (1. allowing entrance or access; 2. conceding the validity or truth of; 3. entrance, concession) n • admission

admit (1. acknowledge as valid or true; 2. allow in, concede; 3. allow to enter) v • admitter [-mitt-/-miss-]

admit (acknowledge) v • confessar

admittance n • admission

admix v • admiscer [-misc-/-mixt-]

admixtion n • admixtion

admixture (admixtion) n • admixtion

admonish (advise) v • moner

admonish v • admoner, admonestar, moner

admonish beforehand, forewarn v • premoner

admonisher, monitor n • monitor

admonishment n • admonestation, admonition

admonition (admonishment) n • admonestation

admonition n • admonestation, admonition, monition

admonitor (admonisher) n • admonitor

admonitory adj • admonitori

admonitory, monitory adj • monitori

ado (activity) n • activitate

ado (agitation) n • agitation

adobe [H] n • adobe

adobo [H] n • adobo

adolescence n • adolescentia

adolescent adj/n • adolescente

Adonian (Adonic) adj • adonie

Adonic adj • adonic

Adonic [Pros] n • adonico, adonio

Adonis [Gr. Mythol] n • Adonis (-dò-)

adopt, give birth to, bear (a child, a litter, etc) v • filiar

adopt v • filiar

adopt v • adoptar

adoptability n • adoptabilitate

adoptable adj • adoptabile

adopted child n • infante adoptate

adopter n • adoptator

adoption n • adoption, filiation

adoptive adj • adoptive

adoptive parent n • genitor adoptive

adorability n • adorabilitate

adorable adj • adorabile

adoration n • adoration

adoration (worship) n • adoration

adore v • adorar

adore (worship) v • adorar

adorer [Fem] n • adoratrice

adorer [Masc] n • adorator

adorn v • adornar, ornar, parar

adorn with gems, gem v • gemmar

adorn with gems (ingem) v • ingemmar

adorner n • adornator

adornment (action of adorning) n • adornamento

adornment, ornament n • ornamento

adrenal [Anat] adj • adrenal

adrenal, suprarenal [Anat] adj • suprarenal

adrenalin n • adrenalina

Adria [Geog] (city of) n • Adria

Adrian n • Adriano

Adrianople n • Adrianopolis (-òpolis)

Adriatic (- Sea) n • Mar Adriatic

Adriatic [Geog] n • Adriatico

Adriatic n • Adriatico

Adriatic (1. pertaining to the Adriatic; 2. pertaining to the city of Adria) adj • adriatic

adrift adj • flottante al deriva

adroit (adept) adj • adepte

adroit (expert) adj • experte

adroit (handy) adj • dextere

adroit (skillful) adj • habile

adulate (praise highly) v • adular

adulate v • adular

adulation n • adulation

adulator n • adulator

adulatory adj • adulatori

adult, grown-up adj • adulte

adult n • adulto

adulterate v • adulterar, alterar

adulteration (action of adulterating) n • adulteration, alteration

adulteration n • adulteration

adulterator n • adulterator

adulterer [Masc] n • adultero (-ùltero)

adulterer n • adulterator

adulteress [Fem] n • adultera (-ùltera)

adulterine adj • adulterin

adulterous adj • adulterose

adultery n • adulterio

adumbrate, overshadow v • adumbrar

adumbration, overshadowing n • adumbration

adust, burnt, scorched adj • aduste

advance (1. as in to advance a proposition; 2. go ahead; 3. to move forward; 4. to promote in rank) v • avantiar

advance (forward motion) n • avantiamento

advance (money) v • anticipar

advance n • avantia, avantiamento

advance (payment beforehand) n • avantia

advance (progress) n • progresso

advance (progress) v • progreder

advance a payment (-) v • anticipar un pagamento

advance guard, outpost [Mil] n • avantiata

advance payment n • pagamento anticipate

advancement n • avantiamento

advancement (promotion in rank) n • avantiamento

advancing, making progress adj • proficiente

advantage (having superiority) n • avantage

advantage n • avantage (-aje), partito

advantage, profit n • partito

advantage (take - of) v • prender avantage de

advantageous adj • avantagiose (-ajo-)

advent (arrival) n • advenimento

Advent [Eccl] n • Advento

advent n • advenimento

Advent n • Advento

Adventist n • adventista

adventitious (accidental) adj • adventicie

adventitious adj • adventicie

adventure n • aventura

adventure (venture, risk) v • aventurar, aventurar (se)

adventurer n • aventurero

adventurous adj • aventurose

adverb n • adverbio

adverbial adj • adverbial

adversary n • adversario

adversative [Gram] adj • adversative

adverse adj • adverse

adverse (contrary, unfavorable) adj • adverse

adversity, mishap, contrariety n • contrarietate

adversity n • adversitate

advert, have reference (to) v • adverter [-vert-/-vers-]

advertence, advertency n • advertentia

advertency, advertence n • advertentia

advertent, attentive adj • advertente (ppr of adverter)

advertise v • annunciar, facer reclamo (pro)

advertisement n • annuncio, reclamo

advertising, publicity n • publicitate, reclamo

advice (1. counsel; 2. notice) n • ariso

advice n • aviso, consilio

advisable adj • judiciose

advisable adj • consiliabile

advise, counsel v • consiliar

advise, give notice v • advertir

advise (1. to counsel; 2. to give information or notice to) v • avisar

advise, urge, persuade v • suader [suad-/suas-]

advise v • avisar, consiliar, moner, suader

advised adj • avisate

advised (ill -) adj • incaute

advised (well -) adj • judiciose, sage

advisedly adv • deliberatemente

adviser, consultant n • consultor

adviser, counsellor n • consiliator, consiliero

adviser n • consultor

advisory adj • consultative

advisory, consultative adj • consultative

advisory committee phr • committee consultative

advocacy n • defensa

advocate (champion, supporter) n • advocato

advocate [Law] n • advocato

advocate n • advocato, favorar, recommendar

adynamia [Med] n • adynamia (-ìa)

adynamia n • adynamia

adynamic adj • adyname

adynamic adj • adynamic

adynamic [Med] adj • adynamic

adze (adz) n • hachetto

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

Aegean (- Sea) n • Egeo (-géo)

Aegean (- Sea) n • Egeo

Aegean adj • egee (-gée)

Aegean adj • egee

aegean adj • egee

Aegean Sea n • Mar Egee

Aegeus [Gr. Mythol] n • Egeo (-géo)

Aegeus [Gr. Mythol] n • Egeo

aegis [Gr. Antiq] n • egide (égide)

aegis [Gr. Antiq] n • egide

aegis n • egide

aegis n • protection

aegis (shield, protection) n • egide

aegis (shield, protection) n • egide (égide)

aegis (under the - of) phr • sub le egide de

Aeneas [Gr. Mythol] n • Eneas

Aeneas [Gr. Mythol] n • Eneas (-né-)

Aeneid [Lat. Lit] n • Eneide (-néi-)

Aeneid [Lat. Lit] n • Eneide

Aeolian (of Aeolus) adj • eolic

Aeolian (of Aeolus) adj • eolie

Aeolus [Mythol] n • Eolo

Aeolus [Mythol] n • Eolo (é-)

aerate v • aerar

aeration, airing n • aerage (-aje)

aeration, airing n • aerage

aeration, airing n • aeration

aerial adj • aeree

aerial n • antenna

aerial view phr • vista aeree

aeriferous adj • aerifere

aerification n • aerification

aeriform adj • aeriforme

aerify (change to an aeriform state) v • aerificar

aerobatics n • aerobatica

aerobe [Biol] n • aerobio

aerobic [Biol] adj • aerobie

aerodrome n • aerodromo

aerodrome n • aerodromo (òdromo)

aerodynamic adj • aerodynamic

aerodynamics n • aerodynamica

aerodyne n • aerodyno

aerofoil n • aerofilo

aerography n • aerographia (-ìa)

aerography n • aerographia

aerolite n • aerolitho (-òlito)

aerolite n • aerolitho

aerolith n • aerolitho

aerolitic adj • aerolitic

aerology n • aerologia (-ìa)

aerology n • aerologia

aerometer n • aerometro (-òmetro)

aerometer n • aerometro

aerometry n • aerometria

aerometry n • aerometria (-ìa)

aeronaut, airman n • aeronauta

aeronaut n • aeronauta

aeronautic adj • aeronautic

aeronautic (al) adj • aeronautic

aeronautical adj • aeronautic

aeronautics n • aeronautica

aeroplane (airplane) n • aeroplano

aeroplane n • avion

aerosol (mist) n • aerosol

aerosol (spray canister) n • atomisator

aerostat [Aeronaut] n • aerostato

aerostat [Aeronaut] n • aerostato (-òstato)

aerostatic adj • aerostatic

aerostatics n • aerostatica

aerostation n • aerostation

Aeschylus n • Eschylo

Aeschylus n • Aeschylo

Aeschylus n • Eschylo (és-)

Aesculapius [Gr. Mythol] n • Esculapio

Aesculapius n • Aesculapio

Aesop [Gr. Lit] n • Esopo

Aesop n • Aesop

Aesopian, Aesopic adj • esopic

aesthete, esthete n • estheta

aesthetic adj • esthetic

aesthetic, esthetic adj • esthetic

aesthetical adj • esthetic

aesthetically adv • estheticamente

aestheticly adv • estheticamente

aesthetics (esthetics) n • esthetica

aesthetics n • esthetica

aetiology n • aetiologia

Aetna, Etna n • Etna

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

afar adv • a un distantia, a distantia

afar adv • a distantia, a un distantia

afar (from -) adv • de longe

affability n • affabilitate

affable adj • affabile

affable (friendly) adj • affabile

affair (amorous -) n • affaire amorose

affair [F] (concern) n • affaire

affair [F] (event) n • affaire

affair, matter, thing n • re

affair n • pragma

affair n • re

affect (concern) v • concernar

affect (have an affection for) v • affectar

affect (have an effect on) v • afficer

affect (have an effect on) v • afficer [-fic-/-fect-]

affect (impress) v • impressionar

affect (influence) v • influer super

affect (pretend, feign) v • affectar

affect (pretend) n • affectar

affect v • conmover

affect v • mover

affect v • afficer

affect with caries, rot [Med] v • cariar

affectation (artificiality of manner) n • affectation

affectation n • affectation

affectation n • preciositate

affectation, preciosity n • preciositate

affected adj • affectate

affected (full of affectation) adj • affectate

affected, impressed (deeply) adj • penetrate (pp of penetrar)

affected, impressed (deeply) adj • penetrate

affected pose n • posa

affected with caries, carious adj • cariate

affected with carries, carious adj • cariose

affection (fondness) n • affecto

affection (fondness) n • affection

affection (love) n • dilection

affection n • affection

affection [Pathol] n • affection

affection (tenderness) n • teneressa

affection (the fact or state of being affected or acted upon) n • affection

affectionate adj • affectionate (pp of affectionar)

affectionate adj • affectionate

affectionate, loving adj • affectuose

affectionate devotion n • pietate

affective (emotional) adj • affective

affiance, betroth v • fidantiar

affidavit (written statement made on oath) n • affidavit (-àvit)

affidavit (written statement made on oath) n • affidavit

affiliate (affiliated) adj • affiliate

affiliate (receive or connect as member, branch, etc.) v • affiliar

affiliate v • affiliar (se)

affiliate v • affiliar

affiliated (pp of affiliar) adj • affiliate

affiliation n • affiliation

affiliation (with a group) n • affiliation

affinity (attraction) n • affinitate

affinity (of similar structure) n • affinitate

affinity (relationship by marriage) n • affinitate

affinity (resemblance, likeness) n • affinitate

affirm, assert v • asserer

affirm, assert v • asserer [-ser-/-sert-]

affirm (assert) v • affirmar

affirm (confirm it is true) v • affirmar

affirm, maintain v • pretender

affirm, maintain v • pretender [-tend-/-tent-/-tens-]

affirm positively, asseverate v • asseverar

affirmable adj • affirmabile

affirmation (affirmative proposition) n • affirmation

affirmation, assertion n • assertion

affirmation (assertion) n • affirmation

affirmation n • affirmation

affirmative adj • affirmative

affirmative (affirmative statement, reply, etc.) n • affirmativa

affirmative, assertive adj • assertive

affirmer n • affirmator

affirming, assertory adj • assertori

affix (fasten) v • affiger

affix (fasten) v • affiger [-fig-/-fix-]

affix [Gram] n • affixo

affix n • affixo

affix v • affixar

afflict, torment v • remorder [-mord-/-mors-]

afflict, torment v • remorder

afflict v • affliger [-flig-/-flict-]

afflict v • affliger

afflict v • remorder

affliction, distress n • affliction

affliction n • affliction

affliction, passion, suffering n • pathos (pàtos)

affliction, passion, suffering n • pathos

affluence (as in affluence of people) n • affluentia

affluence (concourse, flowing towards) n • affluentia

affluence (opulence) n • affluentia

affluence (profusion) n • affluentia

affluent adj • affluente

affluent (opulent) adj • affluente

affluent, tributary (stream) n • affluente

afflux n • affluxo

afford (give) v • dar

afford (we cannot -) v. phr • nos non pote tolerar le expensa de

affording compensation (compensative) adj • compensative

afforest v • afforestar

affray (brawl) n • rixa

affront (insult) n • affronto

affront n • affronto

affront (to face in defiance) v • affrontar

affront (to insult to the face) v • affrontar

affront v • affrontar

affronter (insulter) n • affrontator

affronting (insulting) (act of) n • affrontamento

affusion n • affusion

afghan adj • afghan

afghan n • afghano

Afghanistan [Geog] n • Afghanistan

afield (astray) adv • disviate

afield (far -) adv • multo lontan

aflame (in flames) adj/adv • in flammas

aflame (inflamed) adj • inflammate

afloat adj • flottante

afloat adj • in barca

aflutter adj • nervosemente excitate

afoot adj/adv • in motion

aforementioned adj • lo mentionate previemente

aforementioned, aforesaid adj • precitate

aforesaid adj • lo citate previemente

aforesaid adj • precitate

aforesaid, aforementioned adj • precitate

afraid adj • pavorose

afraid adj • apprehensive

afraid adj • timorose

afraid (be - of) v • haber timor de

afraid (be - of) v • haber pavor de

afresh adv • de nove

Africa [Geog] n • Africa

Africa n • Africa (à-)

Africa n • Africa

African adj • african

african adj • african

african n • africano

African n • africano

after adv • pois

after adv • depost

after adv • post

after adv • postea

after adv • secundo

after conj • post que

after (following) prep • secun

after (just -) phr • subinde

after (just -) phr • sovente

after prep • depois

after prep • post

after prep • depost

after all prep • post toto

after that, thereupon, tenceforward, from that time adv • inde

afterbirth [Anat] n • placenta

afterbirth [Anat] n • secundinas

after-burner n • becco de post-ignition

after-care n • cura de convalescentia

after-effect [Med] n • sequela

after-effect n • consequentia

after-effect n • repercussion

afterglow n • brillantia restante

afterimage n • imagine restante

afterlife n • vita post-morte

aftermath n • effectos

aftermath n • resultato

aftermath n • consequentias

afternoon n • postmeridie

afterthought n • reflexion posterior

afterwards adv • depost

afterwards adv • depois

afterwards adv • pois

afterwards adv • postea

afterwards adv • post

afterwards (after) adv • post

afterwards (later) adv • depois (-pòis)

afterwards (later) adv • depois

afterwards (later) adv • depost

afterwards (next in order) adv • deinde

afterwards (next in order) adv • deinde (déin-)

afterwards (then, following in time) adv • deinde (déin-)

afterwards (then, following in time) adv • deinde

afterwards (thereafter) adv • postea

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

again adv • de novo

again adv • altere vice

again adv • novemente

again adv • re-

again adv • de nove

again, anew adv • itero

again, anew adv • itero (ì-)

again, attach, fasten v • reattaccar

again, attack, assail v • reattaccar

again and again adv • repetitemente

against prep • erga

against prep • contra

against one's will, unwillingly adv • nolente

agape (love) n • amor christian

agape (love) n • agape

agar [Bot] n • agar

agar [Bot] n • gellatina de alga

agar-agar n • agar-agar

agar-agar n • agar-agar [Mal]

agaric [Bot] adj • agaric

agaric [Bot] n • agarico

agate adj • agatin

agate, agatine adj • agatin

agate n • agata

agate (the stone agate) n • agata

agate (the stone agate) n • agata (à-)

agatiferous adj • agatifere

agatiform adj • agatiforme

agave [Bot] n • agave

age (1. lapse of time; 2. period in life) n • etate

age (long period of time) n • evo

age n • evo

age (oldness) n • vetustate

age (oldness) n • vetulessa

age (period) n • epocha

age vi • inveterar

age (years) n • etate

aged adj • vetule

agency (as in news agency, real estate agency, etc.) n • agentia

agency n • agentia

agenda (memorandum book) n • agenda

agenda n • ordine del die

agent (1. active power; 2. one who acts for another) n • agente

agent (emissary) n • emissario

agent (minister) n • ministro

agent n • mandatario

agent n • agente

agent (representant) n • representante

agent, representative n • ministro

agglomerate (gather into a mass) v • agglomerar

agglomerate (gather or heap together) v • agglomerar

agglomerate n • agglomerato

agglomeration n • agglomeration

agglutinant, agglutinative adj • agglutinante

agglutinant, agglutinative adj • agglutinante (ppr of agglutinar)

agglutinate, stick or glue together v • agglutinar

agglutinating, agglutinative adj • agglutinative

agglutination n • agglutination

agglutinative, agglutinating adj • agglutinative

aggrandize (augment) v • augmentar

aggrandize (increase the power, wealth, or rank, of) v • aggrandir

aggrandize (make bigger) v • aggrandisar

aggrandizement n • aggrandimento

aggravate (infuriate) v • exasperar

aggravate, make worse (a disease, pain, etc.) v • exasperar

aggravate (make worse) v • aggravar

aggravate (worsen) v • aggravar

aggravated [Law] adj • qualificate pp of qualificar

aggravating (annoying) adj • exasperante

aggravating (making worse) adj • aggravante

aggravation (act of aggravating, or state of being aggravated) n • aggravation

aggravation (annoyance) n • exasperation

aggravation (making worse) n • aggravation

aggravation n • aggravamento

aggravation (of disease, pain, etc.) n • exasperation

aggravator n • aggravator

aggregate adj • collective

aggregate adj • total

aggregate (collect or unite into a mass or sum) v • aggregar

aggregate, inclusive etc., total adj • global

aggregate n • aggregato

aggregate n • total

aggregate v • aggregar (se)

aggregate v • aggregar

aggregation n • aggregation

aggregative adj • aggregative

aggression n • aggression

aggressive adj • aggressive

aggressor, attacker n • insultator

aggressor n • aggressor

aggrieve n • offender

aghast adj • horrificate

agile adj • agile

agile, fleet, nimble adj • legier (-jér)

agile, fleet, nimble adj • legier

agile, nimble, quick adj • preste

agile (nimble) adj • agile

agile (nimble) adj • legier

agility, fleetness, nimbleness n • legieressa

agility, fleetness, nimbleness n • legieressa (-jer-)

agility n • agilitate

agility, nimbleness, quickness n • prestessa

agio, exchange premium [Commer] n • agio

agio, exchange premium [Commer] n • agio (ajo)

agiotage, exchange business, stockbroking n • agiotage (ajotaje)

agiotage, exchange business, stockbroking n • agiotage

agitate (1. to move or shake violently) v • agitar

agitate (stir up) v • agitar

agitation (1. violent moving or shaking; 2. disturbance, excitement) n • agitation

agitation, commotion, tremor (violent physical or mental disturbance) n • commotion

agitation n • agitation

agitation, trepidation n • trepiditate

agitator (1. [Pol]; 2. apparatus for shaking or mixing) n • agitator

agitator n • agitator

aglet, aiguillette n • agulietta

agnate (on father's side) adj • de parte del patre

agnostic adj • agnostic

agnostic n • agnostico

agnosticism (can't know for sure) n • agnosticismo

agnosticism n • agnosticismo

ago (a moment -) phr • jam

ago (a year -) phr • ante un anno

ago adv • retro

ago adv • in passato

ago adv • passate

ago (long -) phr • pridem

agog (excited) adj • excitate

-agogue [occurring in compounds] adj • -agog-

agon [Gr. Antiq] n • agon

agonist [Gr. Antiq] n • agonista

agonistic [Gr. Antiq] adj • agonistic

agonize (anguishing, suffering) v • agonisar

agonize, suffer mental anguish v • agonisar

agonizing adj/pres. part • atroce

agonizing adj/pres. part • agonisante

agony (1. death struggle; 2. extreme pain of mind) n • agonia

agony (1. death struggle; 2. extreme pain of mind) n • agonia (-ìa)

agony (agony) n • agonia

agony (anguish) n • angustia

agora [Gr. Hist] n • agora (àgora)

agora [Gr. Hist] n • agora

agoraphobe [Pychopathol] n • agoraphobo

agoraphobe [Pychopathol] n • agoraphobo (-àphobo)

agoraphobia (fear of open places) n • agoraphobia

agoraphobia [Psychopathol] n • agoraphobia (-ìa)

agoraphobia [Psychopathol] n • agoraphobia

agoraphobic adj • agoraphobe

agoraphobic adj • agoraphobe (-àphobe)

agoraphobic adj • agoraphobic

agrarian adj • agrari

agree (be in agreement) v • concordar

agree (come to an agreement) v • convenir

agree (come to an agreement) v • convenir [-ven-/-vent-]

agree (concur) v • esser de accordo

agree (concur) v • consentir

agree [Gram] v • concordar

agree v • convenir

agreeable adj • agradabile

agreeable, pleasing adj • agradabile

agreeableness, pleasantness n • agradamento

agreement (concurrence) n • accordo

agreement n • concordantia

agreement (pact) n • convention

agreement, treaty n • tractato

agreement (treaty) n • tractato

agricultural adj • agricole

agricultural, agronomic adj • agronomic

agricultural, farming adj • aratori

agriculturalist n • agricola

agriculturalist n • agricola (-ìcola)

agriculture, farming n • agricultura

agriculture n • agricultura

agriculturist n • agricultor

agronomic, agricultural adj • agronomic

agronomist n • agronomo (-rò-)

agronomist n • agronomo

agronomy, agronomics n • agronomia (-ìa)

agronomy, agronomics n • agronomia

aground adv • arenate

aground (run -) v • arenar

aground (run -) v • arenar (se)

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

ah interj • eia

ah interj • ei

ah interj • heia

ah interj • ah

aha interj • heia

aha interj • aha

ahead adj • ante

ahead adj • avante

ahead adv • ante

ahead adv • avante

ahem interj • ehem

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

aid, assist v • coadjuvar [-juv-/-jut-]

aid, assist v • subvenir

aid, assist v • coadjuvar

aid, assist v • subvenir [-ven-/-vent-]

aid, help n • adjuta

aid, help n • auxilio

aid, help v • adjuvar

aid, help v • adjuvar [-juv-/-jut-]

aid, help v • auxiliar

aid, help v • juvar [juv-/jut-]

aid, help v • adjutar

aid, help v • juvar

aid n • auxilio

aid n • adjuta

aid n • subvention

aid n • succurso

aid v • auxiliar

aid v • adjuvar

aid v • succurrer

aid v • adjutar

aide (assistant) n • adjuta

aigrette [F] n • aigrette

aiguillette, aglet n • agulietta

ail v • doler

ail v • penar

aileron n • aleron

ailment n • maladia

ailment n • infirmitate

ailment n • morbo

aim (- a gun) v • punctar un arma

aim (- a telescope) v • punctar un telescopio

aim (as in take aim, good aim, etc.) n • mira

aim (blow) vt • diriger

aim (end) n • fin

aim (goal) n • gol

aim (intend) vi • aspirar

aim (intend) vi • intender

aim (intend) vi • intender (de)

aim (intend) vi • aspirar (a)

aim (mil) v • mira

aim, object n • scopo

aim (object) n • objecto

aim (objective) n • objectivo

aim (purpose) n • proposito

aim (scope) n • scopo

aim (take aim) v • visar

aim at (take) v • mirar

aim at (target) v • visar

aim at (target) v • mirar

aiming, pointing (of guns, etc) n • punctage (-aje)

aiming, pointing (of guns, etc) n • punctage

aimless adj • sin proposito

aimlessly adv • sin proposito

ain't (isn't) v • non es

air (1. atmospheric air; 2. appearance; 3. melody) n • aere

air adj • aeree

air (airy, aerial) adj • aeree

air (expose to the open air) v • aerar

air (in the open) prep. phr • al aere libere

air n • aere

air v • aerar

air condition v • climatisar

air conditioning n • climatisation

air hostess n • stewardessa

air pressure n • pression atmospheric

air raid n • incursion aeree

airborne adj • portate per le aere

air-condition v • climatisar

air-conditioning n • climatisation

aircraft n • aeronave, aeronaves

aircraft n • avion(es)

aircraft carrier n • porta-aviones

airfield n • aerodromo

airfield n • campo de aviation

airforce n • fortia aeree

airforce n • armea aeree

airing, aeration n • aerage

airing, aeration n • aerage (-aje)

airing, aeration n • aeration

airing n • aeration

airing n • ventilation

airline n • linea aeree

airmail (by -) adv/n • per avion

airmail (by -) adv/n • via aeree

airmail n • posta aeree

airman, aeronaut n • aeronauta

airman n • aviator

airman n • aeronauta

airplane (by -) adv/n • per aeroplano

airplane (by -) adv/n • per avion

airplane (by -) adv/n • via aeree

airplane n • avion

airplane n • aeroplano

airport n • aeroporto

airs (put on -) phr • dar se aeres

airship n • nave aeree

airship n • aeroplane

airship n • aeronave

airship n • avion

airsickness n • mal de aviatores

airtight adj • hermetic

aisle n • passage

aisle n • nave lateral

Aix-la-Chapelle, Aachen [G] n • Aachen

Aix-la-Chapelle, Aachen n • Aquisgrano

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

ajar adj • semiaperte

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

alabaster (as in gypseous alabaster) n • alabastro

alabaster (Oriental alabaster) n • alabastrite

alabastrine, alabaster adj • alabastrin

alacritous, eager, brisk adj • alacre (àl-)

alacritous, eager, brisk adj • alacre

alacrity, eagerness, briskness n • alacritate

alacrity (quickness) n • alacritate

alarm (1. call to arms; 2. fright) n • alarma

alarm (1. to call to arms; 2. to startle) v • alarmar

alarm, alert n • alerta

alarm (alert) n • alerta

alarm (alert) n • alerta

alarm, give the alarm to v • alertar

alarm n • alarma

alarm v • alertar

alarm v • alarmar

alarm clock n • eveliator

alarming adj • alarmante

alarming adj • alarmante (ppr of alarmar)

alarmist n • alarmista

alas interj • guai

Alaska [Geog] n • Alaska

Alaska (State of -) n • le Stato de Alaska

alb [Eccl] n • alba

Albania [Geog] n • Albania

Albania n • Albania

albatross [Ornith] n • albatros

albeit conj • benque

Alberta [Geog] n • Alberta

albiflorous, white-flowered adj • albiflor

albinism n • albinismo

albino adj • albin

albino n • albino

album n • album (àl-)

album n • album

albumen (1. white of an egg 2. [Bot]) n • albumine

albumen (egg-white) n • albumine

albumin [Biochem] n • albumina

albumin [Biochem] n • albumina (-ùmina)

albumin (complex protein) n • albumina

albuminoid, albuminoidal adj • albuminoide

albuminoid [Biochem] n • albuminoide

albuminous, albuminose adj • albuminose

albuminuria [Pathol] n • albuminuria

alburnum (sapwood) n • alburno

alcalde (mayor of a Spanish town, etc.) n • alcalde

alcalde (mayor of a Spanish town, etc.) n • alcalde [H]

alchemical adj • alchimic

alchemist n • alchimista

alchemy n • alchimia (-ìa)

alchemy n • alchimia

alcohol n • alcohol [NL]

alcohol n • alcohol

alcoholic adj • alcoholic

alcoholic n • alcoholico

alcoholism n • alcoholismo

alcoholization n • alcoholisation

alcoholize v • alcoholisar

alcove n • alcova

alcove (recessed portion of a room) n • alcova

alderman n • legislator urban

ale (brown -) n • bira obscur

ale n • ale

ale n • ale [A]

ale n • bira

ale (pale -) n • bira clar

aleatoric (random) adj • aleatori

aleatory (random) adj • aleatori

alembic adj • alembic

alert adj • alerte, alerte

alert adj • vigilante

alert adj • alerte

alert, alarm n • alerta

alert [Mil] n • alerta

alert n • alerta

alert n • alerta

alert v • alertar

alert v • alertar

alert (vigilant) adj • alerte

alert, watchful adj • alerte

alertness n • vigilantia

Aleut n • aleut

Aleutian adj • aleutic

Alexandria n • Alecandria

Alexandrian (1. of Alexandria; 2. of Alexander the Great) adj • alexandrin

alexandrian adj • alexandrine

alexandrian adj • hellenistic

Alexandrian (of Alexandria) adj • alexandrian

Alexandrine [Pros] adj • alexandrin

Alexandrine [Pros] n • alexandrino

alfalfa, lucerne [Bot] n • lucerna

alfalfa n • alfalfa

alfalfa n • lucerna

alga n • alga

algae n • algas

algebra n • algebra

algebra n • algebra (àl-)

algebraic adj • algebraic

algebraic, algebraical adj • algebric

algebrist n • algebrista

Alger n • Alger

Algeria [Geog] n • Algeria

Algeria n • Algeria

algerian adj • algerian

Algerian, Algerine adj • algerian

Algerian n • algeriano

algerian n • algeriano

algesia (sensitivity to pain) [Med] n • algesia (-ìa)

algesia (sensitivity to pain) [Med] n • algesia

Algiers n • Alger

algo-, alg- (pain) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • algo

algol [Comp] n • lingua de programmation algol

algometer [Psychol] n • algometro (-ònetro)

algometer [Psychol] n • algometro

algometric [Psychol] adj • algometric

algometry (measurement of sensitivity to pain) [Psychol] n • algometria (-ìa)

algometry (measurement of sensitivity to pain) [Psychol] n • algometria

algonquian adj • algonquian

algonquian (amerindian) n • algonquiano

algorithm n • algorithmo

algorithmic adj • algorithmic

alias adv • alias (àl-)

alias adv • alias

alias n • pseudonymo

alibi n • un alibi

alibi n • alibi (àl-)

alibi n • alibi

alibility n • alibilitate

alible, nutritive, nourishing adj • alibile

alien (different) adj • alien

alien (differing in nature) adj • alien

alien (foreign) n • estranie

alien n • estraniero

alienability n • alienabilitate

alienable adj • alienabile

alienate (1. to transfer ownership of; 2. to estrange) v • alienar

alienate, estrange v • estraniar

alienate (force a separation) v • estraniar

alienate v • alienar

alienation (1. transfer of ownership to another; 2. estrangement; 3. insanity) n • alienation

alienation, estrangement n • estraniamento

alienation n • alienation

alienator n • alienator

alienee n • alienatario

alienism [Med] n • alienismo

alienist n • alienista

alight (- on water) phr • amarar

alight (aflame) adj • in flammas

alight (illuminated) adj • illuminate

alight (set -) v • accender

alight (set -) v • incender

alight v • atterrar

alight v • descender

alight on water [Aeronaut] v • amarar

alighting on water (action of -) [Aeronaut] n • amarage (-aje)

alighting on water (action of -) [Aeronaut] n • amarage

align (range or place in a line) v • alinear

align v • alinear

alignment (action of aligning) n • alineamento

alignment n • alineamento

alike adj • simile

alike adj • similar

alike adv • del mesme maniera

alike adv • equalmente

alike (equal) adj • equal

alimental (nourishing) adj • alimental

alimentary adj • alimentari

alimentary canal, enteron [Anat/Zool] n • enteron (én-)

alimentary canal, enteron [Anat/Zool] n • enteron

alimentation, nourishment n • alimentation

alimenter, feeder n • alimentator

alimony n • alimentos (post-marital)

alimony n • alimentos

alive adj • vive

alive (be -) v • viver

alive (be -) v • spirar

alive (be -) v • esser

alive, live, living adj • vive

alive, living adj • vivente

alive (living) adj • vivente

alive (make -) v • animar

alive (make -) v • vivificar

alive (make -) v • reanimar

alive and well adj. phr • san e salve

alizarin, madder root n • alizarina

alkali n • alcali

alkalimeter n • alcalimetro

alkalimeter n • alcalimetro (-ì-)

alkaline adj • alcalin

alkaline n • alcalino

alkalinity n • alcalinitate

alkalization n • alcalisation

alkalize v • alcalisar

alkaloid n • alcaloide

all (1. as in all the cheese; 2. as in all the books) adj • omne

all (1. the whole of; 2. all the parts, members, etc. of a whole series or group) adj • tote

all (above -) adv • super toto

all adj • omne

all adj • tote

all adv • completemente

all (after -) adv • post toto

all (at -) adv • del toto

all (everybody) pron • omnes

all, everything n • toto

all (everything) pron • toto

all n • toto

all (not at -) adv • nullemente

all pron • omnes (òm-)

all pron • omnes

all clear n • toto ben

all clear n • toto clar

all out adj/adv • con maxime fortia

all over adv • in tote parte

all over (finished) adj • terminate

all right adv • salve

all right adv • ben

all right adv • correcte

all right interj • bon!

all right interj • ben!

all right interj • de accordo

all round adj • incirculante

all round adj • incirculante (completemente)

all senses, tenor n • tenor

all star adj • omnistella

all star n • omnistella

all the better adv • tanto melio

all the same adv • con tote isto

all told adv • in toto

allah (arabic) n • God

allay (calming) v • sedar

allay, soothe, appease v • sedar

allegation (assertion without proof) n • allegation

allegation [Law] n • allegation

allege (affirm) v • allegar

allege (bring forward as an argument or excuse) v • allegar

allege (use as an excuse) v • pretextar

allege as a pretext v • pretextar

alleged adj • pretense

allegiance (loyalty) n • deber de fidelitate

allegoric, allegorical adj • allegoric

allegorist n • allegorista

allegorization n • allegorisaion

allegorize v • allegorisar

allegorizer n • allegorisator

allegory (hidden meaning story) n • allegoria

allegory n • allegoria (-ìa)

allegory n • allegoria

allegretto [Mus] n • allegretto

allegro [Mus] n • allegro

allergic adj • allergic

allergic [Pathol] adj • allergic

allergy n • allergia

allergy [Pathol] n • allergia

allergy [Pathol] n • allergia (-ìa)

alleviate (relieve) v • alleviar

alleviation n • alleviation

alley n • allee

alley n • vico

alley, street n • vico

alliance n • alliantia

allied adj • alliate

alligator n • alligator

alligator n • alligator [A]

alligator pear, avocado n • avocato

alliterate v • alliterar

alliteration n • alliteration

allo-, all- (other) [occurring in compounds] adj • all-

allocate (allot) v • distribuer

allocate (allot) v • assignar

allocation n • allocation

allocator n • allocator

allocator n • assignator

allocution n • allocution

allopath n • allopathe

allopath n • allopathe (-ò-)

allopathy n • allopathia (-ìa)

allopathy n • allopathia

allot (apportion) v • apportionar

allot, assign v • tribuer [tribu-/tribut-]

allot, assign v • attribuer

allot, assign v • attribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-]

allot, assign v • tribuer

allot (assign) v • assignar

allot (attribute) v • attribuer

allot (distribute) v • distribuer

allotment (apportioning) n • repartition

allotment (apportioning) n • distribution

allotment (apportioning) n • apportionamento

allotment, distribution n • repartition

allotment (land) n • parcella de terreno

allotrope [Chem] n • allotropo

allotrope [Chem] n • allotropo (-òtropo)

allotropic [Chem] adj • allotropic

allotropic [Chem] adj • allotrope

allotropic [Chem] adj • allotrope (-òtrope)

allotropous [Zoo] adj • allotrope (-òtrope)

allotropous [Zoo] adj • allotrope

allotropy [Chem] n • allotropia

allotropy [Chem] n • allotropia (-ìa)

allow, brook, comport, bear v • comportar

allow, permit v • permitter

allow, permit v • permitter [-mitt-/-miss-]

allow v • permitter

allow for v • tener conto de

allow me v • permitte me

allowable adj • admissibile

allowance (a small -) phr • un pitancia

allowance n • alimentos

allowance n • assignation

alloy (as in to alloy silver with copper) v • alligar

alloy n • alligato

alloy v • alligar

all-seeing, omnivident adj • omnividente

allspice n • specie (condimento) de myrto

allspice n • specie de myrto

allude (casually refering) v • alluder (a)

allude (casually refering) v • alluder

allude v • alluder [-lud-/-lus-]

allude v • alluder

allure (attract) v • attraher

alluring adj • attractive

allusion n • allusion

allusive adj • allusive

alluvial adj • alluvial

alluvium n • alluvion

ally (by marriage) v • apparentar

ally, confederate n • confederato

ally n • alliato

ally n • confederato

ally v • alliar

ally or connect by marriage v • apparentar

alma mater n • alma matre

almanac, calendar n • ephemeride

almanac, calendar n • ephemeride (-mé-)

almanac n • almanac

almanac n • ephemeride

almightiness, omnipotence n • omnipotentia

almighty adj • omnipotente

almighty, omnipotent adj • omnipotente

almond (an - tree) n • amandoliero

almond n • amandola (-àndola)

almond n • amandola

almond-tree n • amandoliero

almoner n • almosnero

almonry n • almosneria (-ìa]

almost adv • quasi

almost, nearly adv • quasi

alms (give -) v • dar almosna

alms (give -) v • facer le caritate

alms n • caritate

alms n • almosna)

alms n • eleemosyna (-mò-)

alms n • almosna

alms n • eleemosyna

alms bag, alms purse n • almosniera

alms purse, alms bag n • almosniera

aloe n • aloe

aloft adv • in le aere

aloft adv • in alto

alone adj • singule

alone adj • sol

alone, single, separate adj • singule

along, by n • secundo

along, by prep • secun

along (get -) v • arrangiar se

along (get - with another) v • intender se

along (manage) v • arrangiar se

along prep • secundo

along prep • preter

along with adv/conj • insimul a

alongside (- of) prep • preter

alongside adv • bordo a bordo

alongside prep • al latere de

aloof (reserved) adj • multo distante

alopecia n • calvitia

aloud adv • in alte voce

alpha (the first letter of the Greek alphabet) n • alpha

alphabet n • alphabeto

alphabetical adj • alphabetic

alphabetically adv • alphabeticamente

alphabetization n • alphabetisation

alphabetize v • alphabetisar

alphanumeric adj • alphanumeric

alpine adj • alpestre

alpine adj • alpin

Alpine, Alpestrine adj • alpestre

Alpine, alpine adj • alpin

Alpinism n • alpinismo

Alpinist n • alpinista

Alps [Geog] n • Alpes

already adv • jam

already adv • ya

already adv • ja

already, at once, right away adv • jam

already (ja, jam) adv • ya

Alsace n • Alsatia

Alsatian adj • alsatian

alsatian (dog) adj • can pastoral german

alsatian (dog) n • can pastoral german

Alsatian n • alsatiano

also (- not) adv • ni

also adv • anque

also adv • de plus

also adv • in plus

also adv • alsi

also adv • etiam

also, likewise adv • equalmente

also, too adv • alsi (-ì)

also, too adv • anque

also, too adv • anque (anke)

also, too adv • alsi

also: cargo, load n • cargamento

Altai (1. Altai mountains; 2. Altai region) n • Altai (-ài)

Altai (1. Altai mountains; 2. Altai region) n • Altai

Altaic adj • altaic

Altaic adj • altaic (-àic)

altar n • altar

alter (make different) v • alterar

alter v • alterar (se)

alter v • alterar

alterable adj • alterabile

alteration n • alteration

altercate, quarrel, wrangle v • altercar

altercation (heated argument) n • altercation

altercation n • altercation

alternate (1. to do by turns; 2. to occur by turns) v • alternar

alternate adj • alternate

alternate adj • alterne

alternate, alternating adj • alternative

alternate, alternating adj • alternate

alternate [Math/Bot] adj • alterne

alternate v • alternar

alternation n • alternation

alternation n • alternativa

alternative adj • alternative

alternative (choice between two possible things or lines of action) n • alternativa

alternative n • alternativa

alternator n • alternator

although conj • quanquam

although conj • quamquam

although conj • ben que

although conj • etiam si

altimeter n • altimetro

altimeter n • altimetro (-ì-)

altisonant, high-sounding adj • altisonante

altisonant, high-sounding adj • altisone

altitude n • altitude

alto (1. contralto voice; 2. tenor violin) [Mus] n • alto

alto [Mus] n • alto

altogether adv • integremente

altruism n • altruismo

altruist n • altruista

altruistic (generous, unselfish) adj • altruistic

aluminum, aluminium (Al) n • aluminium

aluminum, aluminium (Al) n • aluminio

aluminum, aluminium n • aluminium

aluminum, aluminium n • aluminium (-ìnium)

alumna (female alumnus) n • alumna

alumni n • alumnos

alumnus n • alumno

alveolar [Anat] adj • alveolari

alveolate, honeycombed, pitted adj • alveolate

always adv • semper (sém-)

always adv • semper

always adv • sempre

always (semper) adv • sempre

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

am (I -) v • io so

am (I -) v • io es

am (I -) v • io esse

amalgam n • amalgama (-màl-)

amalgam n • amalgama

amalgamate (1. [Metal]; 2. to combine, consolidate) v • amalgamar

amalgamate (combine) v • amalgamar

amalgamate (combine) v • amalgamar (se)

amalgamate, merge [Com/Pol] v • fusionar

amalgamation (1. union, consolidation; 2. [Metal]) n • amalgamation

amalgamation, merger [Com/Pol] n • fusionamento

amalgamation n • amalgamation

amalgamator n • amalgamator

amanuensis (secretary) n • secretari

amass v • amassar

amasser n • amassator

amassment n • amassamento

amateur adj • amateur

amateur adj • dilettante

amateur, dilettante, lover of the arts n • dilettante

amateur, dilettante, lover of the arts n • dilettante [I]

amateur [F] n • amateur

amateur n • amateur

amateur n • dilettante

amateurish adj • dilettantesc

amatory adj • amatori

amaze v • stupefacer

amazed adj • stupefacte

amazed adj • stupide

amazed (be -) v • stuper

amazed, be stunned v • stuper

amazed, stunned adj • stupide

amazement n • stupefaction

amazing adj • stupende

amazing adj • surprendente

amazing, stupendous adj • stupende

Amazon (1. [Gr. Mythol]; 2. [Geog]) n • Amazon

Amazonian (1. pertaining to the Amazons; 2. pertaining to the Amazon river) adj • amazonie

ambassador n • ambassator

amber adj • jalne

amber n • ambra

ambergris n • ambergris

ambergris n • ambra

ambiance (environment) n • ambiente

ambidextrous adj • ambidextere, ambidextre

ambidextrous adj • ambidextre

ambient (gen/comp) n • ambiente

ambient, surrounding ambiente adj • ambiente

ambiguity (1. double or dubious meaning; 2. ambiguous expression) n • ambiguitate

ambiguity (equivocal expression) n • equivoco (-ì-)

ambiguity (equivocal expression) n • equivoco

ambiguity n • ambiguitate

ambiguous adj • ambigue

ambiguous (unclear) adj • equivoc

ambiguous (unclear) adj • ambigue

ambit, circuit, circuitous route n • ambito

ambit, circuit, circuitous route n • ambito (àm-)

ambition (aspiration) n • ambition

ambition n • ambition

ambition (unscrupulous) n • arrivismo

ambitious adj • ambitiose

ambivalence (conflicting feelings) n • ambivalentia

ambivert [Psychol] n • ambivertito

amble n • amblo

amble v • ir al amblo

ambly- (dull) [occurring in compounds] adj • ambly-

amblyopia [Med] n • amblyopia (-ìa)

amblyopia [Med] n • amblyopia

amblyopic adj • amblyopic

ambrosia (1. food intended or fit for the gods; 2. [Bot] wormseed) n • ambrosia

ambrosia n • ambrosia

ambrosial adj • ambrosial

ambrosial adj • ambrosie

Ambrosian adj • ambrosian

ambulance (1. field hospital; 2. hospital ambulance) n • ambulantia

ambulance n • ambulantia

ambulant adj • ambulante

ambulate v • deambular

ambulatory (walking-able) adj • ambulatori

ambush n • insidia

ambush n • imboscada

ambush (place in ambush) v • imboscar

ambush, snare n • insidia

ambush v • insidiar

ambush v • imboscar

ambush, waylay v • insidiar

ameliorate, improve v • meliorar

ameliorate (improving) v • ameliorar

ameliorate v • bonificar

amelioration, improvement n • melioration

amelioration n • bonification

ameliorator, improver n • meliorator

amen [Heb] (so be it!) interj • amen

amenable (responsive, submissive) adj • docile

amenable (responsive, submissive) adj • tractabile

amenable to adj • accessibile a

amend (1. to improve, correct, emend; 2. to amend a law, bill, etc.) v • emendar

amend v • emendar

amendment (1. improvement, correction; 2. amendment of a law, bill, etc.) n • emendamento

amendment n • emendamento

amends (make -) v • for reparar

amends n • reparation

amenity n • amenitate

amerce v • punir con multa

amercement n • punition con multa

America [Geog] n • America

America n • America

America (U. S. A) n • Statos Unite

American (- citizen) n • statounitese

American (- citizen) n • citatano american

American (1. an inhabitant of North or South America; 2 . an inhabitant of the United States) n • americano

American (1. belonging to North or South America; 2. belonging to the United States) adj • american

American n • americano

American (of america) adj • american

American Samoa [Geog] n • Samoa American

Americanism (1. American custom or characteristic; 2. word or phrase peculiar to American English) n • americanismo

Americanize v • americanisar

americium n • americium

americium n • americio

amethyst n • amethysto

amiability n • amabilitate

amiable (agreeable, friendly) adj • amabile

amiable, lovable adj • amabile

amicability, friendliness n • amicabilitate

amicable adj • amicabile

amicable, friendly adj • amicabile

amid (-st) prep • inter

amid (-st) prep • in medio de

amide [Chem] n • amido (à-)

amide [Chem] n • amido

amidogen [Chem] n • amidogeno

amidogen [Chem] n • amidogeno (-ògeno)

amidst prep • in medio de

amidst prep • inter

amine [Chem] n • amino

amino acid [Chem] n • amino-acido (-àcido)

amino acid [Chem] n • amino-acido

aminophenol [Chem] n • aminophenol

amiss adv • mal

amiss (come -) v • facer mal

amiss (take -) v • prender in mal parte

ammeter, amperometer n • amperometro

ammeter, amperometer n • amperometro (-òmetro)

Ammon (1. [Egypt. Relig]; 2. [Gr/Rom. Relig]) n • Ammon

ammonal [Technol] n • ammonal

ammonia ([Chem] NH3) n • ammoniaco

ammonia (gas) n • ammoniaco

ammonia (solution in water) n • aqua ammoniac

ammoniac adj • ammoniac

ammoniac, gum ammoniac n • ammoniaco

ammoniacal adj • ammoniacal

ammoniacal, ammonic adj • ammonic

ammonic, ammoniacal adj • ammonic

ammonification (1. impregnation with ammonia; 2. decomposition with production of ammonia) n • ammonification

ammonify v • ammonificar

ammonite [Paleontol] n • ammonite

ammonium n • ammonium

ammonium n • ammonium (-ònium)

ammunition n • munition

amnesia, loss of memory n • amnesia (-ìa)

amnesia, loss of memory n • amnesia

amnesia n • amnesia

amnesty, amnestic adj • amnestic

amnesty, give or proclaim amnesty (to) v • amnestiar

amnesty n • amnestia

amnesty n • amnestia (-ìa)

amnesty (pardon) n • amnestia

amoeba [Zool] n • ameba

amoebic adj • amebic

amoebiform adj • amebiforme

amoeboid adj • ameboide

amok adv • amok

among adv • inter

among adv • a presso de

among prep • inter

among prep • inter (ìn-)

among (-st) prep • inter

amoral adj • amoral

amoral, nonmoral adj • amoral

amoralism n • amoralismo

amorous (1. loving; 2. pertaining to love) adj • amorose

amorous (full of love) adj • amorose

amorousness n • amorositate

amorphism n • amorphia

amorphism n • amorphismo

amorphism n • amorphia (-ìa)

amorphous adj • amorphe

amortization n • amortisation

amortize (extinguish a debt by means of a sinking fund) v • amortisar

amount n • amonta

amount n • quantitate

amount v • amontar (a)

amount v • amontar

amovability, removability n • amovibilitate

amovable, removable (subject to removal) adj • amovibile

amove, remove (from office, etc.) v • amover

amperage n • amperage (-aje)

amperage n • amperage

ampere n • ampere (ampér)

ampere n • ampere

ampere turn n • ampere-torno (amper-tòrno)

ampere turn n • ampere-torno

ampere-hour n • ampere-hora (amper-hòra)

ampere-hour n • ampere-hora

amperometer, ammeter n • amperometro (-òmetro)

amperometer, ammeter n • amperometro

amphibian (1. [Zool]; 2. amphibian airplane) n • amphibio

amphibian adj • amphibie

amphibian n • amphibio

amphibiology n • amphibiologia

amphibiology n • amphibiologia (-ìa)

amphibious adj • amphibie

amphitheater n • anphitheatro

amphitheatric, amphitheatrical adj • amphitheatral

amphora n • amphora

amphora n • amphora (àm-)

ample (1. spacious, extensive; 2. copious) adj • ample

ample adj • copiose

ample adj • ample

amplification n • amplification

amplifier n • amplificator

amplify (1. as in to amplify a story, etc.; 2. [Elec]; 3. to exaggerate) v • amplificar

amplify v • amplificar

amplifying, magnifying adj • amplificative

amplitude n • amplitude

ampulla [Eccl] n • ampulla

amputate v • amputar

amputation n • amputation

amulet n • amuleto

amuse, entertain v • amusar

amuse v • intertener

amuse v • diverter

amuse v • amusar

amuse v • distraher

amusement, distraction n • distraction

amusement, diversion n • divertimento

amusement n • distraction

amusement n • diversion

amusement n • intertenimento

amusement n • divertimento

amusement n • amusamento

amusing adj • intertenite

amusing adj • distrahite

amusing adj • amusante

amusing adj • divertite

amusing adj • divertente

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

an, a indef art • un

an (indefinite article) art • un

an (per, an apple a day) prep • un pomo pro die

an (per) prep • per

Anabaptism n • anabaptismo

anabaptist adj • anabaptista

Anabaptist, Baptist [Theol] adj • baptista

Anabaptist, Baptist [Theol] n • baptista

Anabaptist n • anabaptista

anabaptize, rabaptize v • anabaptisar

anacardiaceous [Bot] n • anacardiacee

anacardium [Bot] n • anacardio

anachronic, anachronistic, anachronous adj • anachronic

anachronism n • anachronismo

anachronism (out of date) n • anachronismo

anachronistic adj • anachronistic

anachronize, commit anachronisms v • anachronisar

anachronous, anachronic adj • anachrone

anachronous, anachronic, anachronistic adj • anachronic

Anacreon [Gr. Lit] n • Anacreonte

Anacreontic adj • anacreontic

anaemia, anemia [Med] n • anemia (-ìa)

anaemia, anemia [Med] n • anemia

anaemia, anemia n • anemia

anaemic, anemic adj • anemic

anaerobe [Biol] n • anaerobio

anaerobic [Biol] adj • anaerobie

anaesthetic, anesthetic adj • anesthetic

anaesthetic, anesthetic n • anesthetico

anaesthetist, anesthetist n • anesthetista

anagram n • anagramma

anal adj • anal

anal [Anat] adj • anal

analgesia (insensitivity to pain) [Med] n • analgesia (-ìa)

analgesia (insensitivity to pain) [Med] n • analgesia

analgesic [Med] adj • analgesic

analgia, analgesia (insensitivity to pain) [Med] n • analgia

analgia, analgesia (insensitivity to pain) [Med] n • analgia (-ìa)

analgic, analgesic [Med] adj • analgic

analog (comp/commun/techn) adj • analogic

analog computer n • computator analogic

analog to digital converter n • transformator analogic a digital

analogic, analogical (founded on analogy) adj • analogic

analogous (comparable) adj • analoge

analogous (corresponding in some ways) adj • analoge (-àloge)

analogous (corresponding in some ways) adj • analoge

analogy n • analogia

analogy n • analogia (-ìa)

analphabetic [Phonet] adj • analphabetic

analphabetism, analphabetic notation [Phonet] n • analphabetismo

analysis n • analyse (-àlyse)

analysis n • analyse

analyst, analyzer n • analysta

analyst n • analysta

analyst n • analysator

analytic, analytical adj • analytic

analyzable adj • analysabile

analyze v • analysar

analyzer, analyst n • analysator

anarch-, anarcho- (anarchic, anarchical) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj • anarch-

anarchic, anarchical adj • anarchic

anarchism n • anarchismo

anarchist n • anarchista

anarchosyndicalism n • anarchosyndicalismo

anarchosyndicalist n • anarchosyndicalista

anarchy (disorder) n • anarchia

anarchy n • anarchia

anarchy n • anarchia (-ìa)

anathema [Eccl] n • anathema

anathema [Eccl] n • anathema [-ma/-mat-] (-àtema)

anathematize [Eccl] v • anathematisar

Anatolia n • Anatolia

anatom- (anatomy) [occurring in derivatives] n • anatom-

anatomic, anatomical adj • anatomic

anatomical adj • anatomic

anatomically adv • anatomicamente

anatomist n • anatomista

anatomy n • anatomia (-ìa)

anatomy n • anatomia

ancestor (forebear) n • ancestre

ancestor (forebear) n • antecessor

ancestor, forefather n • atavo

ancestor, forefather n • atavo (à-)

ancestor n • ancestre

ancestor n • ascendente

ancestral adj • ancestral

ancestral adj • antecessori

ancestry (ancestral lineage) n • ascendentia

ancestry n • antecedentia

ancestry n • ancestria

ancestry (one's ancestors viewed as a group) n • lineage (-aje)

ancestry (one's ancestors viewed as a group) n • lineage

anchor n • ancora (àn-)

anchor n • ancora

anchor n • anchore

anchor v • ancorar (se)

anchor v • anchorar

anchor v • ancorar

anchor (weigh -) v • disancorar

anchor (weigh -) v • levar le ancora

anchor (weigh -) v • disanchorar

anchorage (1. action of anchoring; 2. place to anchor; 3 . anchorage dues) n • ancorage

anchorage (1. action of anchoring; 2. place to anchor; 3 . anchorage dues) n • ancorage (-aje)

anchovy n • anchoa

ancient adj • antique

ancient adj • ancian

ancient, antique adj • antique

ancient, old adj • ancian

ancients (the -) adj • ancianos

ancillary adj • ancillar

ancillary n • adjutor

and conj • e

and conj • et

and so, consequently adv • ita

andalusia [Geog] n • andalusia

Andalusia n • Andalusia

andalusian adj • andalusian

Andalusian adj • andaluse

andalusian n • andalus

andalusian n • andalusiano

Andalusian n • andaluso

andorra [Geog] n • andorra

andr-, andro- (man, male, husband) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • andr-

androgyne (1. hermaphrodite; 2. [Bot]) n • androgyno

androgyne (1. hermaphrodite; 2. [Bot]) n • androgyno (-rò-)

androgynous (1. hermaphroditic; 2. [Bot]) adj • androgyne

androgyny n • androgynia (-ìa)

androgyny n • androgynia

android n • androide

androphobia n • androphobia

androphobia n • androphobia (-ìa)

anecdotal adj • anecdotic

anecdote n • historietta

anecdote n • anecdota (-éc-)

anecdote n • anecdota

anecdote (short story) n • anecdota

anecdotist n • anecdotista

anemia, anaemia [Med] n • anemia

anemia, anaemia [Med] n • anemia (-ìa)

anemia, anaemia n • anemia

anemic, anaemic adj • anemic

anemo- (wind) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • anemo-

anemograph n • anemographo

anemograph n • anemographo (-ò-)

anemography [Meterol] n • anemographia (-ìa)

anemography [Meterol] n • anemographia

anemometer n • anemometro

anemometer n • anemometro (-ò-)

anemone n • anemone (-òne)

anemone n • anemone

anemoscope n • anemoscopio

anesthesia [Med] n • anesthesia

anesthesia n • anesthesia

anesthesia n • anesthesia (-ìa)

anesthetic adj • anesthetic

anesthetic, anaesthetic adj • anesthetic

anesthetic, anaesthetic n • anesthetico

anesthetic n • anesthetico

anesthetist, anaesthetist n • anesthetista

anesthetize v • anesthesiar

anew, again adv • itero

anew, again adv • itero (ì-)

angel n • angelo (à-)

angel n • angelo

angelic adj • angelic

angelica [Bot] n • angelica

Angelus [R.C.Ch] n • angelus

Angelus [R.C.Ch] n • angelus (à-)

anger, enrage v • incholerisar

anger n • ira

anger n • cholera

anger v • incholerisar

anger, wrath, ire n • ira

anger, wrath n • cholera (cò-)

anger, wrath n • cholera

angina, quinsy [Pathol] n • angina

angio- (vessel) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • angio-

angiography n • angiographia

angiography n • angiographia (-ìa)

angiosperm [Bot] n • angiosperma

angiospermous [Bot] adj • angiosperme

angle, corner n • angulo (àn-)

angle, corner n • angulo

angle n • angulo

angle v • piscar

angle v • piscar (con linea)

angled, angulate adj • angulate

angler n • piscator (con linea)

angler n • piscator

Anglia [Hist] n • Anglia

Anglian, Anglic adj • anglic

Anglic, Anglian adj • anglic

anglican adj • anglican

Anglican [Eccl] adj • anglican

Anglican [Eccl] n • anglicano

anglican n • anglicano

Anglicanism [Eccl] n • anglicanismo

Anglicism (1. English idiom; 2. quality of being English) n • anglicismo

Anglicize v • anglicisar

angling n • pisca (con linea)

angling n • pisca

Anglo-American adj • angloamerican

Anglo-American n • angloamericano

Anglo-Catholic, High-Church [Eccl] adj • anglocatholic

Anglo-Catholic, High-churchman [Eccl] n • anglocatholico

anglology n • angiologia

anglology n • angiologia (-ìa)

Anglomania n • anglomania (-ìa)

Anglomania n • anglomania

Anglomaniac n • anglomano

Anglomaniac n • anglomano (-ò-)

Anglophile adj • anglophile

Anglophile n • anglophilo (-ò-)

Anglophile n • anglophilo

Anglophobe, Anglophobic adj • anglophobe (-ò-)

Anglophobe, Anglophobic adj • anglophobe

Anglophobe n • anglophobo (-òphoho)

Anglophobe n • anglophobo

Anglophobia n • anglophobia (-ìa)

Anglophobia n • anglophobia

Angola [Geog] n • Angola

angry adj • irate

angry adj • in cholera

angry (be -) v • esser in cholera

angry (become -) v • irascer

angry (become -) v • irascer (se)

angry, wrathful, irate adj • irate

anguiform adj • anguiforme

Anguilla [Geog] n • Anguilla

anguilliform, eel-shaped adj • anguilliforme

anguine adj • anguin

anguish (1. [Pathol]; 2. agony, distress) n • angustia

anguish (agony) n • agonia

anguish (agony) n • angustia

anguish (agony) n • tormento

anguish (be in -) v • angustiar

anguish, torment n • tormento

anguish v • angustiar

anguished adj • angustiose

angular adj • angular

angularity, angularness n • angularitate

angulate, angled adj • angulate

angulous, angular adj • angulose

anhydride [Chem] n • anhydrido

anhydrite [Mineral] n • anhydrite

anhydrous adj • anhydre (à-)

anhydrous adj • anhydre

anil (1. Indigo shrub; 2. indigo dye) n • anil

anilic (1. pertaining to anil; 2. pertaining to aniline) adj • anilic

aniline [Chem] n • anilina

animadversion (adverse criticism) n • animadversion

animadvert (express adverse criticism) v • animadverter -vert-/-vers-]

animadvert (express adverse criticism) v • animadverter

animal adj • animal

animal adj • animalesc

animal (characteristic of an animal) adj • animalesc

animal n • animal

animal (pertaining to animals) adj • animal

animal fat, body fat n • adipe (àdipe)

animal fat, body fat n • adipe

animalcule n • animalculo

animality n • animalitate

animalization (1. conversion into animal matter; 2. reduction to animal nature) n • animalisation

animalize (1. to convert into animal matter; 2. to reduce to animal nature) v • animalisar

animate adj • animate

animate v • animar

animated, lively adj • animate pp of animar

animated (lively) adj • animate

animater, animator n • animator

animating spirit n • animo

animating spirit n • animo (à-)

animation (1. the action of animating; 2. vivacity, sprightliness) n • animation

animation n • animation

animation n • verve

animation (zest, verve) n • verve

anime n • anime

animism n • animismo

animist n • animista

animosity (hatred) n • animositate

animosity n • animositate

anion [Phys] n • anion (à-)

anion [Phys] n • anion

anise [F] n • anis

anisette n • anisette

ankle n • cavilia

ankle bone n • cavilia

ankle sprain n • torsion de cavilia

Annam [Geog] n • Annam

annamese [Geog] n • annamita

anneal, soften [Metal] v • distemperar

annex (1. to add, append; 2. to join as an addition to existing possessions) v • annexar

annex (add on) v • annectar

annex (add on) v • annecter

annex (add on) v • annexar

annex, append, subjoin v • subjunger [-jung-/-junct-]

annex, append, subjoin v • subjunger

annex (join as an addition to existing possessions) v • annecter

annex (join as an addition to existing possessions) v • annecter [-nect-/-nex-]

annex n • annexo

annexation n • annexion

annihilable adj • annihilabile

annihilate (destroy) v • annihilar

annihilate v • annihilar

annihilation n • annihilation

anniversary adj • anniversari

anniversary n • anniversario

anniversary v • anniversario

anniversary mass, obit [Eccl] n • obito (ò-)

anniversary mass, obit [Eccl] n • obito

annotate v • annotar

annotation n • annotation

annotator n • annotator

announce, proclaim v • predicar

announce v • annunciar

announce v • indicer

announce v • predicar

announce v • indicer [-dic-/-dict-]

announcement n • annunciation

announcement n • annuncio

announcer n • annunciator

annoy, irritate, vex v • vexar

annoy v • molestar

annoy v • vexar

annoy v • irritar

annoy v • enoiar

annoy, vex v • enoiar

annoyance n • enoio

annoyance n • irritation

annoyance n • molestia

annoyance n • vexation

annoyance, trouble n • molestia

annoyance, worry, trouble n • enoio

annoyance, worry, trouble n • enoio (-nò-)

annoying adj • moleste

annoying adj • irritante

annoying, troublesome, irksome adj • moleste

annual (1. coming once a year; 2. lasting one year) adj • annue

annual adj • annual

annual adj • annue

annual [Bot] n • planta annual

annual (coming once a year) adj • annual

annual (lasting one year) adj • annal

annual (yearbook) n • annuario

annually adv • annualmente

annuity n • annuitate

annul, cancel v • annullar

annul, cashier, quash v • cassar

annul, invalidate v • dirimer

annul v • cancellar

annul v • dirimer

annul v • annihilar

annul (void an agreement) v • annihilar

annul (void an agreement) v • annullar

annular, ring-shaped adj • anular

annulet, small ring n • anuletto

annuling, nullifying, diriment adj • dirimente

annulling, quashing adj • annullative

annulment, cancellation n • annullation

annulment n • annullation

annulment n • dissolution

annulment, revoke n • revoco

annulment, voiding n • annihilation

annulose [Zool] adj • anulose

anode [Elec] n • anodo (à-)

anode [Elec] n • anodo

anodic adj • anodic

anodyne adj • anodin

anodyne n • anodino

anoint (1. to rub with an ointment; 2. to make sacred with oil) v • unguer

anoint (1. to rub with an ointment; 2. to make sacred with oil) v • unguer [ung-/unct-]

anoint v • linir

anoint v • unguer

anointed adj • unguete

anointed adj • linite

anointed n • uncto

anointing n • unction

anomalous adj • anomale

anomaly n • anomalia (-ìa)

anomaly n • anomalia

anonymity, anonymousness n • anonymitate

anonymity n • anonymitate

anonymous adj • anonyme

anonymous adj • anonyme (-ò-)

another (additional) pron • ancora un

another (different) adj • un altere

another (one -) pron • le un le altere

ansate, looped adj • ansate

answer n • responsa

answer, reply n • replica (ré-)

answer, reply n • replica

answer, reply v • replicar

answer (reply) n • solution

answer (reply) n • replica

answer (reply) n • responsa

answer (reply) v • responder [-spond-/-spons-]

answer (reply) v • responder

answer v • replicar (a)

answer v • responder

answer v • responder (a)

answer v • replicar

answer for (- someone) v • responder pro

answer for (- someone) v • responder pro (un persona)

answer for (- something) v • responder de (un cosa)

answer for (- something) v • responder de

answerable adj • responsabile

answering, replying adj • responsive

ant n • formica (-ìca)

ant n • formica

antagonism n • antagonismo

antagonist (1. opponent; 2. [Physiol]) n • antagonista

antagonist n • antagonista

antagonistic adj • antagonistic

antagonistic, opposing adj • opponente

antagonistic, opposing adj • opponente (ppr of opponer)

antagonize (contend with) v • antagonisar

antagonize v • evocar le hostilitate de

antarctic adj • antarctic

antarctic n • oceano antarctic

antarctic n • antarctico

Antartica [Geog] n • Antartica

antasthmatic adj • antiasthmatic

anteater (zool ornith) n • formichero

anteater [Zool/Ornith] n • formichero

antecede, be the antecedent v • anteceder

antecede, be the antecedent v • anteceder [-ced-/-cess-]

antecedent (1. [Logic, Math]; 2. [Gram]) n • antecedente

antedate (affix an earlier date than the actual one) v • antedatar

antedate n • antedata

antediluvian adj • antediluvian

antefix [Arch] n • antefixa

antelope n • antilope (-ì-)

antelope n • antilope

antemeridian adj • antemeridian

antenatal adj • prenatal

antenna (1. [Zool]; 2. [Radio] aerial) n • antenna

antenna n • antenna

antepenult n • antepenultima

antepenult n • antepenultima (-ùl-)

antepenultimate, last but two adj • antepenultime (-ùl-)

antepenultimate, last but two adj • antepenultime

anterior adj • anterior

anteriority n • anterioritate

anteroom n • antecamera

anteroom n • antecamera (-cà-)

anthelminthic, vermifuge adj • anthelminthic

anthelminthic, vermifuge, helminthic n • helminthico

anthelminthic, vermifuge n • anthelminthico

anthem n • antiphona

anthem (national -) n • hymno national

-anthemum (flower) [occurring in compounds] n • anthemo- (à-)

-anthemum (flower) [occurring in compounds] n • anthemo-

anthill n • formicario

antho-, anth- (flower) [occurring in compounds] n • antho-

anthocyanin [Chem] n • anthocyanina

anthography [Bot] n • anthographia

anthography [Bot] n • anthographia (-ìa)

anthologist n • anthologista

anthology n • anthologia (-ìa)

anthology n • anthologia

anthracene [Chem] n • anthracen

anthracic adj • anthracic

anthraciferous adj • anthracifere

anthraciform adj • anthraciforme

anthracite, hard coal n • anthracite

anthracitic adj • anthracitic

anthracitous adj • anthracitose

anthracometer n • anthracometro (-ò-)

anthracometer n • anthracometro

anthraquinone [Chem] n • anthraquinon

anthrax [Med/Veter] n • anthrace (à-)

anthrax [Med/Veter] n • anthrace

anthropo- (man) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • anthropo-

anthropogenesis n • anthropogenese

anthropogenesis n • anthropogenesis

anthropogenesis n • anthropogenesis (-gé-)

anthropogenesis n • anthropogenese (-gé-)

anthropoid adj • anthropoide

anthropoid, hominiform adj • hominiforme

anthropoid n • anthropoide

anthropological adj • anthropologic

anthropologist n • anthropologista

anthropologist n • anthropologo

anthropologist n • anthropologo (-òlogo)

anthropology n • anthropologia (-ìa)

anthropology n • anthropologia

anthropometric adj • anthropometric

anthropometry n • anthropometria

anthropometry n • anthropometria (-ìa)

anthropomorphism n • anthropomorphismo

anthropomorphist n • anthropomorphista

anthropomorphous adj • anthropomorphe

anthropophagous, man-eating, cannibal adj • anthropophage

anthropophagous, man-eating, cannibal adj • anthropophage (-òphage)

anthropophagy, cannibalism n • anthropophagia

anthropophagy, cannibalism n • anthropophagia (-ìa)

anthroposophical adj • anthroposophe (-òsophe)

anthroposophical adj • anthroposophe

anthroposophical adj • anthroposophic

anthroposophist n • anthroposopho (-òsopho)

anthroposophist n • anthroposopho

anthroposophy n • anthroposophia (-ìa)

anthroposophy n • anthroposophia

anti air craft n • antiaeree

anti body n • anticorpore

anti freeze n • anticongelante

antiaircraft [Mil] adj • antiaeree

anti-Catholic adj • anticatholic

Antichrist n • Antichristo

anti-Christian adj • antichristian

antichristian adj • antichristian

anticipate (do in advance) v • anticipar

anticipate (do or use in advance) v • anticipar

anticipate (expect) v • expectar

anticipate (foresee) v • previder

anticipate (forestall) v • prevenir

anticipated adj • expectate

anticipated adj • prevenite

anticipated adj • anticipate

anticipated adj • previdite

anticipation (act of doing or using in advance) n • anticipation

anticipation (doing in advance) n • anticipation

anticipation (expectation) n • expectation

anticipation (foresight) n • prevision

anticipation (forestalling) n • prevention

anticlerical adj • anticlerical

anticlericalism n • anticlericalismo

anticlimax n • anticlimax

anticlockwise adv • in senso antihorologic

antics n • buffonerias

anticyclone [Meteorol] n • anticyclon

anticyclone n • anticyclon

antidote n • contraveneno

antidote n • antidoto

antidote n • antidoto (-ì-)

antidote v • antidotar

antifascist n • antifascista

Antigua [Geog] n • Antigua

Anti-Lebanon (mountain range parallel to the Lebanon Mountains) n • Antilibano

Anti-Lebanon (mountain range parallel to the Lebanon Mountains) n • Antilibano (-lì-)

antimetabole [Rhet] n • metabole

antimonial adj • antimonial

antimony n • antimonio

antinational adj • antinational

antinephritic adj • antinephritic

antinomian [Eccl. Hist] n • antinomio

antinomianism [Eccl. Hist] n • antinomismo

antinomic adj • antinomic

antinomy n • antinomia (-ìa)

antinomy n • antinomia

Antioch n • Antiochia (-ìa)

Antioch n • Antiochia

antiparliamentary adj • antiparlamentari

antipath- (antipathetic) [occurring in derivatives] adj • antipath-

antipathetic adj • antipathic

antipathy n • antipathia (-ìa)

antipathy n • antipathia

antiperistasis (intensification of a quality by an opposing quality) n • antiperistase (-ìstase)

antiperistasis (intensification of a quality by an opposing quality) n • antiperistase

antiphon, antiphony [Eccl] n • antiphona

antiphon, antiphony [Eccl] n • antiphona (-tì-)

antiphonal adj • antiphonal

antiphonary, antiphonal n • antiphonario

antiphrasis n • antiphrase

antiphrasis n • antiphrase (-ì-)

antiphrastic adj • antiphrastic

antipodal adj • antipodic

antipode, opposite, contrary n • antipode

antipode, opposite, contrary n • antipode (-ì-)

antipope n • antipapa

antiquary n • antiquario

antiquate v • antiquar

antiquated adj • vetuste

antiquated adj • antiquate

antiquated, old-fashioned adj • antiquate

antique adj • antique

antique, ancient adj • antique

antique n • antiquitate

antique dealer n • antiquario

antiquedealer n • antiquario

antiqueness n • vetustate

antiques n • antiquitates

antiquity (1. ancient character; 2. early ages of history; 3. antique) n • antiquitate

antiquity n • antiquitate

antiquity, oldness n • ancianitate

antireligious adj • antireligiose

antiscorbutic adj • antiscorbutic

anti-Semite n • antisemita

anti-Semitic adj • antisemitic

antisemitic adj • antisemitic

anti-Semitism n • antisemitismo

antisepsis n • antisepsis

antiseptic adj • antiseptic

antiseptic, antiseptical adj • antiseptic

antiseptic n • antiseptico

antisocial adj • antisocial

antispasmodic [Med] adj • antispasmodic

antithesis (1. [Rhet]; 2. opposition) n • antithese (-ìtese)

antithesis (1. [Rhet]; 2. opposition) n • antithese

antithesis, contraposition n • contraposition

antithesis n • antithese

antitoxin n • antitoxina

anti-Trinitarian adj • antitrinitari

antler n • corno de cervo

antonym n • antonymo

antonym n • antonymo (-ò-)

antonymous adj • antonyme (-ò-)

antonymous adj • antonyme

antonymy n • antonymia

antonymy n • antonymia (-ìa)

Antwerp [Flem] n • Antwerpen

anus [Anat] n • ano

anus n • ano

anvil [Anat] (incus) n • incude

anvil (anvil used by a smith) n • incude

anvil n • incude

anxiety (1. uneasiness; 2. eager desire) n • anxietate

anxiety n • anxietate

anxious (1. uneasy, worried; 2. eagerly desiring) adj • anxie

anxious adj • anxie

any (- further, emphatic) adv • qualcunque

any (- further, emphatic) adv • ulle

any adj • alicun, alcun

any adj • alcun, alicun

any (in - case) phr • in omne caso

any (not -) adj • nulle

any pron • alcuno, alicuno

any pron • alicuno, alcuno

any, whatever, of whatever kind adj • qualcunque

any body pron • alicuno, alcuno

any body pron • alcuno, alicuno

any body pron • ulle

any body pron • qualcuno

any further adv • plus longe

any further adv • plus

any how (however) adv • de omne modo

any how (however) adv • totevia

any how (however) adv • in omne caso

any how (in spite of everything) adv • malgrado toto

any how (no matter how) adv • de qualcunque maniera

any more adv • plus (longe)

any more adv • plus

any one pron • qualcuno

any one pron • ulle

any one pron • alcuno, alicuno

any one pron • alicuno, alcuno

any place adv • alicubi

any place adv • ubique

any place adv • in qulcunque loco

any thing pron • alcun cosa, alicun cosa

any thing pron • alque, alique

any thing pron • qualcun cosa

any thing pron • alique, alque

any thing pron • alicun cosa, alcun cosa

any time adv • aliquando

any way adv • de qualcunque maniera

any way adv • indifferentemente

any way adv • comocunque

any way adv • de omne modo

any way adv • como sia

any way adv • in omne caso

any way interj • como sia!

any where adv • ubique

any where adv • alicubi

any where adv • in qualcunque modo

any where adv • usquam

any wise adv • de qualcunque modo, de qualcunque maniera

anywhere as in (did you see him anywhere?) adv • alicubi (-ìcubi)

anywhere as in (did you see him anywhere?) adv • alicubi

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

aorta [Anat] n • aorta

aorta n • aorta

aortic adj • aortic

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

apache (amerindian) adj • apache

Apache (amerindian) n • apache

apart adv • a parte

apart (come -) v • divider se

apart (separately) adv • separatemente

apartheid n • apartheid

apartheid n • separation racial

apartment, flat n • appartamento

apartment (flat) n • appartamento

apartment (room) n • camera

apath- (apathetic) [occurring in derivatives] adj • apath-

apathetic adj • apathic

apathy n • apathia

apathy n • apathia (-ìa)

ape (go -) v • simiar

ape (go -) v • simiar (se)

ape, monkey n • simia

ape n • simia

ape v • simiar

Apennine adj • apennin

apepsy [Pathol] n • apepsia

apepsy [Pathol] n • apepsia (-ìa)

aperient, laxative, aperitive adj • aperitive

aperient, laxative n • aperitivo

aperitif n • aperitivo

apéritif n • aperitivo

aperitive, aperient, laxative adj • aperitive

aperture, hole n • foramine

aperture n • apertura

apetalous [Bot] adj • apetale

apex n • apice (à-)

apex n • apice

aphasia (loss of word comprehension) n • aphasia

aphasia [Pathol] n • aphasia (-ìa)

aphasia [Pathol] n • aphasia

aphasic adj • aphasic

aphasic, aphasiac adj • aphasic

aphasic, aphasiac n • aphasico

aphelion (astron) n • aphelion

aphid (bio) n • aphide

aphonia n • aphonia

aphonia n • aphonia (-ìa)

aphonic, voiceless adj • aphonic

aphonic, voiceless adj • aphone

aphorism, gnome n • gnoma

aphorism n • aphorismo

aphorism n • maximo

aphorism, saying (sententious) n • sententia

aphorist n • aphorista

aphoristic adj • aphoristic

aphoristic, gnomic adj • gnomic

aphorize (speak, write, etc/in aphorisms) v • aphorisar

aphrodisiac adj • aphrodisiac

aphrodisiac adj • aphrodisiac (ìac)

aphrodisiac n • aphrodisiac

aphrodisiac n • aphrodisiaco (-ìaco)

aphrodisiac n • aphrodisiaco

Aphrodite, Cypris n • Cypride

Aphrodite, Cypris n • Cypride (cì-)

Aphrodite [Gr. Mythol] n • Aphrodite

aphroditic, venereal adj • aphroditic

apiarist n • apiarista

apiary n • apiario

apiculture, bee-keeping n • apicultura

apiculturist, bee-keeper n • apicultor

apiece adv • pro cata uno

aplomb n • completemente composte

aplomb n • completemente composte (componite)

apocalypse (book of -) n • libro del apocalypse

apocalypse (book of -) n • libro del revelation

apocalypse n • apocalypse

apocalypse n • revelation

apocryphal adj • apocryphe (-òcryphe)

apocryphal adj • apocryphe

apocryphon, apocrypha n • apocrypho (-òcrypho)

apocryphon, apocrypha n • apocrypho

apogean, apogeal adj • apogee (-ée)

apogean, apogeal adj • apogee

apogee (1. [Astron]; 2. highest point, culmination) n • apogeo (-éo)

apogee (1. [Astron]; 2. highest point, culmination) n • apogeo

Apolline, Apollonian adj • apollinee

Apollo [Gr. Mythol] n • Apollon

Apollo [Gr.Myth] n • Apolline

apologetic adj • excusatori

apologetic adj • apologetic

apologetic (defending by speech or writing) adj • apologetic

apologetic (making excuse or apology) adj • excusatori

apologetics n • apologetica

apologist n • apologista

apologize v • excusar se

apologize v • facer su excusas

apologue n • apologo (-òlogo)

apologue n • apologo

apology, apologia n • apologia (-ìa)

apology, apologia n • apologia

apology n • excusa

apology n • apologia

apophasis [Rhet] n • reticentia

apophysis [Anat/Zool] n • apophysis (-ò-)

apophysis [Anat/Zool] n • apophysis

apoplectic, apoplectical adj • apoplectic

apoplexy n • apoplexia (-ìa)

apoplexy n • apoplexia

apostasy n • apostasia

apostasy n • apostasia (-ìa)

apostate n • apostata

apostate n • apostata (-ò-)

apostle n • apostolo (-òs-)

apostle n • apostolo

apostolate n • apostolato

apostolic (1. pertaining to the apostles or their teachings; 2. papal) adj • apostolic

apostolicity n • apostolicitate

apostrophe n • apostropho

apostrophe [Rhet] n • apostrophe (-pòs-)

apostrophe [Rhet] n • apostrophe

apostrophe (the mark ' as used in ne'er, boy's, etc.) n • apostropho

apostrophize (address in an apostrophe) [Rhet] v • apostrophar

apothecary n • apothecario

apothecary, pharmacy n • apotheca

apotheosis (1. [Class. Hist] deification; 2. glorification) n • apotheosis (-òsis)

apotheosis (1. [Class. Hist] deification; 2. glorification) n • apotheosis

appall, dismay v • consternar

appall v • consternar

appall v • horrificar

appalling adj • terribile

appalling adj • horrific

apparatus (1. appliance, instrument; 2. collection of mechanical contrivances for carrying out a given work) n • apparato

apparatus n • apparato

apparel, clothing, clothes n • vestitura

apparent (1. plain to see; 2. seeming) adj • apparente

apparent adj • apparente

apparently adv • apparentemente

apparition (1. act of appearing, appearance; 2. phantom, ghost) n • apparition

appeal (1. [Law]; 2. as in the appeal to reason) n • appellation

appeal (1. [Law]; 2. earnest request) n • appello

appeal (attraction) n • appello

appeal [Law] n • recurso

appeal [Law] v • appellar

appeal n • appello

appeal (recourse) n • recurso

appeal v • appellar

appealable adj • appellabile

appealing adj • attractive

appear (1. to come in sight; 2. to seem) v • parer

appear (be similar to) v • similar

appear (come in sight) v • apparer

appear (in court) v • comparer

appear (in person) v • apparer

appear (resemble) v • semblar

appear, seem v • similar

appear, seem v • semblar

appear (seem) v • apparer

appear (seem) v • parer

appearance (aspect) n • apparentia

appearance [Bib] n • apparentia

appearance [Bib] n • parousia

appearance (coming into sight) n • apparition

appearance (make an -) v • facer un apparentia

appearance (make an -) v • apparer

appearance n • semblantia

appearance n • similante

appearance, semblance n • similante

appearance, semblance n • semblante

appearance, semblance n • semblantia

appearance in court, compearance n • comparition

appeasable adj • appaciabile

appease, allay, soothe v • sedar

appease, placate v • placar

appease v • placar

appease v • appaciar

appeasement n • appaciamento

appeaser n • appaciator

appellant [Law] n • appellante

appellation n • appellation

appellative (1. denominative of a class; 2. as in the appellative faculty of children) adj • appellative

appellative (common or class name) [Gram] n • appellativo

append, subjoin, annex v • subjunger

append, subjoin, annex v • subjunger [-jung-/-junct-]

append v • appender

appendectomy [Surg] n • appendicectomia

appendectomy [Surg] n • appendicectomia (-ìa)

appendicitis n • appendicitis

appendicitis n • appendicitis (-ìtis)

appendicitis n • appendicite

appendicle, small appendix or appendage n • appendicula

appendicular [Pathol] adj • appendicular

appendix (1. appendage; 2. appendix to a book, etc.; 3 . [Anat]) n • appendice

appendix (1. appendage; 2. appendix to a book, etc.; 3 . [Anat]) n • appendice (-én-)

appendix n • appendice

apperception [Psychol] n • apperception

appertain v • appertiner

appertinent, appurtenant adj • appertinente

appetency, appetence (fixed and strong desire) n • appetentia

appetible, desirable adj • appetibile

appetite n • appetentia

appetite n • appetito

appetitive (having appetite) adj • appetitive

appetizing adj • appetitive

applaud v • plauder [plaud-/plaus-]

applaud v • applauder

applaud v • plauder

applaud v • applauder [-plaud-/-plaus-]

applauder n • applauditor

applause n • applauso

apple n • malo

apple n • pomo

apple orchard n • verdiero de pomos

apple tree n • maliero

apple tree n • pomiero

applesauce n • purée de malos

applesauce n • purée de pomos

appliance n • apparato

applicability, appropriateness n • applicabilitate

applicable adj • applicabile

applicable, appropriate adj • applicabile

applicant n • sollicitator

applicant n • candidato

applicant, suitor n • requirente

application (1. act of putting on; 2. act of putting to use; 3. diligence) n • application

application (act of applying) n • application

application (application for a position, etc.) n • sollicitation

application (for a position) n • sollicitation

apply (1. to put on; 2. to put to use) v • applicar

apply (for a position) v • sollicitar (un posto)

apply (for a position) v • sollicitar

apply vi • esser applicabile

apply vi • referer se

apply vt • applicar

apply for (as in to apply for a position) v • sollicitar

apply for a job phr • solicitar un posto

apply wax to, wax v • cerar

appoint (a position) v • nominar

appoint (a position) v • appunctar

appoint (as in to appoint someone to a post) v • appunctar

appoint (prescribe) v • prescriber

appoint (prescribe) v • fixar

appointment (a position) n • nomination

appointment (meeting) n • appunctamento

appointment, nomination n • nomination

appointment (rendevous) n • rendevous

appointment, rendez-vous n • appunctamento

apportion v • apportionar

apportionment n • apportionamento

appose (as in to appose one's seal to) v • apponer [-pon-/-posit-]

appose (as in to appose one's seal to) v • apponer

apposite, relevant adj • apposite

apposite, relevant adj • apposite (-pò-)

apposition (1. act of placing near; 2. [Gram]) n • apposition

appositive [Gram] adj • appositive

appraisal n • appreciamento

appraisal, valuation n • valutation

appraise (estimate the value of) v • appreciar

appraise v • appreciar

appraise v • valutar

appraise, value v • valutar

appraiser n • appreciator

appreciable adj • appreciabile

appreciate (esteem highly) v • appreciar

appreciate (rise in value) vi • crescer in valor

appreciate (understand) v • notar

appreciate (understand) v • apprehender

appreciate (value) vt • appreciar

appreciate (value) vt • valutar

appreciated adj • appreciate

appreciated (be -) v • esser appreciate

appreciated (feel -) v • sentir se appreciate

appreciation (1. appraisal; 2. adequate or high estimation of value) n • appreciation

appreciation n • appreciation

appreciative adj • grate

appreciative adj • laudative

apprehend (1. to seize, arrest; 2. to grasp mentally, understand; 3. to dread) v • apprehender

apprehend (1. to seize, arrest; 2. to grasp mentally, understand; 3. to dread) v • apprehender [-hend-/-hens-]

apprehend (grab, arrest) v • apprehender

apprehend, perceive (mentally) v • apperciper

apprehend, perceive (mentally) v • apperciper [-cip-/-cept-]

apprehend, understand v • intender

apprehend, understand v • intender [-tend-/-tent-/-tens-]

apprehensibility, understandability n • apprehensibilitate

apprehensible, understandable adj • apprehensibile

apprehension (1. act of grasping mentally; 2. dread) n • apprehension

apprehension n • apprehension

apprehensive adj • apprehensive

apprehensive (dreading) adj • apprehensive

apprentice n • apprentisse

apprentice v • mitter in apprentissage

apprenticeship n • apprentissage (-aje)

apprenticeship n • apprentissage

approach (a problem) n • accostamento

approach (access) n • accesso

approach (action of approaching) n • approche (-sh-)

approach (action of approaching) n • approche

approach (as in new lines of approach) n • accostamento

approach (come or go near to) v • approchar

approach (come or go near to) v • approchar (-sh-)

approach (nearing) n • approche

approach v • approximar

approach v • approchar (se)

approach v • adir

approach v • acceder [-ced-/-cess-]

approach v • acceder

approach v • approchar

approach v • approximar (se)

approachable, accessible adj • abordabile

approachable, accostable adj • accostabile

approachable adj • approchabile

approachable adj • approchabile (-sh-)

approachable adj • abordabile

approaching adj • approchante

approaching adj • approximante

approbation, approval n • approbation

approbative, approving adj • approbative

approbatory, approbative adj • approbatori

appropriate adj • applicabile

appropriate adj • appropriate

appropriate, applicable adj • applicabile

appropriate v • appropriar se

appropriate v • appropriar se (un cosa)

appropriateness, applicability n • applicabilitate

appropriation (action of appropriating) n • appropriation

approvable adj • approbabile

approval (- on) n • pro acceptation o retorno

approval, approbation n • approbation

approval n • approbation

approval (sanction) n • sanction

approve, approve of v • approbar

approve v • sanctionar

approve v • approbar

approver n • approbator

approving, approbative adj • approbative

approximate adj • approximative

approximate, approximative adj • approximative

approximate, bring near v • approximar

approximate v • approximar (se)

approximate v • approximar

approximately adv • circa

approximately adv • approximativemente

approximation (1. action of approximating; 2. close estimate) n • approximation

approximation n • approximation

appurtenance [Law] n • appertinentia

appurtenant, appertinent adj • appertinente

apricot n • armeniaca

apricot n • albricoc

apricot n • armeniaca (-ì-)

apricot tree n • albricochiero

April n • april

apron n • avantal

apse (1. [Astron] apsis; 2. [Arch]) n • apside

apse (1. [Astron] apsis; 2. [Arch]) n • apside (àpside)

apsidal (1. [Astron]; 2. [Arch]) adj • apsidal

apt adj • apte

apt (be - to) v • tender a

apt (suited to its purpose) adj • apte

apterous [Entom] adj • aptere

aptitude n • disposition

aptitude n • aptitude

aptitude (natural capacity or propensity) n • aptitude

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

aquamarine adj • aquamarin

aquamarine (the color) n • aquamarina

aquamarine (the stone) n • aquamarina

aquarium n • aquario

aquarius n • aquario

aquatic adj • aquatile

aquatic adj • aquatic

aquavit n • aquavite

aquavitae n • aqua-ardente

aquavitae n • aquavite

aqueduct [Arch] n • aqueducto

aqueduct n • aqueducto

aqueous adj • aquee

aqueous, watery adj • aquose

aquifer n • aquifero

aquiline adj • aquilin

aquosity, wateriness n • aquositate

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

arab adj • arabic

arab adj • arabe

Arab, Arabian, Arabic adj • arabe (à-)

Arab, Arabian, Arabic adj • arabe

Arab, Arabian, Arabic adj • arabic

Arab n • arabe (à-)

Arab n • arabe

arabesque adj • arabesc

arabesque [Art] adj • arabesc

arabesque [Art] n • arabesco

arabesque n • arabesco

Arabia [Geog] n • Arabia

Arabia n • Arabia

arabic adj • arabic

arabic adj • arabe

Arabic n • arabe

Arabic n • arabe (à-)

Arabicism, Arabism, Arabic idiom n • arabismo

Arabist (student of Arabic language and culture) n • arabista

arable adj • arabile

arachidic adj • arachidic

Arachis [Bot] n • arachide (-rà-)

Arachis [Bot] n • arachide

arachnid adj • arachnide

arachnid n • arachnido

aramaic n • aramaic

aramaic n • aramean

arapahoe (amerindian) adj • arapaho

Arapahoe (amerindian) n • arapaho

arbiter n • arbitro (à-)

arbiter n • arbitro

arbitrage [Bank. etc] n • arbitrage (-aje)

arbitrage [Bank. etc] n • arbitrage

arbitrament, arbitration n • arbitrage

arbitrarily adv • arbitrarimente

arbitrariness n • arbitrarietate

arbitrary adj • arbitrari

arbitrate v • arbitrar

arbitration, arbitrament n • arbitrage

arbitration, arbitrament n • arbitrage (-aje)

arbitration, arbitrament n • arbitramento

arbitration n • arbitration

arbitration n • arbitro

arbitrator n • arbitrator

arbor n • herbiero

arbor vitae n • arborvite

arboreal adj • arboreal

arboreal, tree adj • arboree

arboresce, grow into a tree [Bot] v • arborescer

arborescence [Bot] n • arborescentia

arboretum n • arboreto

arborist n • arborista

arborization n • arborisation

arborize, give a treelike appearance to v • arborisar

arc n • arco

arc light n • lampa de arco

arc torch n • torcha de arco

arcade n • arcada

arcade n • passage

Arcadia n • Arcadia

Arcadian adj • arcadian

arch (1. to cause to arch or curve; 2. to furnish with arches) v • arcar

arch n • arco

arch v • arcar

archaelogically adv • archeologicamente

archaeo-, archae- (old) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj • arche-

archaeological adj • archeologic

archaeologist n • archeologo

archaeologist n • archeologo (-òlo-)

archaeology n • archeologia

archaeology n • archeologia (-ìa)

archaic adj • archaic

archaic adj • archaic (-àic)

archaism n • archaismo

archaism n • archaismo (-ìsmo)

archaist n • archaista (-ìsta)

archaist n • archaista

archaize v • archaisar

archangel n • archangelo (-àn-)

archangel n • archangelo

archbishop n • archiepiscopo (-ìs-)

archbishop n • archiepiscopo

archdeacon n • archidiacono (-dià-)

archdeacon n • archidiacono

archducal adj • archiducal

archduchess n • archiduchessa

archduchy n • archiducato

archduke n • archiduce

archer, bowman n • sagittario

archer n • flechator (-sha-)

archer n • archero

archer n • sagittario

archer n • flechator

archery n • archeria

archetype n • archetypo

archetype n • archetypo (-é-)

archiepiscopal adj • archiepiscopal

archiepiscopate n • archiepiscopato

Archimedes n • Archimedes

Archimedes n • Archimedes (-mé-)

archipelago n • archipelago

archipelago n • archipelago (-pé-)

architect n • architecto

architecton- (architect) [occurring in derivatives] n • architecton-

architectonic (architectural) adj • architectonic

architectonics (science or principles of architecture) n • architectonica

architectural adj • architectural

architecturally adv • architecturalmente

architecture n • architectura

architrave [Arch] n • architrave

archival adj • archival

archive n • archivo

archivist n • archivista

archivolt n • archivolta

archon [Gr. Hist] n • archonte

archpriest n • archipresbytero

archpriest n • archipresbytero (-bì-)

archpriest n • archiprestre

archway n • arcada

Arcopagite [Gr. Hist] n • areopagita

arct- (bear) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • arct-

arctic adj • arctic

arctic n • oceano arctic

arctic n • arctico

Arcturus [Astron] n • Arcturo

ardent, ardurous adj • ardorose

ardent n • ardente

ardor (1. fierce heat; 2. fervor) n • ardor

ardor, ardour n • zelo

ardor, ardour n • ardor

ardor, impetuosity n • fuga

ardour n • zelo

ardour n • ardor

arduous (1. steep; 2. difficult to achieve) adj • ardue

arduous adj • ardue

arduousness n • arduitate

ardurous, ardent adj • ardorose

are (one hundredth part of a hectare) n • ar

are v • esse

area (1. clear space within a building; 2. surface extent) n • area

area (region) n • region

area (surface) n • area

arena (1. place of combat; 2. Med] (gravel) n • arena

arena n • arena

arenaceous, sandy adj • arenacee

aren't (are not) v • non es

Ares [Gr. Mythol] n • Ares

Ares [Gr. Mythol] n • Ares (à-)

argentan, German silver n • argentano

argentate adj • argentate

argentiferous, yielding silver adj • argentifere

Argentina [Geog] n • Argentina

Argentina n • Argentina

argentine adj • argentin

Argentine, Argentino n • argentino

argentine [Zool] n • argentina

argentinian n • argentino

argentous, containing silver adj • argentose

argil, clay n • argilla

Argo [Gr. Mythol] n • Argo

argon [Chem] n • argon (àr-)

argon [Chem] n • argon

Argonaut [Gr. Mythol] n • Argonauta

argot [F] n • argot

argotic adj • argotic

arguable adj • arguibile

arguable (debatable) adj • arguibile

argue (an of offer arguments for or against) v • arguer

argue (to offer arguments for or against) v • argumentar

argue v • argumentar

argue v • arguer

argument (1. reason offered in proof; 2. summary) n • argumento

argument (dispute) n • disputa

argument (dispute) n • altercation

argument (reason) n • argumento

argumentation n • argumentation

argumentative adj • argumentative

argumentative (containing a process of reasoning) adj • argumentative

argyranthous adj • argyranthe

argyric adj • argyric

argyrite [Mineral] n • argyrite

argyro-, argyr- (silver) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • argyro-

Argyroneta, water spider [Zool] n • argyroneta

aria [Mus] n • aria [I]

aria [Mus] n • aria

arid adj • aride

arid adj • aride (à-)

aridity n • ariditate

aries n • ariete

Aries, Ram [Astron] n • Aries (à-)

Aries, Ram [Astron] n • Aries

arietation, ramming n • arietation

arietta [Mus] n • arietta

aright adv • justemente

aright adv • correctemente

ariose, arioso [Mus] adj • ariose

arioso [Mus] n • arioso

arise (originate) v • nascer

arise (originate) v • provenir

arise, rise v • surger [surg-/surrect-]

arise, rise v • surger

arise (rise) v • levar se

arise (rise) v • altiar se

arise (rise) v • surger

arise, spring (from) v • provenir

arisen adj • altiate

aristo-, arist- (best) [occurring in compounds] adj • arist-

aristocracy n • aristocratia (-ìa)

aristocracy n • aristocratia

aristocrat n • aristocrate

aristocrat n • aristocrate (-ò-)

aristocratic adj • aristocratic

Aristotelian adj • aristotelic

Aristotelianism n • aristotelismo

Aristotle [Gr. Philos] n • Aristotele

arithmetic, arithmetical adj • arithmetic

arithmetic n • arithmetica

arithmetician n • arithmetico

arithmo-, arithm- (number) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • arithmo-

arithmomancy n • arithmomantia

arithmomancy n • arithmomantia (-ìa)

arithmometer n • arithmometro (-ò-)

arithmometer n • arithmometro

ark n • arca

arm (1. to supply with weapons; 2. to equip, fit out) v • armar

arm (1. weapon; 2. branch of the military service) n • arma

arm [Anat] n • brachio

arm [Anat] n • bracio

arm, arm- (pertaining to or done with the arm) adj • bracial

arm (equip with artillery) v • artillar

arm v • armar (se)

arm v • armar

arm (weapon) n • arma

arm in arm phr • con brac(h)ios juncte

armageddon n • harmagedon

armament (equipment with arms) n • armamento

armament n • armamento

armature [Magnet/Elec] n • armatura

armchair n • chaise de brachios, chaise de bracios

armchair n • confortabile

Armenia n • Armenia

Armenian (1. Armenian language; 2. inhabitant of Armenia) n • armenio

Armenian adj • armenie

armful n • brachiata, braciata

armful n • braciata, brachiata

armful n • braciata

armhole n • apertura del manica

armipotent adj • armipotente

armistice n • armistitio

armor n • armatura

armor n • cuirasse

armor (of a warship, etc.) n • cuirasse

armor plated adj • cuirassate

armored, armor-plated, panzer adj • cuirassate (pp of cuirassar)

armored, armor-plated, panzer adj • cuirassate

armorer (1. manufacturer of arms; 2. official in charge of armament or arms) n • armero

armor-plated, panzer, armored adj • cuirassate (pp of cuirassar)

armor-plated, panzer, armored adj • cuirassate

armory n • arsenal

armour n • armatura

armour n • cuirasse

armoury n • arsenal

armpit, axilla n • axilla

arms (armed) adj • armate

arms (in -) phr • armate

arms (weapons) n • armas

army, host n • hoste

army n • armea (-éa)

army n • armea

aroma n • aroma

aroma n • aromate

aroma n • aromate (-ò-)

aroma n • aroma [-ma/-mat-]

aromatic adj • aromatic

aromatic adj • fragante

aromatic, fragrant adj • aromatic

aromatization n • aromatisation

aromatize v • aromatisar

around (adv/prep) • circa

around, around about prep • circum

around, around about prep • circum (cìr-)

around (get -) v • ambular

around (go -) v • contornar

around (move -) v • contornar

around (pass -) v • contornar

around (stand -) v • circumstar

around (walk -) v • circumerrar

arousal n • eveliamento

arouse v • piccar

arouse v • eveliar

arpeggio [Mus] n • arpeggio

arpeggio [Mus] n • arpeggio [I]

arrange (1. to set in order; 2. to contrive; 3. to settle, straighten out) v • arrangiar

arrange (1. to set in order; 2. to contrive; 3. to settle, straighten out) v • arrangiar (-ja-)

arrange [Mus] v • adaptar

arrange (order) v • arrangiar

arrange (order) v • disponer

arrange, put in order v • ordinar

arrange, put in order v • struer

arrange, put in order v • struer [stru-/struct-]

arrange in series, to seriate v • seriar

arrangement (1. order; 2. preparation, plan) n • arrangiamento

arrangement (1. order; 2. preparation, plan) n • arrangiamento (-ja-)

arrangement (action of setting in order) n • ordination

arrangement (make -s) v • facer le preparativos

arrangement [Mus] n • adaptation

arrangement, order, disposition n • positura

arrangement, order n • ordinantia

arrangement (order) n • disposition

arrangement (order) n • arrangiamento

array (an army) v • ordinar

array (an army) v • arrangiar

array [Comp] n • arrangiamento

array [Comp] n • serie

array [Comp] n • matrice

array (deck out) v • vestir

array (deck out) v • adornar

array (in algorithms) v • arrangiar

array n • ordine

arrears (be in -) v • arretrar se

arrears (in -) adj/adv • arretrate

arrears n • arretrato

arrest (1. to stop, bring to a standstill; 2. to seize (someone) by legal authority) v • arrestar

arrest (act of seizing someone by legal authority) n • arrestation

arrest (apprehension by legal authority) n • arresto

arrest n • arresto

arrest n • arrestation

arrest v • arrestar

arresting, stopping (bringing to a standstill) n • arresto

arresting, stopping (bringing to a standstill) n • arrestation

arrival n • arrivata

arrival n • advenimento

arrive, succeed in arriving (at a place, etc.) v • pervenir

arrive v • arrivar

arrogance, haughtiness n • superbia

arrogance n • arrogantia

arrogant adj • arrogante

arrogant, overbearing adj • superbe

arrogate (1. [Rom. Law] (adrogate; 2. to claim as one's own) v • arrogar

arrogation (1. act of making exorbitant claims; 2. [Rom. Law]) n • arrogation

arrow n • sagitta

arrow n • flecha

arrow n • flecha (flésha)

arrow, sagittary adj • sagittari

arrowshaped, sagittiform adj • sagittiforme

arsenal n • arsenal

arsenic n • arsenico

arsenical adj • arsenical

arseniophosphate n • arseniophosphato

arseniosulfate n • arseniosulfato

arsenious adj • arseniose

arsenite [Chem] n • arsenite

arsenium, arsenic n • arsenium (-sé-)

arsenium, arsenic n • arsenium

arson n • incendiarismo

art (1. fine art; 2. skill) n • arte

art n • arte

art gallery n • pinacotheca

art of singing, singing n • canto

art school n • schola de arte

arterial adj • arterial

arteriosclerosis n • arteriosclerosis (-òsis)

arteriosclerosis n • arteriosclerosis

arteriotomy n • arteriotomia (-ìa)

arteriotomy n • arteriotomia

artery n • arteria

artful adj • artificiose

artful, crafty adj • artificiose

arthritic adj • arthritic

arthritic [Pathol] adj • arthritic

arthritis n • arthritis

arthritis [Pathol] n • arthritis

arthritis [Pathol] n • arthritis (-ìtis)

arthritism [Pathol] n • arthritismo

arthro- (joint) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • arthro-

arthropod adj • arthropode (-rò-)

arthropod adj • arthropode

arthropod n • arthropodo

arthropod n • arthropodo (-rò-)

artichoke n • artichoc

article (1. paragraph, section; 2. article in a magazine, newspaper, etc.; 3. article of merchandise; 4. [Gram]) n • articulo

article (object) n • articulo

article (part of speech) n • articulo

articular adj • articular

articulate (1. jointed; 2. uttered in distinct syllables) adj • articulate

articulate (1. to form, move in, a joint; 2. to speak distinctly) v • articular

articulate adj • articulate

articulate v • articular

articulation (1. [Anat] joint; 2. enunciation) n • articulation

articulation, joint [Anat] n • conjunctura

articulation n • articulation

artifact, man-made product n • artefacto

artifice, trick n • artificio

artificer (skilled or artistic worker) n • artifice

artificer (skilled or artistic worker) n • artifice (-tì-)

artificial adj • artificial

artificial limb n • prothese (-òtese)

artificial limb n • prosthese

artificial limb n • prothese

artificially adv • artificialmente

artillery n • artilleria (-ìa)

artillery n • artilleria

artilleryman n • artillerista

artisan n • artisano

artist n • artista

artiste n • artista

artistic adj • artistic

artistic, disposed for the fine arts adj • music

Aruba [Geog] n • Aruba

Arya, Aryan n • Arya

Arya, Aryan n • Arya [Skr]

Aryan (1. Indo-Iranian; 2. Indo-European) adj • aryan

Aryan (1. Indo-Iranian; 2. Indo-European) n • aryano

Capite  aa  ab  ac  ad  ae  af  ag  ah  ai  aj  ak  al  am  an  ao  ap  aq  ar  as  at  au  av  aw  ax  ay  az 

as adv • como

as, how, in order that, to the end that, just as adv • ut

as, in the capacity of adv • qua

as, in the manner that (como) adv • quomodo (quò-)

as, in the manner that (como) adv • quomodo

as [Rom. Antiq] n • asse

as (same -) pron • mesmo que

as (since) conj • proque

as (since) conj • pois que

as, so adv • tan

as, so as, just as adv • sicut

as, so as, just as adv • sicut (sì-)

as (substitute, white - snow) prep • tanto blanc como le nive

as, than, in what manner, how adv/conj • quam

as, to such a degree, so adv • tam

as far as adv • usque (a)

as far as adv • usque

as for prep • quanto a

as from adv • a partir de

as if prep • como si

as if prep • quasi que

as in scale of a thermometer, a map, etc. n • scala

as in zero centigrade n • zero

as it were prep • pro si dicer

as long as adv • a condition que

as long as adv • proviste que

as many adv • tante

as much adv • tanto

as much as adv • quanto

as soon adv • si tosto que

as well adv • que

as white as snow prep • si blanc como le nive

as white as snow prep • tanto blanc como le nive

as yet, until now, so far, yet, still, this place, thus far, hitherto adv • adhuc

asbestos n • asbesto

ascend v • ascender [-scend-/-scens-]

ascend v • ascender

ascendancy, ascendant n • ascendente

ascendant, ascendancy n • ascendente

ascension, ascent n • ascension

ascension n • ascension

ascensional adj • ascensional

ascensionist, mountain climber n • ascensionista

ascent, ascension n • ascension

ascent, climb n • montata

ascent n • ascension

ascent n • montata

ascertain v • constatar

ascertain v • assecurar se

ascetic, ascetical adj • ascetic

ascetic n • asceta

ascetic practice n • ascese

ascetical, ascetic adj • ascetic

asceticism n • ascetismo

ascetics n • ascetica

ascribe, attribute v • attribuer

ascribe, attribute v • ascriber

ascribe, attribute v • ascriber [-scrib-/-script-]

ascribe, attribute v • attribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-]

ascribe v • ascriber

ascription n • ascription

asepsis n • asepsis

aseptic adj • aseptic

aseptic n • aseptico

asexual, sexless adj • asexual

ash, ash tree n • fraxino

ash, ash tree n • fraxino (fràx-)

ash (cinders) n • cinere

ash (tree) n • fraxino

ash box, bucket, ashpan (container for ashes) n • cineriero

ash grove [Bot] n • fraxineto

ash tray n • cineriera

ash tree, ash n • fraxino

ash tree, ash n • fraxino (fràx-)

ash wednesday n • mercuridi del cineres

ashamed adj • confuse

ashamed (be -) v • haber vergonia

ashes n • cinere

ashore adv • super le terra

ashore (go -) v • disbarcar

ashpan, ash box, bucket (container for ashes) n • cineriero

ashtray n • cineriero

ashtray n • cineriera

ashy (1. full of ashes; 2. ashen, ash-gray) adj • cinerose

Asia (1. Roman Province in Asia Minor; 2. the continent Asia) n • Asia

Asia [Geog] n • Asia

Asia Minor [Geog] n • Asia Minor

asian adj • asiatic

asian n • asiatico

Asiatic (1. pertaining to Asia; 2. [Rhet] florid, ornate) adj • asiatic

Asiatic n • asiatico

aside adj • parte

aside adj • al latere

asinine adj • asinin

asinine act n • asineria (-ìa)

asinine act n • asineria

asininity n • asininitate

asininity n • asineria (-ìa)

asininity n • asineria

ask (enquire) v • inquirer

ask (enquire) v • demandar

ask (invite) v • invitar

ask, query, question v • querer

ask, query, question v • querer [quer-/quest-;-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-]

ask v • demandar

ask a question n • facer un demanda

ask for, beg, request v • rogar

ask for, request, beg v • peter

askew adj • oblique

askew adv • de transverso

asleep adj • addormite

asleep adj • addormite (pp of addormir)

asleep (fall -) v • addormir se

asparagus n • asparago (-pà-)

asparagus n • asparago

aspect (1. look, appearance; 2. one of the aspects of a question; 3. [ Astrol]) n • aspecto

aspect n • aspecto

aspen, trembling poplar n • tremulo (tré-)

aspen, trembling poplar n • tremulo

aspergillum [Eccl] n • aspersorio

asperity, roughness, harshness n • asperitate

aspersion, sprinkling (act of) n • aspersion

asphalt n • asphalto

aspic [F] [Cookery] n • aspic

aspirant n • aspirante

aspirate [Phonet] v • aspirar

aspiration (1. desire for; 2. [Phonet] action of aspirating) n • aspiration

aspiration n • aspiration

aspirator (apparatus for drawing stream of air or gas through a tube) n • trompa

aspirator [Mech] n • aspirator

aspire (desire earnestly) v • aspirar

aspire v • aspirar (a)

aspire v • aspirar

aspirin n • aspirina

aspiring adj • ambitiose

Asplenium [Bot] n • asplenio

ass (buttocks) n • culo

ass, donkey n • asino(à-)

ass (donkey) n • asino

ass hole (insult) n • ano

assail, again, attack v • reattaccar

assail, attack, assault v • assaltar

assail, attack v • aggreder

assail, attack v • assalir [-sal-/-salt-]

assail, attack v • attaccar

assail, attack v • assalir

assail, attack v • aggreder [-gred-/-gress-]

assailable, attackable adj • attaccabile

assailant, assailer, attacker n • assalitor

assailant, attacker, assaulter n • assaltator

assailer, attacker, assailant n • assalitor

assassin, murderer n • assassino

assassin, murderer n • assassinator

assassin n • assassino

Assassin n • assassino

assassin n • assassinator

assassinate, murder v • assassinar

assassinate v • assassinar

assassinating, murder, murdering n • assassinamento

assassination n • assassination

assault, assail, attack v • assaltar

assault, attack n • assalto

assault n • assalto

assault n • attacco

assault v • assaltar

assaulter, assailant, attacker n • assaltator

assay (assay an ore, a metal etc.) v • essayar

assay (assayal) n • essayo (-sà-)

assay (assayal) n • essayo

assayable adj • essayabile

assayer n • essayator

assemble (a machine) v • adjustar

assemble (a machine) v • montar

assemble (gather or fit together) v • assemblar

assemble (gather) vt • assemblar

assemble (join, link) v • compaginar

assemble, troup, gather v • attruppar

assemble vi • assemblar se

assembler n • assemblator

assembling, gathering (act of) n • attruppamento

assembly, meeting n • assemblea (-éa)

assembly, meeting n • assemblea

assembly n • assemblea

assembly (of the parts of a machine) [Mach] n • adjustage (-aje)

assembly (of the parts of a machine) [Mach] n • adjustage

assembly hall n • sala de assemblea

assembly hall n • sala de reuniones

assembly line n • catena de montage

assent n • assentimento

assent (sanction) n • sanction

assent v • acceder (a)

assent v • assentir (a)

assent v • assentir

assent v • acceder

assert, affirm v • asserer [-ser-/-sert-]

assert, affirm v • asserer

assert v • affirmar

assert v • asserer

assert oneself v • imponer su autoritate

asserter, assertor n • assertor

assertion, affirmation n • assertion

assertion n • assertion

assertive adj • assertive

assertive, affirmative adj • assertive

assertory, affirming adj • assertori

assess (as in to assess each club member five dollars) v • quotisar

assess (evaluate) v • evalutar

assess (fix a quota for) v • quotisar

assess (tax) v • taxar

assessment (as in assessment of each club member) n • quotisation

assessment (contribution) n • quotisation

assessment (evaluation) n • evalutation

assessment (tax) n • taxation

assessor (as in assessor to a judge, magistrate, etc.) n • assessor

assessor, levier of taxes n • taxator

asset (advantage) n • avantage

asset (advantage) n • bon qualitate

asset (property) n • possession

assets [Commer] n • activo

assets n • activo

asseverate, affirm positively v • asseverar

asseverating, asseverative adj • asseverative

asseverative, asseverating adj • asseverative

assiduity n • assiduitate

assiduous adj • assidue

assign (1. to allot; 2. to fix, determine) v • assignar

assign, allot v • attribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-]

assign, allot v • attribuer

assign, allot v • tribuer

assign, allot v • tribuer [tribu-/tribut-]

assign v • assignar

assignable adj • assignabile

assignable, transferable adj • cessibile

assignation, assignment (1. act of allotting; 2. [Law] transfer of property, a right, etc.) n • assignation

assignee [Law] n • cessionario

assignment, assignation (1. act of allotting; 2. [Law] transfer of property, a right, etc.) n • assignation

assignment, cession [Law] n • cession

assignment n • assignation

assignment [School] n • deber

assimilable adj • assimilabile

assimilate (1. to make like; 2. to absorb) v • assimilar

assimilate v • assimilar (se)

assimilate v • assimilar

assimilation (1. action of making like; 2. absorption) n • assimilation

assimilative adj • assimilative

assimilator [Physiol] n • assimilator

assist, aid v • coadjuvar

assist, aid v • subvenir [-ven-/-vent-]

assist, aid v • coadjuvar [-juv-/-jut-]

assist, aid v • subvenir

assist, help v • assister

assist (help) v • adjutar

assist v • assister

assistance n • adjuta

assistance n • assistentia

assistant, deputy n • adjuncto

assistant, helper n • adjutante

assistant (helper) n • assistente

assistant (in a shop) n • commisso

assistant n • assistente

assizes n • sessiones de un tribunal

assizes n • assises

associate adj • associate

associate (business partner) n • associato

associate (connect, combine) v • associar

associate n • associato

associate n • socio

associate, partner n • socio

associate (partner, confederate) n • consorte

associate v • associar (se)

associate v • associar

association (1. act of connecting, combining; 2. group of people joined together for some purpose) n • association

association n • association

assonance n • assonantia

assonate (put or be in assonance) v • assonar

assorted adj • assortite

assorted adj • varie

assortment (collection of various kinds of goods) n • assortimento

assortment n • assortimento

assume (arrogate) v • arrogar

assume (suppose) v • supponer

assume (take on) v • assumer

assume (take to or upon oneself) v • assumer

assume (take to or upon oneself) v • assumer [-sum-/-sumpt-]

assumption (1. taking to or upon oneself; 2. [Logic]) n • assumption

assumption n • assumption

assurance (certainty) n • assecurantia

assurance (positive statement) n • assecurantia

assurance (self-confidence) n • disinvoltura

assure (reasure) v • assecurar

assure (secure) v • assecurar

assure (state positively) v • assecurar

assurer, underwriter, insurer n • assecurator

Assyria [Geog] n • Assyria

Assyria n • Assyria

assyrian adj • assyrie

Assyrian adj • assyrie

assyrian n • assyrio

Assyrian n • assyrio

Assyriologist, Assyriologue n • assyriologo

Assyriologist, Assyriologue n • assyriologo (-òlogo)

Assyriology n • assyriologia

Assyriology n • assyriologia (-ìa)

aster [Bot] n • astere

asteriated opal n • asteria

asterisk n • asterisco

asterisk [Print] n • asterisco

asterism [Astron] n • asterismo

asteroid [Astron] n • asteroide

asthen- (weak) occurring in derivatives] adj • asthen-

asthenia n • asthenia (-ìa)

asthenia n • asthenia

asthenic adj • asthenic

asthenic n • asthenico

asthma n • asthma [-ma/-mat-]

asthma n • asthma

asthmatic adj • asthmatic

asthmatic n • asthmatico

astigmatic adj • astigmatic

astigmatism n • astigmatismo

astonish v • stupefacer

astonish v • surprender

astonished adj • stupefacte

astonishment n • stupefaction

astound v • stupefacer

astral adj • astral

astray adj • foras del strata

astray (go -) v • disviar se

astray (lead -) v • discamminar

astriction n • astriction

astrictive, astringent adj • astrictive

astride (on horseback) adv • a cavallo

astride prep • trans

astride (with legs apart) adv • con le gambas a parte

astringe v • astringer

astringe v • astringer [-string-/-strict-]

astringency n • astringentia

astringent, astrictive adj • astrictive

astringent n • astringente

astrolabe n • astrolabio

astrolatry n • astrolatria

astrolatry n • astrolatria (-ìa)

astrologer n • astrologo (-trò-)

astrologer n • astrologo

astrological adj • astrologic

astrology n • astrologia (-ìa)

astrology n • astrologia

astronaut n • astronauta

astronomer n • astronomo (-trò-)

astronomer n • astronomo

astronomic, astronomical adj • astronomic

astronomical adj • astronomic

astronomy n • astronomia

astronomy n • astronomia (-ìa)

astrophotographic adj • astrophotographic

astrophotography n • astrophotographia

astrophotography n • astrophotographia (-ìa)

astrophysical adj • astrophysic

astrophysics n • astrophysica

astute (1. sagacious; 2. crafty) adj • astute

astute adj • astute

astute adj • sagace

astuteness n • astutia

asunder adv • in duo

asylum (1. shelter, refuge; 2. institution for protection or relief) n • asylo

asylum (lunatic -) n • asylo pro alienatos

asylum n • asylo

asylum, orphanage, orphan n • orphanato

asymmetric adj • asymmetric

asymmetric, asymmetrical adj • asymmetre (-sìm-)

asymmetric, asymmetrical adj • asymmetre

asymmetry n • asymmetria

asymmetry n • asymmetria (-ìa)

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at (- the) prep • al

at (a point in space or time, a stage of development, etc.) prep • a

at (a) prep • ad

at, by, near, with prep • apud

at, by, near, with prep • apud (à-)

at prep • a

at a distance, far off, far away adv • procul

at a distance, far off, far away adv • procul (prò-)

at a future time, sometime in the future adv • olim

at a future time, sometime in the future adv • olim (ò-)

at another time adv • alias (àl-)

at another time adv • alias

at another time phr • alias

at any time, at some time or other adv • aliquando

at any time, ever adv • unquam (ùnquam)

at any time, ever adv • unquam

at any time, ever adv • jammais

at any time, ever adv • jammais (-màis)

at hand, near adv • propter

at hand, near adv • propter (pròp-)

at once, at the same time, together adv • simul

at once, at the same time, together adv • simul (sì-)

at once, right away, already adv • jam

at one time, formerly n • vice

at present, just now adv • actualmente

at random, in different places, passim, here and there, scattered adv • passim (pàs-)

at random, in different places, passim, here and there, scattered adv • passim

at some time or other adv • alquando

at some time or other, at any time adv • aliquando

at the same time, together, at once adv • simul (sì-)

at the same time, together, at once adv • simul

atavism n • atavismo

atavist n • atavista

atavistic adj • atavistic

atavistic adj • atavic

ataxia, ataxy [Pathol] n • ataxia (-ìa)

ataxia, ataxy [Pathol] n • ataxia

atheism n • atheismo

atheist, atheistic adj • athee

atheist n • atheo

atheist n • atheista

athematic adj • athematic

Athena [Gr. Mythol] n • Athena

Athenaeum (1. [Gr. Hist]; 2. [Rom. Hist]) n • Atheneo

Athenaeum (1. Gr. Hist]; 2. Rom. Hist]) n • Atheneo (-éo)

Athens [Geog] n • Athenas

Athens n • Athenas (-té-)

Athens n • Athenas

athlete n • athleta

athlete's foot, tinea, ringworm [Pathol] n • tinea

athletic adj • athletic

athleticism n • athletismo

athletics n • athletica

athlo- (contest) [occurring in compounds] n • athlo-

at-home adv. Phr • a casa

Atlanta n • Atlanta

atlantic adj • atlantic

Atlantic (as in Atlantic coast) adj • atlantic

atlantic n • oceano atlantic

atlantic n • atlantico

Atlantis n • Atlantida

Atlantis n • Atlantida (-làn-)

Atlas [Geog] n • Atlas

Atlas [Gr. Mythol] n • Atlas

Atlas [Gr. Mythol] n • Atlante

Atlas [Gr. Mythol] n • Atlas (àt-)

Atlas Mountains [Geog] n • Atlas

Atlas Mountains [Geog] n • Atlas (àt-)

atmo- (steam, vapor) [occurring in compounds] n • atmo-

atmosphere n • atmosphera

atmospheric, atmospherical adj • atmospheric

atmospheric n • atmospheric

atmospherics n • disturbationes atmospheric

atockade n • stockade, stoccada

atockade n • stoccada, stockade

atoll n • atollo

atom n • atomo

atom n • atomo (à-)

atom-bomb n • bomba atomic

atomic adj • atomic

atomicity n • atomicitate

atomism [Philos] n • atomismo

atomist n • atomista

atomistic adj • atomistic

atomize (reduce to atoms) v • atomisar

atomizer, pulverizer, spray n • pulverisator

atomizer, vaporizer n • vaporisator

atone v • expiar

atone-for v • expiar

atonement n • expiation

atonic (1. [Med]; 2. [Phonet]) adj • atonic

atonic [Med] adj • atone

at-present adv • actualmente

atrabile, melancholy (1. [Anc. Med] black bile; 2. gloom) n • atrabile (-ìle)

atrabile, melancholy (1. [Anc. Med] black bile; 2. gloom) n • atrabile

atrabiliary, melancholic (1. [Med]; 2. gloomy, depressed in spirit) adj • atrabiliari

atro- (black) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj • atr-

atrocious adj • atroce

atrocity (1. horrible wickedness; 2. atrocious deed) n • atrocitate

atrocity n • atrocitate

atrophic adj • atrophe

atrophic adj • atrophe (à-)

atrophy (cause to atrophy) v • atrophiar

atrophy n • atrophia

atrophy n • atrophia (-ìa)

attach (affix) v • affixar

attach, bind (to) v • alligar

attach, fasten, again v • reattaccar

attach, fasten v • attaccar

attach v • attaccar

attach v • attachar

attachable adj • attachabile

attachable adj • attaccabile

attache n • attache

attache-case n • valise pro documentos

attached, joined, joint adj • juncte

attachment (1. action of fastening) n • attaccamento

attachment (2. affection) n • attaccamento

attachment (accessory) n • accessorio

attachment (adherence) n • adherentia

attachment (affection, fastening) n • attaccamento

attachment (fastening) n • attachamento

attack, assail, again v • reattaccar

attack, assail v • assalir [-sal-/-salt-]

attack, assail v • aggreder

attack, assail v • attaccar

attack, assail v • assalir

attack, assail v • aggreder [-gred-/-gress-]

attack, assault, assail v • assaltar

attack, assault n • assalto

attack (assault) n • attacco

attack [Med] n • attacco

attack n • insulto

attack n • attacco

attack v • insultar

attack v • attaccar

attackable, assailable adj • attaccabile

attacker, aggressor n • insultator

attacker, assailant, assailer n • assalitor

attacker, assaulter, assailant n • assaltator

attacker n • aggressor

attacking, making a criminal attempt on adj • attentatori

attain (arrive at, reach) v • attinger

attain, enter upon v • adir

attain v • attinger

attainment (action or process of attaining) n • attingimento

attainment n • attingimento

attemper (1. to temper, moderate by mixture; 2. to accommodate) v • attemperar

attempt (criminal) n • attentato

attempt, endeavor n • tentativa

attempt, essay n • essayo

attempt, essay n • essayo (-sà-)

attempt, try v • tentar

attempt (try) n • essayo

attempt (try) n • tentativa

attempt v • tractar

attempt v • tentar

attempt v • provar

attempt v • essayar

attend (accompany) v • accompaniar

attend (be present at) vt • assister a

attend [Med] v • attender

attend (pay attention) vi • prestar attention

attend (school) v • frequentar

attend to, give attention to v • attender

attend to, give attention to v • attender [-tend-/-tent-]

attendance n • assistentia

attendance (presence) n • assistentia

attendance, retinue n • accompaniamento

attendance (service) n • servicio

attendant n • custode

attendant n • attendente

attendant (one attending to someone's needs) n • attendente

attend-to v • attender

attention (1. careful notice, heed; 2. act of courtesy) n • attention

attention n • attention

attention (pay -) v • prestar attention

attentive (1. intent; 2. courteous) adj • attentive

attentive adj • attentive

attentive adj • attente

attentive, advertent adj • advertente (ppr of adverter)

attentive, advertent adj • advertente

attentive, intent adj • attente

attenuate (make thin or slender) v • attenuar

attenuation n • attenuation

attest (1. to testify to; 2. to certify) v • attestar

attestant, attester n • attestator

attestation (attesting, witnessing) n • attestation

attestation, testimony n • testimonio

attester, attestant n • attestator

at-this-moment phr • in iste momento

attic n • mansarda

attire, clothe v • inrobar

attire, deck out v • revestir

attitude (1. position of the body; 2. way of thinking, acting, or feeling) n • attitude

attitude n • attitude

attorney n • procurator

attorney-general n • procurator general

attract (1. to draw to oneself; 2. to allure) v • attraher

attract (1. to draw to oneself; 2. to allure) v • attraher [-trah-/-tract-]

attract v • attraher

attraction (force of) [Phys] n • attractivitate

attraction n • attraction

attractive (1. [Phys]; 2. alluring) adj • attractive

attractive adj • attractive

attractive, likable adj • sympathic

attractive (nice) adj • sympathic

attractiveness, charm n • charme [F]

attractiveness, charm n • charme

attractiveness n • charme

attractiveness n • attractivitate

attractiveness n • attraction

attributable n • attribuibile

attribute (1. inherent quality; 2. conventional symbol; 3. [Gram]) n • attributo

attribute, ascribe v • ascriber

attribute, ascribe v • attribuer

attribute, ascribe v • ascriber [-scrib-/-script-]

attribute, ascribe v • attribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-]

attribute n • attributo

attribute v • attribuer

attribution n • attribution

attributive (1. attributing; 2. [Gram]) adj • attributive

attrite [Theol] adj • attrite

attrition n • attrition

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auburn adj • castanie clar

auction, auctioneer v • auctionar

auction n • auction

auction v • auctionar

auctioneer, auction v • auctionar

auctioneer n • auctionator

audacious adj • audace

audacious, daring adj • audaciose

audacious, daring adj • audace

audacity, daring n • audacia

audacity n • audacia

audibility n • audibitate

audible adj • audibile

audience (1. interview with a person of high rank; 2. hearing) n • audientia

audience (assembly of listeners) n • auditorio

audience (interview) n • audientia

audience (listeners) n • auditorio

audiometer [Acous] n • audiometro

audiometer [Acous] n • audiometro (-ò-)

audiovisual adj • audiovisual

audiovisually adv • audiovisualmente

audit n • verification de contos

audit v • verificar

audit, verification n • appuramento

audition (act of hearing) n • audita

audition (act of hearing) n • audition

audition n • audition

audition v • dar audition a

auditor, hearer, listener n • auditor

auditor n • verificator de contos

auditor n • revisor

auditorium, auditory n • auditorio

auditorium n • auditorio

auditory adj • auditive

auditory adj • auditori

auditory, auditorium n • auditorio

augment [Gram] n • augmento

augment, increase v • augmentar

augmentable adj • augmentabile

augmentation, increase n • augmentation

augmentation, increase n • augmento

augmentative [Gram] adj • augmentative

augmenter n • augmentator

augur (1. [Rom. Hist]; 2. soothsayer) n • augure (àugure)

augur (1. [Rom. Hist]; 2. soothsayer) n • augure

augur (1. to act as augur; 2. to predict, foretell) v • augurar

augury (1. art of the augur; 2. omen, sign) n • augurio

august adj • auguste

August n • augusto

august (one) (the) n • augusto

Augustan adj • augustee

Augustinian adj • augustinian

Augustinian n • augustiniano

Augustinianism n • augustinianismo

auk [Ornith] n • alca

aulo- (flute) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] n • aulo-

aunt n • amita (àm-)

aunt n • amita

au-pair n • au pair

au-pair n • servitrice au pair

aura n • aura

aural adj • aural

aureole, halo n • aureola

aureole, halo n • aureola (-ré-)

auricle (1. auricle of the ear; 2. auricle of the heart) n • auricula

auricula, bear's ear [Bot] n • auricula

auriferous, gold-bearing adj • aurifere

auriform, ear-shaped adj • auriforme

aurist, otologist (ear specialist) n • aurista

auspex [Hist] n • auspice (àu-)

auspex [Hist] n • auspice

auspice (sign or token derived from the observation of birds) Hist] n • auspicio

auspices n • auspicios

Auster, south wind n • austro

austere adj • auster

austereness, austerity n • austeritate

austerity, austereness n • austeritate

austerity n • austeritate

austral, southern adj • austral

Australasia n • Australasia

Australasian adj • australasian

Australia [Geog] n • Australia

Australia n • Australia

australian adj • australian

Australian adj • australian

Australian n • australiano

australian n • australiano

Austria [Geog] n • Austria

Austria n • Austria

Austrian adj • austriac (-ì-)

austrian adj • austriac

Austrian adj • austriac

Austrian n • austriaco (-ì-)

austrian n • austriaco

Austrian n • austriaco

autarchy, self-sufficiency n • autarchia

autarchy, self-sufficiency n • autarchia (-ìa)

authentic adj • authentic

authenticate (1. to render authentic; 2. to prove authentic) v • authenticar

authentication n • authentication

authenticity n • authenticitate

author (1. originator; 2. writer) n • autor

author n • autor

authoritarian adj • autoritari

authoritarianism n • autoritatismo

authoritative, dictatorial adj • autoritari

authoritative (of document) adj • autorisate

authoritative (of manner) adj • autoritari

authority n • autoritate

authorizable adj • autorisabile

authorization n • autorisation

authorize v • autorisar

authorship n • autorato

autism n • autismo

autistic adj • autistic

auto, motorcar, car n • auto

autobiographic, autobiographical adj • autobiographic

autobiographical adj • autobiographic

autobiography n • autobiographia

autobiography n • autobiographia (-ìa)

autobus, us (motor) n • autobus

autobus, us (motor) n • autobus (-bùs)

autochthon n • autochthono (-òctono)

autochthon n • autochthono

autochthonous adj • autochthone

autochthony n • autochthonia (-ìa)

autochthony n • autochthonia

autoclave, pressure cooker n • autoclave

autocracy n • autocratia

autocracy n • autocratia (-ìa)

autocrat n • autocrate

autocrat n • autocrate (-ò-)

autocratic adj • autocratic

auto-da-fé n • autodafé

auto-da-fé n • autodafé P]

autodidact (one who is self-taught) n • autodidacto

autodidactic adj • autodidactic

autodrome (race course for automobiles) n • autodromo

autodrome (race course for automobiles) n • autodromo (-tò-)

autogiro n • autogyro

autograph, make autographic reproductions v • autographiar

autograph n • autographo (-tò-)

autograph n • autographo

autograph v • autographiar

autographic adj • autographic

autography (art of autographic reproduction) n • autographia

autography (art of autographic reproduction) n • autographia (-ìa)

autoist n • autoista

automatic adj • automatic

automaticity, automatism (state of being automatic) n • automaticitate

automation n • automatisation

automatism n • automatismo

automatize, render automatic v • automatisar

automaton n • automato (-tò-)

automaton n • automato

automatous, automatic adj • automate (-tò-)

automatous, automatic adj • automate

automobile, motor vehicle n • automobile

automobile n • automobile

automobile, self-propelling adj • automobile

automobilism n • automobilismo

automobilist, motorist n • automobilista

autonomous adj • autonome

autonomous (self-governing) adj • autonome (-tò-)

autonomous (self-governing) adj • autonome

autonomy n • autonomia

autonomy n • autonomia (-ìa)

autopsy [Med] n • autopsia

autopsy [Med] n • autopsia (-ìa)

autopsy n • autopsia

autopsy, necropsy [Med] n • necropsia (-ìa)

autopsy, necropsy [Med] n • necropsia

autumn, fall n • autumno

autumn n • autumno

autumnal adj • autumnal

auxiliary adj • auxiliar

auxiliary n • auxiliator

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avail v • disponer (se) de

avail v • disponer de

availability n • disponibilitate

available adj • disponibile

available adj • utilisabile

available (be -) v • esser disponibile

available (capable of being turned to account) adj • utilisabile

available, disposable adj • disponibile

available (make -) v • facer disponibile

avalanche [F] n • avalanche

avarice n • avaritia

avaricious adj • avaritiose

avaricious (miserly) adj • avar

ave (Ave bead of the rosary) n • ave

ave (Ave Maria) n • ave

ave (time of ringing the Ave bell) n • ave

avenge, revenge v • vindicar

avenge v • vengiar (-jàr)

avenge v • vindicar

avenge v • vengiar

avenger n • vengiator (-ja-)

avenger n • vengiator

avenger n • vindice (vìn-)

avenger n • vindice

avenger n • vindicator

avenue [F] n • avenue

avenue [F] (walk, alley) n • allée

avenue n • allee

avenue n • avenite

avenue n • avenue

aver (avouch, verify) v • averar

average adj • medie

average, mean adj • medie

average, mean n • media

average n • media

average (on -) phr • in media

average v • render le media de

average v • calcular le media de

averred, ratified [Law] adj • rate

aversion (1. act of averting turning away; 2. strong dislike) n • aversion

aversion n • aversion

avert, turn away v • averter [-vert-/-vers-]

avert, turn away v • averter

avert v • averter

aviarist n • aviarista

aviary n • aviario

aviate v • aviar

aviation n • aviation

aviator n • aviator

aviatrix n • aviatrice

aviculture n • avicultura

avid adj • avide

avid, greedy adj • avide

avid, greedy adj • avide (à-)

avidity, greed, greediness n • aviditate

avocado, alligator pear n • avocato

avocado (tree) n • avocatiero

avoid, shun v • evitar

avoid v • evitar

avoidable adj • eluctabile

avoidable adj • evitabile

avoidance n • evitation

avoiding, shunning (act of) n • evitation

avoirdupois n • avoirdupois

avoirdupois n • avoirdupois A]

avouch (aver, verify) v • averar

avulse, tear away v • aveller

avulse, tear away v • aveller [-vell-/-vuls-]

avulsion (tearing away) n • avulsion

avuncular adj • avuncular

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await v • attender

await, wait for v • attender

await, wait for v • attender [-tend-/-tent-]

awake adj • vigile

awake v • eveliar (se)

awake v • eveliar

awaken v • eveliar

awaken v • eveliar (se)

awakener n • eveliator

awakening n • evelia

award (prize) n • precio

award (prize) n • premio

award (reward) n • recompensa

award v • premiar

award v • adjudicar

award a prize to, reward v • premiar

award or pronounce an interlocutory decree [Law] v • interloquer

award or pronounce an interlocutory decree [Law] v • interloquer [loqu-/-locut-]

aware adj • conscie

aware (be -) v • esser conscie

awareness n • conscientia

away adv • foras

away adv • via

away (two kilometers -) phr • a duo kilometros

awe n • pavor reverential

awe-inspiring adj • tremende

awe-inspiring adj • imponente

awe-struck adj • horrificate

awful adj • terribile

awfully adv • terribilemente multo

awkward (clumsy) adj • inhabile

awkward (difficult to deal with) adj • embarassose

awkward (difficult to deal with) adj • difficile

awl n • subula (sù-)

awl n • subula

awl-shaped, subulate adj • subulate

awning n • tenta

awol adj • absente sin permisso

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ax, axe n • hacha (-sha)

ax, axe n • hacha

ax n • hacha

axe, ax n • hacha (-sha)

axe, ax n • hacha

axe n • hacha

axial adj • axial

axil [Bot] n • axilla

axilla, armpit n • axilla

axillary (1. pertaining to the axilla; 2. [Bot]) adj • axillari

axiom n • axioma [-ma/-mat-]

axiom n • axioma

axiomatic adj • axiomatic

axis n • axe

axle, axletree n • axe

axle n • axe

axletree, axle n • axe

axunge [Pharm] n • axungia

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azalea [Bot] n • azalea

azalea n • azalea

azoic adj • azoic

Azores, Azores Islands [Geog] n • le Insulas Azores

azure adj • azur

azure (color of the clear sky) n • azurato

azure (the blue color of the clear sky) n • azuro

azymous, unleavened adj • azyme (à-)

azymous, unleavened adj • azyme